Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get Rid of 'Em: Elitist, Special Interest Bums are Ruining This Country

Our Founding Fathers gave us a representative republic form of government. Early legislators were patriotic citizens who felt it an honor and duty to serve their country for a term or two and return to the private sector.

That's not the case anymore!

Today we elect self-serving career politicians that cater to wealthy lobbyists, while they promise the world, misinform, or lie to their constituents to get elected and then ignore them once he or she gets in. These “I-know-more-than-you” elitists are systematically destroying our country and must be defeated now.

To save our withering republic, we must elect RESPONSIBLE candidates who champion good, effective, smaller government, a equal tax rate for everyone (stop taxing people differently based on incomes), a balanced budget (yes a balance budget, sooner rather than later) and respect our Constitution.

So who is to blame for this?

We are to blame! Because of our lack of concern, “career politicians” have found themselves residing in seats of unlimited power and guaranteed jobs. Our founding fathers would never have imagined anyone making a career out of politics. Our entire system is set up to be ran by citizens concerned with our liberties and feeling obligated to serve in political office ... for just a brief time. George Washington was our reluctant first president, having to be pressured into even running for office. And, gleeful when his “service” was complete.

Look at this Debt Limit debate that's going on right now. I have never seen such B.S. in my 29 years on this earth. You have both side pointing blame at one another as the reason why we are closing on the U.S.A. going to default for the first time in its history. Republicans are afraid to come to any kind of 'compromise" out of fear that they might be challenged in the primary by the Tea Party in 2012, so they are stuck in their hardline position of not moving to the center in hopes of reaching a deal. A one-sided deal is not going to cut it. But the republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They "USED" the Tea Party to ride back into power in the U.S. House of Representatives last year & now as a result they are being devoured by the powerful anti-government, anti-tax group that like it or not will be a thorn in the GOP's side for many years to come.

Democrats are no better in this debate either. At some point entitlement reform will have to occur or its lights out for future generations as well as some type of balanced budget amendment which will help put the country on the right fiscal path. House Democrats are irrelevant because they don't have the numbers, plus they have a ineffective minority leader Nancy Pelosi who has no clout among the GOP Leadership.

This debt ceiling debate should open people's eyes & realize that the U.S. is being run by folks who have no business being in elected office or have been in office too long. Special Interest Groups such as Labor Unions & Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform are holding both parties back from doing something good for the country. Where are the public servants when you need them? Where are the statesmen & women when you need them? There are a handful but they are being completely ignored in this debate

Let me say this before I close: Multi term politicos are ruining this country. They will say anything to get re-elected time and time again. I am so sick and tired of hearing their hogwash come election time. Every time they move their lips you know their lying. Why then do voters of these states keep putting these politicians back in office time after time? These people DO NOT care one iota about the regular Joe's out there. These politicians cater to the Special Interest groups, etc. etc & as the saying goes: follow the money. These politicians have no idea what it's like living from week to week. Or living on a fixed income. Most of these hypocrites have never worked a true day's work in their lives.

But like always when elections year rolls around, all these politicos have to do is read from their 4 step talking points, say what you the voter want to hear, get elected & its the same thing all over again.

But until that changes, the U.S. will continue to get screwed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Will this be the actual Map of Georgia's Redrawn Congressional Districts?

It could be! I found this on a friend's Facebook Page so I decided to post it here. This could be very well how Georgia Congressional Districts would look like when redistricting is finalized sometime next month.

So what do you think about it? From my vantage point, the 1oth looks alot more attractive for a democrat to challenge showboatin' Arch-Conservative Paul Broun such as Michael Thurmond who is from Athens.

The 12th becomes a tossup seat with incumbent John Barrow either relocating to Augusta or remain in Savannah & taking on Jack Kingston. (Remember here in Georgia, you don't have to live in a district to run for congress). This looks like more of a attempt by republicans to force Barrow into early retirement. If you're looking for a lawsuit from Georgia Dems, it could come from here

The 8th loses Bibb & takes in all of south central Georgia. But I'm not so sure if this particular district will strengthen Austin Scott despite being the incumbent. There are some conservative democrats in these areas that could give Scott a run for the 8th. Some of the counties from Kingston's district used to be in the 8th when Saxby Chambliss was representative & when Jim Marshall won the seat in a special election back in 2001.

The 2nd becomes more democratic, but that doesn't mean that it can't be competitive for a republican. Sanford Bishop will be entering his 20th year as rep of the 2nd CD & there are alot of ambitious democrats in the district who are waiting when the time comes when Bishop retires & ride off into the sunset. It could be sooner than many people think!

1st CD-Kingston is stll relatively safe despite losing some of the counties in the western portion of the district & gaining all of Democratic leaning Chatham County & Republican Efffingham Counties. But he'll more likely will receive a challenge from Savannah Democrats with the inclusion of all of Chatham

2nd CD-Sanford Bishop is strengthen by the inclusion of Democratic Stronghold Bibb County, but loses swing county Worth & democratic leaning Dooly County & Republican lean Crisp County. I still think all of Muscogee County will be included in the 2nd.

The 10th no doubt will draw democratic challengers for Paul Broun. I could see a Michael Thurmond running in a district such as this with Blue Counties Clarke, Baldwin & Taliaferro in the mix along with swing counties Newton, Jones.

The 14th like many have predicted will be based in Hall Co going NE towards the S.C. N.C. Tenn. borders. If State Senator Jim Butterworth were to run, he'd be the favorite in my own personal opinion.

The rest of the districts are republican/democratic safe seats although Phil Gingrey may see another democratic challenger in a potential district such as the 13th as well as Rob Woodall in the 7th with Walton & Barrow going in the 10th.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wanted, well Needed: Centrist Politicians with Backbone

With the ongoing debate over the nation's Debt limit, it has become obvious that what's needed is more centrist democrats & republicans who will put the interest of the good 'ol U.S.A. first ahead of their extremist bases in both the republican & democratic party.

What you current;y see on television should embarrass every American Citizen. Politicians behaving like 10 year olds on a school playground going back & forth on who's right & who's wrong when it comes to dealing with the debt ceiling when Jobs should the top issue facing both parties.

First the republicans:

What has the Republican House of Representatives done since they were elected last November besides voting to repeal the Healthcare Bill or "Obamacare"?

If you voted for them you should be paying close attention. After the election is when your real work begins. You have to pay attention to what your representatives do so you can have half a clue if you want to re-elect him or her come next election.

So, what have they done for America? There are endless polls out there saying what is most important for the average American. The first thing on every poll is the economy. So, what have the Republicans brought us to address the economy?


Okay, so they haven’t done anything for the A-number-one-most-important thing. So how about other important things?

The second most important thing to most all Americans is unemployment. What have they done for the unemployed? You guessed it. NOTHING!

The next most important thing to most all Americans is the broken health care system. Have they done anything, anything at all to fix it besides railing against the bill (which I was also opposed to) to score political points? No. They have absolutely no ideas or plans for anything.

Okay, so they haven’t done anything at all that the average American needs done. But what have they done? Well they have created this Cut, Cap & Balance legislation that supposed to solve the country's deficit & debt situation....What else?

Well, they have done two things. They spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars playing politics with the Health Care Reform bill.

I have to admit, if I was a Republican voter, I’d feel pretty darned stupid by now. Hey Republicans, is it time to wake up yet? Is it time to come to your senses? It’s too late to take back your party. Your party is toast. It represents no one but the crazies and the billionaires.

Now the Democrats:

Y'all had wide majorities in the house & senate after the 2008 election, but somehow y'all thought it meant that the U.S. was ready for long held pinned up liberal ideas to come part of everyday lives of the American People. Boy was ya'll wrong, especially the president who ran as a centrist & then after the elections ran into the arms of Nancy Pelosi & the liberal wing of the party.

As a result saw democrats, mainly moderate & conservative democrats from rural areas lose due to anti-liberalism, anti-big government, anti-Pelosi, anti-Obama, anti-democrat, anti-EVERYTHING which also was helped by misinformation, deception & lies of the then minority republican party about Death Panels in the Healthcare Bill to republican crazies outrage over a so-called attempt by President Obama to brainwash school children during a speech to America's School children back in 2009. Remember that?

Like it or not, you are going to have to accept the fact that the entitlement programs needs to be overhauled or else it will have devastating consequences for our country.

Like it or not, you cannot continue with the old liberal 1970s solution of spending billions of dollars to fix what's ailing the U.S & growing the size of the already overblown government.

Like it or not the majority of the American People are either moderate or conservative

I can go on & on with democrats, but I've already done that before.

The answer to all of this is to elect more centrist politicos from both parties. Centrism is more than just a way of political thought and action; it is the knowledge and belief that we can do better for America and ourselves. Centrism is the knowledge and belief that America is an amazing nation and fantastic things are possible in America. With hard work, integrity, and compassion we can build an America that we and generations before have dreamed about. We can build an America that we and generations after will see realized. Centrism is a true representation of American spirit, determination, and independence not loony liberalism & hardcore republican conservatism.

Centrism has no creed except to listen to the public and enact the most efficient & effective solution in the interest of the American people. Being a Centrist is to be independent, reasonable, and not care about politics but about PUBLIC SERVICE!

A Centrist can support some liberal principles and some conservative principles while having the freedom to disagree with both. A Centrist cares about finding the right workable solution to a problem regardless of whose idea it is or whether it is from the right or the left or from anywhere else.

So that's what needed right now, centrist politicians to deal with the country's problems, not these bum crazies that's holding the American People & the U.S.A. itself hostage by all of this total B.S.!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Public Servants.....Where are They?

Our founding fathers gave their lives and their fortunes for this country. Would they "roll over in their graves" at what is going on today? They established public office as a servant to the people. Today's politicians see themselves as kings and the people as their servants to do their bidding according to vote. Their votes for their future benefit to secure their holdings while in office.
Our so called "public servants" make more than five times that of the average American taxpayer who pays their salaries, and that’s before we talk about the millions they rake in under the table, or their lofty retirement and medical benefits or unlimited expense accounts.

The lavish vacations and international family jet-setting demonstrated by the current party of the little people is just plain over the top!

The term "public service" used to mean something special" and that people who entered public life were given some measure of respect. it seems the more patriotic a person claims to be, the more they well espouse that the best government is no government at all.

"Calling for an end to the denigration of public service doesn’t mean we can’t criticize public officials or our government. It is our duty as Americans to hold our leaders accountable for their actions and their positions. But we don’t need to tear down or belittle the role of public service because we don’t like the views of the person holding office"

Our “founding fathers” (Washington, Jefferson, Adams) never expected that politics would become a vocation. They saw political service as the duty of gentlemen owed to their country. It was an honor bestowed to be allowed to represent the people in protecting them and in furthering the best interests of the country or state. Unfortunately, politics has become a vocation and politicians have strayed from representing the people to efforts at garnering power.

But occasionally, an elected official acts against self-interest, that is to say takes a position or casts a vote that is not popular and that jeopardizes re-election. That man or woman doesn’t fit the politician stereotype. Such behavior is rare enough and surprising enough that we describe it as a profile in courage. By an act against self-interest, or by voluntary retirement from office, not defeat, or by simply taking the long-term national interest into account, an elected official may suddenly become a public servant. That seems to be the key: what is in the nation’s interest, not what is in the interest of my political career. There are public servants at all levels of our politics. They sometimes seem rare enough to be almost extinct. But we look for them at election time and we often vote for a new face in the hope that individual will turn out to be a public servant not a careerist politician.

Take a good look at this debate debate that's going on in Washington D.C. Instead of putting the interest of the U.S.A. first, politicians on both sides of the isles are more worried about getting their asses re-elected or avoiding primary challenges from their own party. Republicans, especially because the influential & dominant Tea Party have their number & are scared of what would happen if they stray, just a hair from their hardcore conservative base.

The qualities of public servants, judgment, wisdom, and the long view, are so rare as to seem almost non-existent these days. Public Servants are there, but they seem not to want to penetrate the political thicket necessary to serve. We better start finding some and clearing some of that thicket soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rural Consulting Firm Opens in Taylor County

Up in the rural Georgia town of Butler, Jay Stalnaker of Taylor County & Keith MacCants of Macon County have joined forces to open StalnakerMacCants Consulting.

According to their facebook page, StalnakerMacCants Consulting consists of two subsidiaries, a small business consulting firm and a political consulting firm. With almost two decades of experience in the political field and internet technology, Stalnaker and MacCants provide a number of services for potential clients. Their political services encompass everything from general consulting and voter outreach to fundraising and advertising & small business services are focused around social media and advertising.

According to MacCants, who is the editor & founder of Peanut Politics & former vice-chaor of the Macon County Democratic Party, "being a consultant wasn't even on my radar. Then one day Jay (Stalnaker) called me to pitch this idea of going into business together & I didn't hesitate & agreed to go in business with him. He told me that there wasn't a consulting firm that didn't serve rural Georgia, especially when it came to politics".

Stalnaker who ran for the Butler City Council two years ago & was a member of the Young Democrats of Georgia, as well as founding the Taylor County Young Democrats, which is not active anymore, as well according to MacCants has a very sharp business & political mind. "I say he have more dept that I do when it comes to politics. He's a pragmatist & doesn't get pulled in either corner of the political spectrum. I maybe a little more conservative than him on certain issues, but we make a great team." We compliment each other. Its kinda like a Charles Barkley & Kenny Smith chemistry (TNT NBA Analyst). I would say or do some things, I know Jay wouldn't say or do out in the open.

StalnakerMacCants Consulting is not just a democratic consulting firm, says MacCants, but its also will help elect republicans who hold the same views as they do. No we won't just be working with democrats, although the majority of our clients will be moderate/conservative democrats, but with republicans who are also moderate/conservative.

Stalnaker & MacCants just may hold the key in helping elect more rural democrats to the legislature. Having been born & raised here, both Jay Stalnaker & Keith MacCants know what it will take to win in the more culturally & socially conservative parts of the state. Myself & Jay, we know rural Georgia. We know its fears, its insecurities, its likes, its dislikes, what will appeal & what will not appeal to the rural masses. A progressive/liberal candidate cannot & will not win in rural Georgia, unless he or she is running in democratic strongholds like Macon, Savannah or Albany" says MacCants, who ran for the 2nd Congressional District back in January, losing to liberal Dr Jeanne Dugas of Muscogee County back at the DPG elections in January of this year.

The Small business section of the consulting firm will be focus on advertising & social media, among other things. In rural Georgia, its difficult to to gain visibility for your business says MacCants. "There are plenty of Ma & Pa businesses that give great service, but have very low foot traffic. This idea of small business consulting was Jay's idea" says MacCants. If a business wants to gain more exposure but doesn't know how, they call us & we'll take it from there.

Expect StalnakerMacCants Consulting to play a role not only in 2011, but 2012 elections for local, legislative & congressional races. But I want to say good luck & congrats to Jay Stalnaker & Keith MacCants for their new business venture. I see them being very successful in this venture.

Middle Georgia Democratic Women's Club to meet Saturday in Houston County

Tomorrow, the Middle Georgia Democratic Women's Club will hold its meeting in Warner Robins at Ryan's Steakhouse on 1922 Watson Boulevard where yours truly will be the guest speaker for its monthly meeting. (I wish they would have gotten a better picture of me, but its all good)

I will be talking about my observations on the upcoming redistricting as well as other political insights.

I've attended a few of these meetings in the past & can say this one of the very few strong democratic organizations outside of the metro Atlanta area.

President Ann McKay of the MGDWC will be out of town during this meeting, but vice president Jodi Daly will keeping tabs on the happenings at the meeting.

The Middle Georgia Democratic Women’s Club is a member chapter of the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women and the National Federation of Democratic Women. It is based in Houston County GA, but welcomes Democratic women from any middle Georgia County.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bitterness towards Sanford Bishop........WHY?

2nd Congressional District Congressman Sanford D Bishop, Jr of Albany has always demostrated a knack of attracting support from voters who are either independent, conservative, & in some cases; Republicans in the 2nd Congressional District.

But every since 2009 there have been such a harsh backlash towards Bishop that it has left me scatchng my head.

Ok, he voted for the controversial, divisive Helathcare Reform Legislation, then he voted for the Cap & Trade Bill that went no where. Then there was the CBC Scholarship episode that accused Bishop of handling scholarships out to relatives, but it was his wife Mrs. Creighton-Vishop, a municipal court clerk at Muscogee County who was in charge of the selection process, which Bishop didn't know that scholarships was going to relatives instead of needy students.

And then there was the so-called fraud involving the "Pigford” settlement between the government and black farmers who claimed that a Department of Agriculture farm loan program discriminated against them. South Georgia farmers Eddie Slaughter and Willie Head complain that Bishop did nothing when they asked him to investigate the Pigford settlement & that more settlement money went to lawyers and people who aren’t farmers than to them and other active farmers. Nothing ever came to these accusations.

And now everywhere you look, you see people saying "Bishop has to go" or "Boot Bishop", I mean my god, do some people in the 2nd really can't stand Rep. Bishop that much?

Now did he dip his toe in the tempting liberal waters with those votes I mentioned? Yes!

But make no mistake about it, Bishop's no liberal except last year when his voting record was as liberal as Nancy Pelosi.

But Congressman Bishop, a graduate of Morehouse & former State legistator has always been a moderateto conservative democrat for the 2nd District.

Bishop has co-sponsored amendments to the U.S. Constitution protecting the U.S. flag against acts of desecration, preserving the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman, ensuring a balanced federal budget, and allowing voluntary, non-denominational prayer in schools and other public localities. He also is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, receiving the grade of “A+” from the National Rifle Association.

He has also supported Tax Relief for working men & women of the 2nd & he has & will always look after the agriculture interest of the 2nd, no matter what, which I didn't understand why so many farmers & those with Ag interest in the 2nd Congressional District would just turn their backs on Bishop who has fought tooth & nail to support & strengthened their interest in D.C. Many speculated that is was his vote for the Cap & Trade legislation. Maybe, it was more than that! Was it a protest vote against Pelosi & Obama?Was it just a anti-democratic vote? Or did they really leave bishop because of his job performance, which if you ask me has been pretty damn good for a region, SW Georgia with high levels of poverty.

Bishop, like him or not has gotten a raw deal from those who voted against him last year. Did many of these anti-Bishop voters forgot about all the good things he's done for the 2nd District? For some, they only look at 2008 & beyond rather than the whole 19, going on 20 year (Jan 2012) record of Bishop. I also hear some mention that Bishop only represents one segment of the 2nd Congressional District.................ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So Bishop only supports Black voters in the 2nd & not whites? Please! Stop trying to make Bishop the politician for "Blacks" Only. That's not going to work! Bishop first won the 2nd when it was a majority white district back in 1992 & since then it has changed, which is now comprised of 47% African-Americans.

Currently he is ranking member of the Subcommittee for Defense, the Subcommittee on Military Construction-Veterans Affairs & the 3rd ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee. Bishop is the go-to guy for Georgia Agriculture now that Saxby Chambliss no longer sits on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

I normally do not come to the defense of politicians here in Georgia, but I made a exception here. Bishop is well liked by many here in the 2nd, whether you are black, white, liberal, moderate, conservative, republican, democrat, independent, libertarian. All of the criticism Bishop has gotten (especially from hardcore republicans) & still continues to get is uncalled for. Nobody's perfect, people! If Bishop was a republican, you can bet your last dollar he wouldn't gotten the kind of scrutiny he's been getting over the past year.

Im curious to see will many of the longtime voters Bishop lost last year come back to Bishop or have they got caught up in the left vs right divide that's destroying our country.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Peanut Politics Saturday Edition: Will Republicans Put Country First instead of Party when it comes to a deal with the president?

Democrats were up in arms over President Obama's pan to cut $3-4 trillion dollars in spending which includes major cuts to entitlement spending, which are near & dear to the heart of the Democratic Party. Now if he's willing to go that far over on the GOP's turf in proposing such a plan that will give many liberal democrats heartburn, at least the republicans can do is to agree to raising of some taxes.

When the Republicans campaigned for the 2010 midterm elections, they promised voters that their Pledge to America included plans to create jobs and help the ailing economy. Despite refusing to elaborate on their plan to accomplish the campaign promises, voters swept Republicans into power in the House (+62) and many governor’s mansions and state legislatures across the country with high hopes the GOP was telling the truth and would begin serious legislation on the first day in session. After gaining power in the house in January 2011, Republicans in Congress have read the Constitution, proposed steep spending cuts for the poor and elderly, and voted to repeal the Affordable Health Act (which was just a symbolic gesture to voters). By now it is clear that Republicans had no plans or ideas to encourage job creation or to help the economy in spite of grandiose promises.

Instead of working to fulfill their campaign promises, Republicans have begun focusing on reducing the deficit by slashing programs that benefit the most vulnerable Americans, but have continued handing out ENTITLEMENTS to profitable corporations that pay little or no taxes. Although any respectable business would balance spending cuts with increased revenue to bring down deficits and balance a budget, Republicans refuse to entertain a balanced approach by increasing some taxes, along with spending cuts to generate much needed revenue regardless the dire shape the economy is in.

The tax cuts Republicans insist must stay in place are sure to be a major factor in the massive budget shortfalls projected over the next decade much like the unfunded Bush-era tax cuts that have played a major role in the current major economic downturn.

Nobody likes the idea of having to raise taxes, but now is not the time to worrying about political careers & future aspirations & what Conservative Radio Talk Show host will say about you, or whether or not you will get primaried in 2012. Its all about the future of the U.S. not about YOU! Both parties need to meet 50/50 on a deal to address the deficit & debt. The quicker they can do that, the quicker they can focus on addressing jobs & the saggibg economy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Centrist Politicos Represents Common Sense Politics

In this circus of extreme partisanship and political propaganda, the voice of the Moderate, the Centrist, the Rational often goes unheard and unsupported. Do you support extremism or do you support sanity? From a common sense Moderate/lean conservative point of view, running society is pretty simple...


Left: Tax-cuts for the poor!
Right: Tax-cuts for the rich!
Common Sense: Flat Tax for all (I'm still up in the air when it comes to the FairTax)


Left: Yes to choice
Right: Yes to Life
Common Sense: We want to limit abortion as much as possible but there must be some exceptions.


Left: Let em all in
Right: Let none of em in
Common Sense: Let some of 'em in (Look what has happened to Georgia's Agriculture Sector in which farmers are struggling because of passage of HB 87)


Left: Be nice to the freedom fighters!
Right: Kill 'em all those scum!
Common Sense: Try diplomacy first. If that doesnt work, kick ass.


Left: Socialized Healthcare
Right: No socialized Healthcare
Common Sense: Anything can be a cure or poison, depending on dose. We can afford a little bit of this


Left: Get rid of them!
Right: Keep them!
Common Sense: Keep them but add I.D./Fingerprints with purchase


Left: The poor Fragile Earth above all else!
Right: Drill baby, Drill!
Common Sense: Humans first but lets also try to protect our precious earth whenever possible


Left: Big Government
Right: Small Government
Common-Sense: Medium Sized Government. Management of the stuff we all agree can be managed centrally. Personally, Id prefer more local Government though


Left: Help the poor!
Right: Help Corporations - they produce our wealth!
Common Sense: Help the middle class


Left: Get Alternatives to Oil and Nuclear Power!
Right: Get Oil and Nuclear Power!
Common Sense: Get Oil, Nuclear Power AND alternatives to them to become less dependent on one or two

Civil Rights

Left: More rights for minorities!
Right: Minorities mustn't impose on the majority!
Common Sense: Civil Rights for All

There's a whole lot more but you get the picture. Do these left/right positions sound simplistic or stereotype to you? Well, I didn't invent them. Extremism is not good for this country. Radicalism is what is bringing the country down. The tone between the parties needs to be more civil. The moderates of both parties need to regain power and momentum. Look, if you vote for moderate politicians, you will have a moderate government. The media (and this includes blogs, websites), can not "sell" moderate. Moderate does not make them ad dollars, the absurd, and off-kilter generate ad dollars. Being down to earth is not exciting to people. Being aggressive, radical and sensationalistic...that's what sells!

Sadly as long as Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Hewitt and others like them continue to fan the flames of right wing extremism, Common sense moderate politics is dead in the water. They have millions of fans that hang on every word as gospel.

More power to the Centrists!

Peanut Politics Endorsement: Jack Ellis for Macon Mayor

In two weeks, Macon will hold its 2011 Municipal Elections to elect a new mayor, as well as the city council. Incumbent Robert Reichert, former Mayor Jack Ellis, newcomer Paul Bronson & former State Senator Robert Brown all are vying to become the leading official for the city of Macon.

The City of Macon (Bibb County) are faced with some very serious issues ranging from Consolidation to the continued loss of population from the city & county, as well as a inadequate educational system.

It was a tough decision between Ellis, Reichert & Bronson & Brown, but in the end, Peanut Politics have decided that C. Jack Ellis is the right choice to become the next mayor of Macon.

Ellis, a Vietnam Veteran (Paratrooper) in the 101st Airborne Division was mayor once before, serving two terms before being term limited was seen at one time as a rising star in Democratic Circles when he first became mayor of Macon in 1999 before a rocky second term derailed those ambitions

Despite some head scratchers from Ellis ranging from converting from Christianity to Islam (changing his name as well) to sending a letter pledging solidarity with Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez, etc, etc, we believe that Ellis is the right choice to give Macon-Bibb County a swift kick in the you know what!

Despite all those ill advised decisions, some of his accomplishments during his first term include:

-Received $20 million Hope VI Grant for redevelopment of Oglethorpe Homes
-Demolished or renovated over 2000 sub-standard houses
-Reduced overall crime from an all-time high
-Purchased and developed plans and secured funding for renovation of Terminal Station as a multi-modal facility
-Built new $37 million Marriott Convention Center Hotel

One of his new proposals is to create a anti-poverty plan to address the lack of jobs, high crime & of course poverty (Bibb County has the second-highest urban poverty rate in Georgia after Dougherty County) so although being a very ambitious plan, Ellis has mad it one of his top priorities if he's elected ,mayor of Macon once again, as well as investing in the community.

Robert Reichert has done some good things since being elected mayor back in 2007 (shoring up its fiscal position, improving planning across city departments, but that hasn't been enough to shake Macon-Bibb County to its core. Included in that, he tried annexation but failed.

Paul Bronson is a breath of fresh air who would bring a new vision & usher in a new era of Macon Politics, but he maybe a little too green at this point to run the city of Macon.

Robert Brown, though a shrewed politico, talks before he thinks, which has gotten him into some hot water in the past. He was a weak minority leader for the democrats in the State Senate, so why in the world should voters send him to the mayoral's office?

So that's why Peanut Politics endorse C. Jack Ellis for Mayor!
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