Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wanted, well Needed: Centrist Politicians with Backbone

With the ongoing debate over the nation's Debt limit, it has become obvious that what's needed is more centrist democrats & republicans who will put the interest of the good 'ol U.S.A. first ahead of their extremist bases in both the republican & democratic party.

What you current;y see on television should embarrass every American Citizen. Politicians behaving like 10 year olds on a school playground going back & forth on who's right & who's wrong when it comes to dealing with the debt ceiling when Jobs should the top issue facing both parties.

First the republicans:

What has the Republican House of Representatives done since they were elected last November besides voting to repeal the Healthcare Bill or "Obamacare"?

If you voted for them you should be paying close attention. After the election is when your real work begins. You have to pay attention to what your representatives do so you can have half a clue if you want to re-elect him or her come next election.

So, what have they done for America? There are endless polls out there saying what is most important for the average American. The first thing on every poll is the economy. So, what have the Republicans brought us to address the economy?


Okay, so they haven’t done anything for the A-number-one-most-important thing. So how about other important things?

The second most important thing to most all Americans is unemployment. What have they done for the unemployed? You guessed it. NOTHING!

The next most important thing to most all Americans is the broken health care system. Have they done anything, anything at all to fix it besides railing against the bill (which I was also opposed to) to score political points? No. They have absolutely no ideas or plans for anything.

Okay, so they haven’t done anything at all that the average American needs done. But what have they done? Well they have created this Cut, Cap & Balance legislation that supposed to solve the country's deficit & debt situation....What else?

Well, they have done two things. They spent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars playing politics with the Health Care Reform bill.

I have to admit, if I was a Republican voter, I’d feel pretty darned stupid by now. Hey Republicans, is it time to wake up yet? Is it time to come to your senses? It’s too late to take back your party. Your party is toast. It represents no one but the crazies and the billionaires.

Now the Democrats:

Y'all had wide majorities in the house & senate after the 2008 election, but somehow y'all thought it meant that the U.S. was ready for long held pinned up liberal ideas to come part of everyday lives of the American People. Boy was ya'll wrong, especially the president who ran as a centrist & then after the elections ran into the arms of Nancy Pelosi & the liberal wing of the party.

As a result saw democrats, mainly moderate & conservative democrats from rural areas lose due to anti-liberalism, anti-big government, anti-Pelosi, anti-Obama, anti-democrat, anti-EVERYTHING which also was helped by misinformation, deception & lies of the then minority republican party about Death Panels in the Healthcare Bill to republican crazies outrage over a so-called attempt by President Obama to brainwash school children during a speech to America's School children back in 2009. Remember that?

Like it or not, you are going to have to accept the fact that the entitlement programs needs to be overhauled or else it will have devastating consequences for our country.

Like it or not, you cannot continue with the old liberal 1970s solution of spending billions of dollars to fix what's ailing the U.S & growing the size of the already overblown government.

Like it or not the majority of the American People are either moderate or conservative

I can go on & on with democrats, but I've already done that before.

The answer to all of this is to elect more centrist politicos from both parties. Centrism is more than just a way of political thought and action; it is the knowledge and belief that we can do better for America and ourselves. Centrism is the knowledge and belief that America is an amazing nation and fantastic things are possible in America. With hard work, integrity, and compassion we can build an America that we and generations before have dreamed about. We can build an America that we and generations after will see realized. Centrism is a true representation of American spirit, determination, and independence not loony liberalism & hardcore republican conservatism.

Centrism has no creed except to listen to the public and enact the most efficient & effective solution in the interest of the American people. Being a Centrist is to be independent, reasonable, and not care about politics but about PUBLIC SERVICE!

A Centrist can support some liberal principles and some conservative principles while having the freedom to disagree with both. A Centrist cares about finding the right workable solution to a problem regardless of whose idea it is or whether it is from the right or the left or from anywhere else.

So that's what needed right now, centrist politicians to deal with the country's problems, not these bum crazies that's holding the American People & the U.S.A. itself hostage by all of this total B.S.!

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