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John Barrow First TV Ad

Endorsement for Secretary of State: Michael Mills (D-Atlanta)

The race for Georgia Secretary of State is a important one for democrats. The office, controlled by republicans have been riddled by partisan bickering & rulings by former Secretary of State Karen Handel such as the removal of more than 50,000 registered Georgia voters who had been "flagged" because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. And at least 4,500 of those people back in 2008 had their citizenship questioned. In Muscogee, Georgia that year, a county official purged 700 people from the voter lists, supposedly because they were ineligible to vote due to criminal convictions. The list included people who had never even received a parking ticket.

And now just as Handel did, Brian Kemp, appointed Secretary of State wants to implement a Citizenship check for voters to verify their citizenship status. The DOJ has ruled against the measure twice, but Kemp is again suing the DOJ over the right to have the new measure implemented.

The Secretary of State's office is more than just overseeing elections, it oversees businesses, Rules & Regulations, Profit Corporations, Professional Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Licensing, etc.

In the democratic race, you have 5 Qualified candidates to be Secretary of State. All have very broad platforms to offer, but this about electing the best, the most ready candidate for the job.

That's why Peanut Politics is endorsing Michael Mills for Secretary of State

Mills have what it takes to win the Secretary of State Office for the democrats in November.

Mills Six point plan for Election Reform:

-Comprehensive Elections Task Force

-Halting Lawsuit and Implementation of SB 86 (Voter ID Law)

-Voter Rights Education and Elections Ombudsman

-K-12 Curriculum

-Increase communication and interaction with local elections officials

-Reconfigure the Georgia Elections Board

Mills’ plan will to ensure Georgia voters trust that elections are secure and accurate, and that participating doesn’t require overcoming unnecessary obstacles.

Not only that, but his plan to Growing jobs and revenue by creating a business resource center for small companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs at the Corporations Division & Protecting citizens against financial ruin and fraud through the professional Licensing and Securities Divisions are ideas that will help transform Georgia's Secretary of State Office.

He will bring a blend of political, business & elections credentials to the Secretary of State's office & he has a very proven track record.

He is currently a small business owner & launched Vote for America-Georgia, a non-profit dedicated to improving educated voter turnout across the metro Atlanta region, which registered thousands of voters, mobilized volunteers and helped raise 2002 voter turnout by more than seven percent, which bucked traditional double digit declines in off-year elections. He was selected to Georgia Trend Magazine’s list of “40 Under 40 & was a press secretary for Mark Taylor's 1998 campaign for Lt. Governor.

I'm sure that the other candidates would do fine as well, but Mills will bring a fresh voice, a new vision with ideas to the Secretary of Office & most of all bring NEW" Blood to the Georgia Democratic Party, a party that's badly in need of some new leaders to rise to the forefront. In addition his platform & ideas will appeal to rural Georgia which is in need of a jolt to jump start job growth in a region that is high in poverty & poor.

Its time for a new way forward & Michael Mills will no doubt move the Secretary of State office in that direction from the last 4 yrs of partisan bickering & partisan games by the GOP.

Hodges win Peanut Politics AG Poll

In the Peanut Politics poll, I asked who would you vote for in the Democratic Primary for Attorney General & here are the final results:

Ken Hodges (D-Albany) 53.7%

Rob Teilhet (D-Smyrna) 41.7%

This was to gauge voters interest of the two candidates in the race to replace Thurbert Baker for Attorney General. This will be a closely contested race between the two men who are both strong & capable candidates for Attorney General in the General Election.

DuBose Porter Press Conference Yesterday at the State Capitol

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ad: Health care is 'slavery'

Arch-Conservative Republican Candidate Rick Barber (R-Alabama) is calling it just that. He will take on Martha Roby in the GOP Primary for the right to take on my guy conservative democrat Bobby Bright (D-Alabama) You have got to see this:

Ad: Health care is 'slavery' - Andy Barr -

Open Letter to Secretary of State Brian Kemp & Voters of Georgia from Darwin Carter, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner

Honorable Brian P. Kemp
Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary,

By way of this correspondence, I am writing you, and the voters of
Georgia, seeking your opinion as to whether or not by his words and
his actions my opponent, Gary Black, has disqualified himself as a
candidate for office pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia, Title 21,
Chapter 2, Section 5.

Let me be specific. It is my understanding based on the Official Code
of Georgia, that a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture may be
disqualified if: (1) He is guilty of Moral Turpitude, (2) If he
commits fraud, and (3) If he steals or misappropriates public funds.

During the course of my state wide race for the post of Commissioner
of Agriculture, I have carefully reviewed much of the work and actions
of my opponent, Gary Black. By doing so, I believe that he may, in
fact, be guilty of all three of the above disqualifying factors.

As the long time president of the Georgia Agribusiness Council, (GAC)
a non-profit 501c6 corporation, he has had a responsibility to pay
taxes on political expenditures. He has paid none. This is not a
slight oversight. He has carried on this reckless behavior for
years. A one time error may be considered a mistake. An ongoing
pattern of deceit is usually considered "evasion" by the IRS.

And, I might add, tax evasion is often prosecuted by the Bureau on
charges of fraud, possibly a felony. Black's many months, actually
years, of political campaigning for public office was subsidized by his
non-compliant lobbying firm (Georgia Agribusiness Council). He
and his fellow Board of Directors have deliberately failed to pay
federal taxes on his political dalliance. I consider that a misuse
of public money (#3 of above). Not to pay taxes may well be fraud
(#2 of above), and one guilty of fraud is considered to be guilty of
Moral Turpitude (#1 of above).

Gary Black, as you well know, ran unsuccessfully for this same post in
2006. During this current race he was actively campaigning throughout
most of last year. His twitter posts, accessible to the public, make
it very clear that he was meeting and greeting voters and supporters all
the while he was on full salary with his lobbying firm, GAC. He did not
resign his position as President of GAC until sometime around May 1, of
this year. That leaves the previous 12 months in which he was a full
time candidate and a full time GAC employee drawing his
big 501c6 salary, an ethical violation and an IRS act of fraud.

501c6 corporations are required by the IRS to pay taxes on partisan
political expenditures. As previously noted, Black and his lobbying
firm have never done so. Interestingly, Black's Chairman of the
Board, of GAC, is David Skinner, who is also a full time state
employee. He serves as Executive Director of the Georgia Development
Authority. As president and Chairman, Black and Skinner apparently have
worked well together.

Mr. Secretary, it is my understanding that charges of disqualification
are to be brought to your direct attention. By this letter, I am doing
so. As previously noted, I am also making these charges available to
the voters of Georgia, so that they too, can weigh in on this serious

It is my further understanding that once these charges reach your
attention by authority of the Georgia Constitution you are obligated to
review and reach a decision on all I have presented here. You must
decide if the above charges are disqualifying for Mr. Black. Once
you have reached your decision, I can accept your findings and/or
if I disagree, I may then notify you of my desire to take the matter
to the Fulton County Superior Court for further review.


Darwin Carter

The Grassroots Campaign of DuBose Porter

On DuBose Porter's website, the campaign has unveiled an impressive crop of pictures of DuBose's travels all across Georgia, visiting counties like Whitfield to Clinch County. Here are just a few:






Whitfield County


Columbus' new plan to dramatically reduce voter precincts in an election year invites suppression

How will this affect the mid-term election & elections for years to come?

Please read: Columbus' new plan to dramatically reduce voter precincts in an election year invites suppression

Georgia Farmers can't afford to have this man as its next Ag Commissioner. Stop Gary Black...the Lobbyist!!!!!

On the GOP side its Darwin Carter, a farmer & USDA Official against 2006 candidate Gary Black, a lobbyist & ex-president of Georgia Agribusiness.

On the Democratic side its J.B. Powell, a farmer, project manager & State Senator from rural Richmond County.

As many of you know Black badly wants to become the next agriculture commissioner, that he's been campaigning since his loss to Tommy Irvin for the job. But voters need to take notice of Black's real intentions if he does become Agriculture Commissioner.

Well someone has caught on to Black & wants to keep him from winning the GOP nomination & becoming the next Agriculture Commissioner.

Read this below:

I grew up in SW GA, and have roots that run deep in agriculture. I am concerned what may happen if Gary Black is elected as the next GA Ag Commissioner. Everyone says Gary Black is the best qualified and most experienced candidate. The only thing he is qualified to do is a be a lobbyist since that what his entire career has entailed. He is supported by the same companies the GA Ag Commissioner is charged with regulating (i.e. Monsanto).

How closely do you think he would be watching over these large agribusiness companies that back him and finance his campaign. He is strictly for large Agribusiness and food processing type companies instead of the GA farmer. At a political meeting in Union County, he was wearing a tie with peanuts on it. When someone from the audience quipped about his tie, his comment was while pointing to his tie "these are the only safe peanuts in GA". What a slap in the face to the peanut farmers who help contribute to our economy. Agriculture is 16% of GA's economy. While all portions of the state are important, the row crops (cotton, peanuts, corn, soybeans, etc) are the mainstays of the GA Ag market are mainly produced in South GA.

How can Gary Black be in touch with the farmers in South or even North GA while spending time in the state capital trying to push his lobbying organization's agenda's? Gary Black is politician plain and simple. He is a former Democrat who switched parties to run against Tommy Irvin...some say he is a very liberal democrat at heart, but I cant prove that. He knew he couldn't get the democratic vote against Irvin. He ended up losing anyway.

In my opinion, Darwin Carter by far the superior candidate. He is a Reagan conservative who worked with Reagan and Bush Sr in the Department of Agriculture. He is Bacon County farmer that knows the challenges our farmers face today. He is largely unknown, because he doesn't have the deep pockets afforded by the backing of the large companies the office is supposed to be regulating.
The statements above are simply based on my opinions formed from my own research. If you agree then please help get Darwin Carter's name out and keep Gary Black out. If you don't agree then thanks for reading anyway.

Don't take my word for it. Research

If you would like more info on Darwin Carter, you can go to You can also call me if you would like. I have been researching this for a couple of weeks since I heard both candidates speak at a local GOP rally.

This piece was written by Richard of Jesup, Ga & he hit rhe nail right on the head.

Darwin Carter of Bacon County has already filed a ethics complaint against Gary Black for failure to disclose the use of his office as CEO/Lobbyist for the Georgia Agribusiness Council (Not-for-Profit) to run for Commissioner of Agriculture.Additionally, Carter charges that Black's Lobbying firm, Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) is a non profit 501c6 corporation and according to the IRS should pay taxes on their extensive partisan political work.

Carter has spent the last six months filing letters of complaint to the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Inspector General to no avail. Carter spoke with the Governor’s Attorney just to learn that ethics is not one of their top issues.

A similar complaint was filed against Black by then Republican candidate Deanne Strickland in 2006 which was never resolved by the State Ethics Commission.

This my favorite quote, from Carter himself: Electing Gary Black would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house or as a local farmer told me, allowing British Petroleum to be in charge of water purification in the Gulf.”,

If Republicans want to win the Agriculture Commissioner's office for the first time ever, they better avoid electing Gary Black & elect Darwin Carter as its nominee. If its Black in the General Election, despite years of campaigning for the office of Ag Commissioner, he will lose once again in the fall. Reason why I say that, one word:


That will be a major issue in this year's elections, especially if either Oxendine or Deal becomes the nominee for the GOP, plus you throw in the ethics issues that plagued the GOP in the state legislature & the unknown issues of Casey Cagle. This will dog Black on the trail during the General Election against folksy State Senator J.B. Powell (D-Blythe) who'll wrap that issue around Black's neck. I know I am a conservative democrat, but the GOP better be beware of Gary Black as its nominee.

The majority, if all of the GOP Caucus have gotten behind Gary Black's candidacy, even the leaders of both houses hosted a fundraiser at the 755 club at Turner Field for Mr. Black. Gary Black is fool's gold. Voters need to be aware of what his true motives. For the sake of Ga Farmers, keep Gary Black off the General Election Ballot & send Darwin Carter to the General Election against J.B Powell.

I would rather have either of those two men as Ga's Ag Commissioner than to have a backslider like Gary Black at the helm.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Roy Barnes: Why democrats love him & Can he win in Rural Georgia once again?

Cenrrist Democrat Roy Barnes is trying to do something that hasn't been done in 64 years: win the governorship of Georgia for a second time after losing other second time around (Eugene Talmadge won in 1946, after losing in 1942)

Democrats were giddy of another run for governor by Barnes despite having a State Minority Leader, a former Statewide officeholder & Adjuntant General, a sitting Attorney General in the race.

So why democrats are eager for another Barnes run for governor:

In Education, he focused on lowering class size, raised standards by requiring accountability, and passed legislation requiring more discipline in the classroom. He also created a comprehensive group to study education in Georgia and undertook the most widespread revision of education in a generation.

He completed four years of a property tax cut on homes and family farms. He passed a property Tax Payers Bill of Rights that exposes backdoor tax increases of increasing assessments to public scrutiny.

Roy also passed the first ever Sales Tax Holiday for Georgia in an effort to stimulate the economy and provide citizens with immediate tax savings. Roy honored his campaign promises and made tough decisions to insure hope for jobs, education and healthcare.

And he successfully fought for passage of the bill that guaranteed patients the right to choose their own doctor, and a bill that established a patient's bill of rights and allowed insurance companies to be held liable for denying or delaying much needed care.

Barnes was & still is a ambitious politician, who was bold & brash & that may have rubbed some folks the wrong way & that along with a bit of arrogance contributed to his downfall in 2002.

He led a successful effort to change Georgia's state flag, which featured the Confederate battle cross. It took a lot of guts & fortitude to do that knowing he would pay a price at the polls. In doing that, white voters in rural areas turned out in record numbers to vote Barnes out in one of the most stunning upsets in Georgia Political history.

The flag issue was a very emotional thing to those who said it spoke to their heritage. A lot of white voters felt Barnes was not on their side when he pushed to change it.

But remember, it was more of a anti-Roy Barnes vote than a anti-democratic vote.

While Barnes lost badly in rural counties like Taylor,Floyd & Colquitt, Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor (D-Albany), won there, showing that voters were not angry at all Democrats but certainly Barnes. Another factor that contributed to Barnes loss was democrats were seen as out of touch with the state's conservative values.

Other things like the Northern Arc, & a education reform that the majority of the state's teachers were against also led to his ouster.

If he becomes the nominee, Rural Ga will be crucial for Barnes:

In Worth County Barnes won 57% of the vote when he ran for governor in 1998

In 2002 he scored 45%.

In Laurens County, he won 60% in 1998

In 2002 it was 39%.

As you can see, its places like these in my neck of the woods that are going to determine whether or not Barnes or any other democrat will be successful at the polls come November. Barnes is leading in the polls by as much as 40-plus percent. If that number holds come July 20, he'll be in good shape come november.

Can he win again in Rural Ga? Yes! Its all about showing the small-town voters like myself that you care about rural issues. Showing sincerity goes along way. The absolute truth is that any Democrat who can get through the cultural mine field of rural Georgia can prevail because a Democrat (who tries) can win easily. Don't doubt Barnes ability to win in Rural Ga folks!

President Obama continue to sink among his Liberal Co-Horts.


The Blog Middle Class Populist, a blog run by a Progressive, Independent Liberal Democrat is critical of the president for cuddling to republicans & destroying the mandate given to him by the "Silent Majority".

This is the death of your Presidency and the agenda of we the middle class who put you in power, says blogger Brian at Middle Class Populist.

Here are some of the chiefs complaints:

Letting right wing nut cases go on and on about death panels without pointing out the agenda of their corporate masters earned you the low numbers you have Mr. President!

Making a milk toast attempt at Green Technology while giving AIG 180 Billion. We only put 45 Billion in infrastructure repair.

Allowing right wing idiots to STEAL the “golden goose”, that is the behavior of Goldman Sachs and friends and making Democrats perceived to be their friends while Republicans play the ally of Main Street! My God that takes real stupidity Mr. President. But then again you have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at your side. We should have had non-stop Congressional hearings to rouse public indignation! Oh no but we want to sing Kumbayah with the Republicans!

Republicans are acting like they are the ones who can create jobs! But today they stopped dead an extension of unemployment insurance. This could be a great teaching moment for Obama to take to the waves! But oh no we would not want to do that now would we Mr. President!

Americans want a President who if he cannot fix the problem immediately then at least acts with emotion and kicks some corporate asses! If he survives to a second term and we Democrats maintain the operation of Congress then in his last year or two he can be more above the clouds. At least unleash Vice President Biden to blast the right like Nixon’s VP Agnew blasted the left.

Well there it is! If he's losing his base, then he's as good as gone unless things turn around quickly. I say he gets challenged in 2012, or he decides to forgo re-election altogether. This is too much, too fast for the president. When you elect a unknown to the highest office in the land, you better hope things work out for the best. I bet if most of these democrats had to do over, they'll elect Hillary Clinton over Presdient Obama. Privately I bet Bill Clinton is saying "I told you so"!

West Virginia Governor Joe Machin's Country Roads (PAC)

It wouldn't surprise me if he were to make a appearance here in Georgia during the General Election.

Conservative Democrat Joe Manchin has a national political action committee he's forming called "country roads" (PAC). He will be raising money to attend political events around the country. And he will take over as chairman of the National Governors Conference on July 1 of this year, giving him another national stage for his future political aspirations such as the U.S. Senate in 2012, which some observers say he's had his eye on for a while.

Since West Virginia's constitution limits a governor to a maximum of two successive four-year terms in office, Manchin must leave that office at the end of his current term.

But he's coy about his future political plans.

So, full speed ahead for the governor's national political action committee because it will take a lot of money and time to mount a successful statewide campaign again. It's the right thing to do. But call it what it is, his own way of building up a 2012 campaign fund that will give him the inside track on his anticipated move from the executive mansion to the halls of the U. S. Senate.

I wouldn't rule out the possibilty of him running for president in 2012 if things don't improve like the deficit, debt, jobs, etc.

Labor Commissioner candidate Terry Coleman in Albany last Thursday

Terry Coleman (D-Eastman), shown with State Rep. Mike Cheokas (D-Americus) & State Senator Freddie Powell Sims (D-Dawson) made a appearance in Albany last Thursday Night. He met with people at the Hasan Temple to explain how he hopes to help people find new and better jobs.

Says Coleman in interview with WALB-TV:

We want to improve information about job availability from businesses who want to improve our service in the labor department. We want to make sure people are proactive in spending the necessary resources to council people and encourage them.

To see video, click on link at top of the page

Secretary of State Races

Last Night, the Atlanta Press Club held it first series of debates, oe being the Secretary of State Race, where both republican & democrats participated.

On the GOP side, it got contentious between Perdue appointee Brian Kemp & challenger Doug Macginnitie, with acccusations by Kemp that Macginnitie voted in the democratic primary in 1992 & Macginnitie called Kemp a "Career" politician. It only lasted 18 minutes, but if you ask me, MacGinnitie was the winner in that debate.

On the democratic side, all five, Angela Moore, Michael Mills, Georganna Sinkfield, Gary Horlacher, & Gail Buckner all participated & clearly Michael Mills was the best out of all the candidates. His answers was crisp, clear & she shown a great knack of the issues concerning the Secretary of State race. Sec. of State is more that overseeing elections, it deals with businesses, licensing, Securities, etc. He won the debate last night. The other candidates did well, Angela Moore was impressive in the debate as well as Gail Buckner. Georganna Sinkfield did not impress & Gary Horlacher was ok, but not stellar.

West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd Dies at 92

Longtime U.S. Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) died monday at 92. He served in the U.S. Senate since 1958, a span of 52 years.

Byrd held a wide variety of both liberal and conservative political views. He has also held many leadership positions: Senate Conference Secretary, Majority Whip, Minority Leader and twice Majority Leader.

Byrd joined the Ku Klux Klan when he was 24 in 1942, which he says was one of biggest regrets. His local chapter unanimously elected him the top officer of their unit.

In 1952, Byrd was elected as a member of the United States House of Representatives for West Virginia's 6th district.

Byrd opposed the 2002 law creating the Department of Homeland Security, saying it ceded too much authority to the executive branch & opposed the Iraq War.

Governor Joe Machin, democratic governor of West Virginia will appoint someone to fill that seat & in my opinion, he should appoint nimself to that seat & run for a full term in 2012.

Friday, June 25, 2010

DuBose Porter Press Conference at the State Capitol on Tuesday Jun 29

Who: DuBose Porter, candidate for Governor, and Marie Hooks, Principal of Saxon Heights Elementary School in Dublin, GA

What: Press Conference

Where: South Wing of State Capitol

When: 1:00 pm on Tuesday, June 29th

Why: Principal Hooks will discuss how DuBose Porter helped them turn around Saxon Heights Elementary School from having some of the lowest reading scores in the state to now being a top Title I elementary school. DuBose Porter will outline his priorities and vision for education.

Candidate Spotlight: Adell James (HD 180)

Way down in Camden County, Adell James (D-Kingsland) will take on the winner of the GOP primary in November, which includes Cecily Hill, (Incumbent), Jason Spencer & Rindy Howell.

James is a native of Camden County, Georgia. She and her husband Linward James, Sr, a U.S. Army Veteran have three sons: Linward Jr, Laquint and Lionel. Adell also raised foster daughter, Thamechia Bob. She has three grandchildren: Jaden, Deshaun and Jada.

James attended Camden County Schools, she graduated from Ralph Johnson Bunche High School in 1968. In 1973, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Albany State University in Sociology with a Psychology minor. She also received a Masters of Education degree from Florida A& M University in 1979. In 1991, Adell earned an Educational Specialist degree in Supervision and Administration from Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Adell has been employed with the Camden County Board of Education for the past thirty five years. She spent nineteen yrs as an elementary and middles school teacher. Her leadership roles have been: Assistant Principal, Principal, and Alternative School Director. She will retire on June 30, 2010 as Director of Recruiting.

In her crusade to help the community’s children, Adell founded A+ Tutoring Service in Kingsland where she is the Director/Owner.

Adell has received many awards for her community service. Awards include the NAACP Emeritus Award, Parent of the Month Award, Outstanding and Dedicated Service Award as President of the RJB/CCTS Alumni Association.

Adell’s professional affiliations and recognitions

• Camden Board of Directors

• Governor’s Leadership Academy

• Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL)

• Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals

• Georgia Association of Education (GAE)

• National Association of Education (NAE)

• Albany State University Alumni

• Ralph Johnson Bunche High/Camden County Training School Alumni

• Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA)

• Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority (ADK)

• National Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

• Teacher of the Year (Mary Lee Clark Middle School), 1987

• Georgia Association of Alternative Education

Some of her core issues include: Education Reform, Housing & a Increase in Jobs

Candidate spotlight: Chris Irvin (HD 28)

Up in NE Georgia, Tommy Irvin, the longtime agriculture commissioner won't be seeking another term as Georgia's Ag Commissioner as Irvin turns 81 next month, that doesn't mean a Irvin won't be on the ballot.

Christopher James "Chris" Irvin (D-Toccoa) will take on one term incumbent Michael Harden (R-Toccoa) for the seat, formerly held by longtime rep. Jeannette Jamieson (D).

Irvin is the grandson of Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin & this is his first run for political office.

His dad is a state court judge and his mom served three terms on the Stephens County Board of Education."

Irvin is Owner/Manager of a construction company.

A lifelong resident of the 28th District, Irvin is a graduate of Stephens County High School and attended Limestone College and Clemson University prior to entering private business.

He is a licensed building contractor and said he will make education and jobs his emphasis together with "bringing down the ever increasing unemployment rate and taxes and other fees which have occurred under our present leadership."

Described as a staunch democrat, Irvin said he will seek election as an "independent Democrat."

Education & Development in Rural Georgia

Here in Georgia, Rural, low-income students are more at risk of becoming high school dropouts than their city and suburban counterparts. This fact alone should be a reason to address the challenges facing Rural Georgia Schools that serve low-income areas, but the negative findings do not stop with that one statistic. Students eligible for free and reduced-price lunches do not score as well on assessments as other students, and students attending rural schools do not perform as well as students who attend suburban schools. Rural schools, especially those serving low-income areas, need the nation’s attention, but currently they are not receiving the attention they deserve. Not all Rural Georgia Schools underperform, but the majority of them do.

A comprehensive approach to school reform that adds time to school days, weeks, and/or years for all students can result in significant learning gains.

Rural Georgia schools in low-income areas are usually resource poor because of weak tax bases and because of state education funding formulas that treat rural areas inequitably. Rural schools also face additional challenges related to the availability of high quality instructional staff, access to professional development opportunities, expertise in fund development, and parental engagement. The upshot: Increasing the number of hours in the school day and/or the number of weeks in the school year is not currently feasible in rural areas without significant new investments by state and/or federal governments, no matter how desirable.

Voluntary Programs like:

Strong, committed leadership and quality instructional staff

Adult-to-student ratios at levels that are low enough to make realistic the development of supportive staff/student relationships

Emphasis on making learning engaging and exciting by providing academic- based enrichment activities while assisting students in meeting achievement standards.

All of these learning opportunities provide a means of reaching students that regular during school time programs are not effectively serving and could be the basis for programs that lengthen the school day, week, or year for all students.

Crisis concerning America's Dairy Farmers

I got this mail from Farm Aid & it concerns the Dairy Farmers

Top officials at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) are sitting on recommendations from their Antitrust Division to indict two of the biggest firms in the U.S. dairy industry: Dairy Farmers of America (the nation's largest dairy cooperative) and Dean Foods (the nation's largest fluid milk processor).

With thousands of dairy farmers going out of business this year alone, there is no excuse for any more delays. The crisis in the dairy industry may seem confusing, but the numbers tell it all. Since the mid 1980s, the gap between farm milk price and retail milk price has steadily widened. It's outrageous that over the last 20 years, farmers have received less and less for their milk even as consumers have paid more at the grocery store. The middlemen are making all the money!

America has lost over half its dairy farmers in the past sixteen years, with fewer than 60,000 dairy farmers remaining. During that time, the DOJ Antitrust Division has repeatedly allowed unrestrained takeovers and market abuses in dairy at the expense of both America's dairy farmers and consumers, and it's time we put a stop to it.

So what happens if we don't take action to save our dairy farmers?

We risk losing tens of thousands more farmers from the land and billions of dollars from our rural economies. We risk being forced to rely on more factory farms and imported milk substitutes that compromise public and environmental health and safety. We risk losing our choice for safe, local milk from family farmers we trust.

Carolyn Mugar, Executive Director of Farm Aid is calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to restore fairness to the marketplace, save our dairy farmers & fight against corporate control.

Now I didn't know the situation concerning our Dairy Farmers was this bad, with do many going out of business. My hope is that AG Holder steps in & restore some level of fairness toward Dairy Farmers

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sanford Bishop takes stand against Tea Party

From the staff at the Americus Observer

Never before in Congressman Sanford Bishop's career has he seen the political climate the way it is today. Despite all the jobs he has helped create, the monies and projects he's helped bring to southwest Georgia, the issues he has fought for on behalf of his constituents in the Second District, there is an assault nationally on all incumbents in Congress.

The timing of this attack cannot be missed as it comes at the same time of the rise of Tea Party movement, and during Barack Obama's election as President of the United States. It is evident that the political progress made, and the hope instilled in America by the election of Obama, was interpreted by those within this movement as a major threat to our country's future. Oddly, their fears with the direction our country was going seemed to manifest on January 20, 2009.

The timing of this attack cannot be missed as it comes at the same time of the rise of Tea Party movement, and during Barack Obama's election as President of the United States. It is evident that the political progress made, and the hope instilled in America by the election of Obama, was interpreted by those within this movement as a major threat to our country's future. Oddly, their fears with the direction our country was going seemed to manifest on January 20, 2009.

Their mindset is shared by the candidates they support, and by those candidates who beg the movement's blessings. What they are all about can be summed up by one of their shining stars, Rand Paul, A Republican Senate candidate in Kentucky. Paul created a stir last month when he repeatedly said he thought the Civil Rights Act of 1964 went too far in telling businesses they could not discriminate against black people. Again, this was said last month, but it felt like the 1950s or 1960s all over again.

We know the people of the Second District are wiser than that. They have shown that because they have in place Congressman Bishop, who continues to do an outstanding job on our behalf. Momentum is building to make this nation even better for the American people than it is now. Congressman Bishop stands along side President Obama to help see not only that our country continues to move forward, but for him to personally that the Second District moves forward as well.

Just as President Obama has made history, Congressman Bishop has a long history of service to the American people and the Second District. The vote you have entrusted him with, and the legislation he sponsors reflects how entrenched in our history he is. He voted to have June 19 - Juneteenth - recognized as the official end of slavery. Also, Congressman Bishop has fought to end racial profiling. As a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, he has fought to end the racial disparities in sentencing for both drug offenses and death penalty cases. He has fought for equal protection under the law for all people. Understanding fully what would happen if it were not in place, Congressman Bishop staunchly maintains a pro-affirmative action position to protect all Americans.

And let's not forget that Congressman Bishop was instrumental in the Justice Department's Pigford case that resulted in $1.25 billion to settle all claims stemming from the civil rights suit filed by group of black farmers against the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The farmers alleged that USDA had willfully discriminated against them and other black farmers by denying their applications for farm loans and benefit programs, or by delaying the processing of their applications, and had failed to properly investigate and resolve their complaints of discrimination.

Congressman Bishop's hard work on behalf of the people of the Second District has helped him steadily rise through the ranks to become a powerful voice in Congress. So much so it has earned him a position on the Appropriations Committee, one of the most influential and powerful appointments in Washington

Our values, our concerns and our needs are top of mind and top of agenda in Washington for Congressman Bishop. Simply put, you have a proven leader on the job that is looking out for you.

That also means Congressman Bishop will not be afraid to go against party leaders when your best interests are not served. Already you've seen Congressman Bishop stand with you by his support of the Second Amendment, supporting a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, supporting allowing prayer in public places and banning flag desecration. When the people of the Second District speak, Congressman Bishop listens intently.

He works tirelessly to find ways to restart our local economies and help every able bodied person find work. He works to ensure our accessibility to quality healthcare, to fight fiercely to protect the livelihoods of farmers, and help us maintain a strong defense against enemies.

Quality of life is just as important to Congressman Bishop. That is why the passing of the recent healthcare package was not just politics as usual for him. As a man of God, it was his moral obligation. With its passage 181,000 southwest Georgia households will be provided tax credits to help them purchase insurance and make employer-provided coverage more affordable to small businesses. By helping passing this bill, denial of coverage to children with pre-existing conditions is a thing of the past. And through the bill, a measure of peace of mind has been provided, knowing that this legislation will help keep kids on their parents' insurance, and it plugged the Medicare "Donut Hole," helping 6,600 seniors able to afford their prescription drugs.

But there is much, much work to be done and so many challenged ahead of us. That is why want to so much to continue to build on what is already going on and to keep Sanford Bishop representing the people of the Second District.

Bottom line: He's going to need our vote in November to continue to be OUR VOICE in Washington

Candidate Eric Johnson at Glennville Sweet Onion Parade

Why DuBose Porter maybe the better candidate against the GOP in November

Many credit DuBose Porter for keeping the Georgia Democratic Party together after the democrats lost control of the governor's mansion, as well as both chambers of the state legislature when democrats lost both due to party switching & retirements by long-time democratic state reps & senators.

Porter was elected in 1982, challenging the then old guard democrats, some having been in office since the 1940s. Porter interned in Washington, D. C., for then Georgia Senator Sam Nunn (D-Perry). In 1991 and 1992, he served as Administration Floor Leader in the House of Representatives to Governor Zell Miller. In January 2003, Porter was elected Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives. He has served as Chairman of Education as well as Chairman of Higher Education.

Porter has many accomplishments under his belt & just as qualified to be governor. But democrats seem to rather go back to the past & have Roy Barnes as the democratic nominee as governor in 2010. Nothing wrong with that. But why renominate someone who lost his re-election bid in 2002 to a unknown Sonny Perdue for without a shadow of a doubt the most important election the Georgia Democratic Party has faced ever?

The Democratic Party pipeline of prospects is almost empty. This is the time for new people to lead the party into the future, with a new vision & ideas to strengthened the party. I'm not saying the Barnes doesn't have those things, but you talk about someone who lost about 120,000 or more votes in 2002. Teachers, despite his apologies haven't totally forgotten what he tried to do in 2002, while some have.

Porter has fought his heart out for public schools here in Georgia, while the GOP have been trying to ram school vouchers through the legislature for years, which will deprive public schools of funding, which as a result will weakened them. He has fought for teachers his entire career, against furloughs & pay cuts. You'd think the GAE Georgia Association of Educators would have hastily thrown their endorsement behind him.

No doubt him serving in the legislature has hurt him somewhat by fundraising & getting out there & getting his message out, but one would think democrats would be eagerly clamoring for the candidacy for DuBose Porter. He has done alot for the democrats here in Georgia & democrats, in my opinion owe him alot for even being somewhat relevant in a GOP-controlled Legislature.

When the party was down & out, where was Roy Barnes? After his lost, he took his ball & went home & started a very successful law practice.

Where was Thurbert Baker? As the top vote getter in the 2006 elections, he could have been the leader of the party, but he chose to stay behind close doors & keep a low profile.

Gen. David Poythress was serving as State Adjuntant General during those years, so you can't harp any blame on him, but he has returned to Ga Politics after a 11 Yr absence.

Only Dubose was there when the party needed him. It was a difficult task for him to keep the party together after the disaster of 2002 & to keep the few democrats who were comptemplating a switch to th GOP. Porter deserves alot of credit, but its a shame that democrats haven't given him his due for all of his hard work.

Roy Barnes is not a bad guy. I met once earlier this year & he is as good as they come, but the fear I have, as well as other democrats is will Georgians re-elect him for a second time? Only Eugene Talmadge has been re-elected on two different occasions. Tha's a hard question to answer.

Porter has a base that democrats need to compete for: Middle Georgia. Like I said in a earlier post, democrats can't keep plowing the same field over & over, expecting to see results in their favor.

What I mean is they can't keep relying on the same areas that are traditionally democratic (Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Bibb, Muscogee, Chatham, Clarke, Dougherty & the Rural Black Belt Counties) for victories in the General Election.

They got to get back into places like Homerville, Alamo, Cordele, LaGrange, Ludowici, Douglas, Eatonton, Greensboro, Greenville, rural areas of the state if they want to statrt winning again. To do that, democrats need to nominate a candidate that go to these places & bring back conservative democrats into the party, as well as independents & republican voters & that why Porter or Poythress are the type of candidates that can do exactly that. I'm just not sure if Barnes can do that, although he has spent more time in Rural Georgia than he did in 2002.

And democrats need a fighter in that governor's mansion & someone who will rebuild the democratic party back to its prominence. This is not a endorsement of Porter, that'll come July 1, but what I'm saying is democrats got to get it right on July 20 & possibly the runoff. Democrats, in my opinion only reason in supporting Barnes is money! If that's the reason in supporting Barnes & not the solutions part of it, democrats are going to regret it. Money isn't everything folks, but if you don't have a compelling message to go with it, well you know the rest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Campaign Managers Needed for Democratic House Candidates

The House Democratic Caucus is looking for campaign managers to run campaigns for House Candidates. This is a paid position & requires a full-time committment between now & the november elections. If you're interested contact Don Weigel, director of the House Democratic Caucus.

His Email address is:

Now I don't how many house candidates are in need of campaign managers, but this is a great opportunity for anyone who has a passion for politics & to help democrats in their attempt to gain majority status in the statehouse.

Here are a few tips by Carol Hess of political resources who was a campaign manager & consultant & all candidates for office should take a look at this:

Running a campaign is much like running a corporation. The President is the Candidate, the Chief Operating Officer is the Campaign Manager and the Chief Financial Officer is the Finance Chairperson. Other key officers can include: Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, Scheduler, Telephone Supervisor and Press Secretary.

TIP: Don’t run your own campaign. Even if you are running for a very local office, find someone else to run the campaign. You, as candidate, should be out “on the street”, on the phone, attending coffees, meeting the press, getting voters to know who you are and what you stand for. As some point in the campaign, you should be given a schedule and told where to go, how long to stay, who to meet and greet and what to say.

It is the job of the CAMPAIGN MANAGER to pull the campaign together and hold it together. An effective Campaign Manager communicates with everyone, making sure the staff knows what to do, that the candidate is “on track,” and that the outside world has a positive view of the campaign. There should be regular staff meetings, reviewing the Campaign Plan, making alternations and discussing potential problems.

The Campaign Manager should be the first person the candidate hires, long before he/she has announced for public office. Whether it is paid person or a friend, it should be someone with whom the candidate can confide in and, at the same time, has the confidence of the staff. The Campaign Manager is involved with the development of the campaign plan and ultimately has the responsibility of coordinating and executing the Campaign Plan. As the Chief Operating Officer, he/she has to steer the campaign in the right direction and resolve disputes along the way. He should be a good listener, know how to analyze situations and make quick, reasoned decisions. The Campaign Manager should be good representative for the candidate.

The FINANCE CHAIRPERSON should also be on board before the Candidate announces publicly. Raising money is critical to the success of any campaign. The Finance Chair should help put together a Finance Plan detailing how the funds are to be raised. He/she should help raise the money and find others to join the Finance Committee. It is always helpful for the Finance Chair to be financially secure, with financial connections in the community. It is also helpful if he or she is well regarded within the community. However, the Finance Chair has to be someone with more than “just the name.” Find someone who also has the time to devote to the campaign. The fundraising component of a campaign cannot be underestimated.

A CAMPAIGN TREASURER should have the responsibility of collecting and recording campaign donations and expenditures. He or she should open the bank account and immediately check with the Board of Elections for recording deadlines. He or she should be in charge of writing checks for the campaign. However, 2 signatures on a check might be a good idea. The Campaign Treasurer should have basic accounting skills. Campaign opponents will check the Campaign Filing Statements. Avoiding simple accounting errors avoids unnecessary problems for the Candidate.

The VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR can play a pivotal role in a campaign. He or she will try to involve others in the campaign. If he is cheerful, brings a friendly atmosphere to the office and provides interesting chores, the campaign will exude those same qualities. People will want to participate. Volunteers are giving of their time and effort without pay. And, while there is a dedicated core of friends, party activists and issue-oriented supporters, most volunteers join a campaign because it is “social” and it is “fun”. A Volunteer Coordinator always has something for the volunteer to do. You never want to hear a Volunteer Coordinator say, “there is nothing to do.”

A SCHEDULER keeps the campaign “ticking.” A scheduler should be an organized person who is good at follow-up. He or she receives and answers candidate invitations, sets the coffees, fundraising and other campaign activities on the calendar. He or she should have a good sense of the district to be able to schedule door knocking and a reception in the same neighborhood. He or she should have a sense of how long it takes to get from one place to the next. The Candidate who has good driving instructions, knows who to contact at an event and arrives punctually, starts out “miles” ahead.

The TELEPHONE SUPERVISOR is in charge of a key voter contact component. If phone calls are being made by volunteers, it is important that the Telephone Supervisor have some experience in telemarketing. Developing the proper script, training people to make the calls and finding sufficient people to “man” the phones, requires expertise. Phone calls are made to ID voters, to follow-up on party invitations and finally for the Get Out The Vote Effort. If the campaign is using professional phoners or automatic dialing systems, it is still important to have one person on the campaign who is the liaison to the telemarketing operation. It is critical to know the number of calls being made and the success rate to be able to evaluate the progress of the campaign.

A PRESS Secretary coordinates all activities with the Press. These activities could include: writing press releases, monitoring the newspapers, radio and TV campaign coverage, holding press conferences, and arranging for the Candidate to meet individual journalists. A positive relationship with the press can be critical to the success of a campaign.

A campaign staff is a team effort. If the campaign works well together, it can have a major impact on the outcome of the election. You can check out the Political Resources Directory of Products & Services ( ) for some vendor suggestions for telemarketing, fundraising, campaign management and other crucial campaign elements.

Hell, I might look into this. Especially managing for a rural candidate!

New Ad from Thurbert Baker: "Determined"

Rob Teilhet Earns the endorsement of former House Speaker & Judge George T Smith

Presser from the Teilhet Campaign

Former Prosecutor, Legislator, Speaker of the House, Lt. Governor, Appellate Judge, and Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable George T. Smith endorses Rob Teilhet for Attorney General

The Honorable George T. Smith endorsed Rob Teilhet for Attorney General today. Justice Smith’s impressive career through every branch of government began in Cairo, Georgia and has led him to Marietta, GA where he now resides.

“Rob has a great legal mind coupled with a heart for justice and that will make him one of Georgia’s finest Attorney Generals to date,” said Justice Smith. “I’ve seen every branch of our great government at work, and I have no doubt that Rob Teilhet is the best candidate for this important job. It is my honor to endorse him.”

Justice Smith, a native of Mitchell County began to practice law in Grady County, Georgia after retiring from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. In addition to his private law practice, he served as County Attorney, Solicitor of the State Court of Grady County, Cairo City Attorney, and attorney for the Grady County Board of Education.

In 1958 Justice Smith was elected to represent Grady County in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he served for eight years. He became Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1963 and in 1966 he was elected Lieutenant Governor of the State of Georgia. Upon leaving the Lieutenant Governor's office in 1971, Justice Smith returned to the private practice of law in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. Just five years later, he was elected to a six-year term as Judge on the Georgia Court of Appeals. At this point in his career, he became the only Georgian in history to have won contested elections in all three branches of Government. A portrait of Justice Smith hangs in the State Capitol building in recognition of this feat.

But Justice Smith was not finished serving the citizens of Georgia. In 1980 he was elected to the Supreme Court of Georgia where he served until 1991. Currently, Justice Smith serves on the Executive Committee of the Appellate Judges Conference.

“It’s been an honor to receive the support from such an impressive man. There is not another person more dedicated to serving the people of Georgia than Justice Smith. And no one can top his resume,” said Teilhet. “Justice Smith knows that fighting for the people of this state is not just a campaign promise to me, it’s the work of my life.”

Justice Smith’s endorsement adds to the campaign’s growing list which includes endorsements from the IBEW Local 613, Marshal Greg Countryman of Muscogee County, former legislator and U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin, DeKalb Solicitor General Robert James, Civil Rights Leaders Representative Tyrone Brooks and Elder Bill Harris, the Chairmen of the Legislative Black Caucus, Senator Emanuel Jones, eight Democratic State Senators, and over forty current and former Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

Impressive endorsement for Teilhet & I didn't even know Smith was still living to be honest with you.

$45 Million Investment in Rural Entrepreneurship

Back on June 3 the USDA announced the availability of $45 million for the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program. It's a new initiative, established in the 2008 Farm Bill, that will make grants to organizations that provide training, technical assistance or make small loans to new and existing rural small businesses with ten or fewer employees. Last week the USDA published the long-awaited rules for how the Rural Micro program will be administered and followed that today with a Notice of Funding Availability published in the Federal Register today.

"The Obama Administration and USDA understand that helping small, start-up businesses is fundamental in building a sustainable rural community," said Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. "This new program will help provide access to capital, business-based training and technical assistance to the smallest of small businesses. We need to embrace new strategies to help create a thriving rural economy."

Applications will be accepted throughout the year and awarded on a quarterly basis. For fiscal year 2010, applications must be received by July 16, 2010. The total amount available in fiscal year 2010 is $45 million - $36.2 million for loans, $7.6 million for microlender technical assistance grants and $1.3 million available for technical assistance-only grants. Potential applicants can find out more in the June 3rd Federal Register, page 31413, (, and should obtain an application from the USDA Rural Development Office in their state. Additionally, applicants are encouraged to contact the Center for Rural Affairs's USDA/Farm Bill helpline at (402) 687-2100 (just ask for the helpline).

This is a good investment in rural America. And the program balances support for lending, training and technical assistance, improving access to all the resources that rural entrepreneurs need to get their business up and running," said Steph Larsen of the Center for Rural Affairs. "Rural America has much to contribute to our nation's economic recovery, and the Rural Micro program capitalizes on the fact that most new rural jobs are created in firms with fewer than ten employees by focusing resources on small business startups of that size."

Porter wins Peach Pundit Straw Poll, receives praise from AJC'c Jay Bookman

DuBose Porter was the clear choice for Governor in a recent straw poll for Democratic Candidates on Peach Pundit, a prominent statewide political blog. To view the results, click on the link:

Jay Bookman, a prominent political columnist, also recently noted, "Without Barnes in the race, the other three major Democratic candidates - Thurbert Baker, DuBose Porter and David Poythress - would be waging a spirited fight for the nomination. Whoever survived that battle might have proved a stronger candidate than Barnes will be. That's particularly true of Porter, an honest, level-headed legislative leader who has earned respect from those on both sides of the aisle."

To read the entire article click here:

DuBose Porter is the only clear choice who can lead the Democrats to victory in November. With a solid Middle Georgia base, Porter's supporters will show their strength on Election Day. Hailing from rural Georgia, DuBose Porter is the only candidate who can attract the votes outside of Atlanta needed in the Democratic Primary to unite the state and win. DuBose can go to cities such as Americus, Darien, Hawkinsville and Blairsville with credibility on why it is in rural Georgia's best interest to help Metro Atlanta. As House Democratic Leader, he has worked closely with urban and suburban lawmakers and has been a strong advocate for MARTA, the Beltline, and passenger rail.

Furthermore, DuBose Porter has widespread support among teachers because he is the only candidate who has helped turn around a failing school. Georgia's teachers are expected to produce miracles. Instead of blaming them, DuBose will give the state's valuable educators the tools to succeed in the classroom.

DuBose Porter is widely respected inside and outside Metro Atlanta. He has shown his commitment to Georgia's valuable educators. This combination of respect and commitment is the reason why DuBose Porter is the best choice to lead Democrats to victory in November.

Porter is making his big push as July 20 primaries nears. Despite Barnes lead in the polls, there's a ground swell of support growing around Porter, as well as Poythress.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Candidate Spotlight: Tawana Garrett (HD 159)

Over in HD 159, Tawana Garrett (D-Savannah),a former chaplain assistant in the U.S. Army will take on former democrat Ann Purcell (R-Rincon) for HD 159.

This is Garrett first run for political office. She is a graduate of South Carolina State & obtained a B.S. Degree in Psychology.

Her key issues are Education & Transportation.

On education she says according to her website: will listen to the teachers and parents to see what the true problems are within the school system. I am in the process of setting up a meeting with the Savannah Federation of Teachers to hear their concerns. In addition, I will travel throughout my district and visit Parent Teacher Organizations and Parent Teacher Associations to hear the concerns of all the people, and I will go to forums about the budget and education. Once I have listened to the people and when I am elected into office, I will begin to look for sensible ways to balance the budget without drastically cutting education. Education is the greatest investment that we have to protect.

State Senator Lester Jackson has already held a fundraiser on her behalf of Garrett back on June 1.

The Water Issue is critical for Rural Georgia Farmers & their viability. Metro Atlanta better look elsewhere to solve their water issue!

Concerns over water here in Georgia is a growing concern for citizens of this state, especially among farmers.

Water concerns have intensified for reasons such as:

Population growth and development that put heavy demands on water availability

Most of Georgia’s growth has occurred in the Metro Atlanta area and, most recently, in suburban counties south of the city. This major metropolitan area’s primary water source is the Chattahoochee River Basin, which is Georgia’s, and the nation’s, smallest watershed supplying such a large population.

Neighboring states Alabama & Florida are suing for greater water access & also include in their suit other rivers entering their borders, as well as the Upper Floridan Aquifer, which underlies a large part of the southern Coastal Plain and is heavily used by agriculture.

These states have much stronger cases to make because they have already have statewide water management plans, while Georgia doesn't.The Georgia Water Coalition, a statewide partnership of 140 community and environmental organizations, is a strong supporter of a plan that maintains water as a public resource and manages water in a sustainable manner for all users.

Georgia farmers, who depend on irrigation to sustain their crops, are concerned about losing their irrigation water to Atlanta. Farmers in Southwest Georgia struggle with sandy, pebbly, quickly draining soil. As a result, irrigation becomes a vital resource to keep the soil moist and fertile.

Atlanta needs to take a hard look at what's happening in the metro area if you ask me.

As the metro area continue to grow, the demand for water will only increase. DuBose Porter recently proposed raising the levels at lake Lanier to two feet to accomodate the water issue facing Metro Atlanta, which sounds like a good idea to me. This is a issue, along with Education, Jobs, Transportation, Ethics will define the statewide elections in november.

Georgia Agriculture is the state's number 1 econimic industry.

Agriculture contributes more than $57 billion, or about 16%, annually to Georgia’s $350 billion economic output.

Georgia’s top ten commodities in order of their rank are broilers, cotton, forestry, peanuts, beef, dairy, hatching layers, horses, greenhouse, and container nursery.

Agriculture has a significant economic impact, especially in the more rural areas of the state. The largest source of farm income in the northern half of the state is commercial broilers. The southern half of the state is predominately row crop agriculture.

Georgia is one of the East Coast’s biggest agriculture states and is the nation’s largest producer of peanuts, poultry and pecans.

Other crops produced in Georgia include apples, berries, cabbage, corn, cotton and cottonseed, cucumbers, grapes, hay, oats, onions, peaches, rye, sorghum grain, soybeans, tobacco, tomatoes, vegetables, watermelons, wheat, and ornamentals, turf grass, and other nursery and greenhouse commodities.

Georgia is the number-one peanut-producing state in the country, accounting for approximately 45 percent of the crop's national acreage and production.

So imagine if water from Rural Georgia is being consumed by the urban sprawl of Metro Atlanta, where does that leave our famrers? Some would go out of business, while others may opt for early retirement. But the biggest impact probably would be on rural communities that rely on agriculture to bring in much needed income to desolate, isolated towns where few industries or business are located to pump money into the local economy. Water is a critical issue for the state & most of all our farmers.

New Survey USA Poll

Governor (D)

Roy Barnes: 63%
Thurbert Baker: 13%
David Poythress: 5%
DuBose Porter: 4%
Bill Bolton: 1%
Carl Camon: 1%
Randal Mangham: 1%
Undecided: 11%

United States Senate (D)

Michael Thurmond: 68%
R. J. Hadley: 11%
Undecided: 22%

Lt. Governor (D)

Carol Porter: 48%
Tricia Carpenter McCracken: 24%
Undecided: 28%

School Superintendent (D)

Joe Martin: 40%
Brian Westlake: 17%
Beth Farokhi: 13%
Undecided: 30%

In the Gov's race, this shows that Insider Advantage may have had it right when it had Barnes at 64% in its poll & that if the 11% undecided were to go to the other candidates, Barnes still clears the 50% hurdle. Baker has now gone up with ads & as a result it may bring those numbers down. This also shows that the debates will be important for democratic candidates to differentiate themselves from Barnes. These are early polls with 1 month until the primaries, so don't take too much stock in them democrats.

In the Lt Gov's race, how in the hell is Tricia McCracken garnering 24%? Carol Porter has 48% of the vote. She will clear the 50% threshold & go on to face Casey Cagle.

The U.S. Senate race shows Thurmond with 68%, Hadley with 11%. Im not surprised given Thurmond's Name recognition

State School Superintendent is wide open for democrats. For Joe Martin to be leading with 40% having been in the race for only a month shows how wide open this race is. Farokhi was seen as the favorite, but she's trailing Brian Westlake for second place. Its still early here as well.

Thurbert Baker Second Campaign Ad

ATL Stonewall Democrats endorse Michael Mills for Secretary of State

Michael Mills today received the endorsement of Atlanta's Stonewall Democrats. According to the group's press release:

"We look forward to supporting our endorsed candidates throughout the campaign season, and we are excited to have such a large class of fair-minded Democrats running for office in 2010", says Tim Cairl, Chair of Atlanta Stonewall Democrats.

Atlanta Stonewall Democrats is the metro area's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ally Democratic community. As LGBTQ and ally Democrats, we have a unique and critically important role to play in our community's struggle for equality. We are working to continue making progress within our Party on issues important to our community, to inform the LGBT community about the differences between the Parties, and to elect fair-minded Democrats to public office.

"I've spent my entire career trying to engage and empower people through the civic process," said Michael Mills. "The Stonewall Democrats live that every day by championing the equal treatment and protection of all Georgia citizens under the law, and I am honored to stand with them in their ongoing efforts."

Rural Reps Endorse Rob Teilhet for AG

Presser from the Teilhet Campaign

Leaders from Georgia’s rural cities and towns displayed their support for Attorney General candidate, Representative Rob Teilhet, through powerful endorsements today. The list of endorsers include:

State Representative Ellis Black (HD 174, Valdosta)
State Representative Mack Jackson (HD 142, Sandersville)
State Representative Sistie Hudson (HD 124, Sparta)
State Representative Debbie Buckner (HD 130, Junction City)
State Representative Mike Cheokas (HD 140, Americus)
Former State Representative Charles Jenkins (Blairsville)
Former State Representative Ron Borders (Valdosta)
Former State Representative Robert Ray (Fort Valley)

“It’s been an honor to receive the support from my colleagues who represent areas from the North Georgia mountains to South Georgia towns,” said Teilhet. “Today’s endorsements show that Georgians, from every corner of this state, want an Attorney General who will protect our children, prevent crime and fight public corruption. These influential leaders know that I will represent the people first and fight for all Georgians—north, south, rural and urban—and I thank them for their support.”

Today’s endorsements add to the campaign’s growing list which includes endorsements from the IBEW Local 613, Marshal Greg Countryman of Muscogee County, former legislator and U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin, DeKalb Solicitor General Robert James, Civil Rights Leaders Representative Tyrone Brooks and Elder Bill Harris, the Chairmen of the Legislative Black Caucus, Senator Emanuel Jones, eight Democratic State Senators, and over forty current and former Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This is what I'm talking about

A Terry Coleman for Labor Commissioner Sign sighting, this one in Laurans County. Coleman knows how to work Rural Georgia. And I hope every democrat running for statewide office who hasn't stepped foot in rural georgia realize its going to take some hard work to campaign in these areas. When I make my endorsements on July 1, this will be one part of my criteria when making endorsements.

Its likely that some Republican voters will crossover to vote in the Democratic Primary due to disatisfaction with GOP candidates for Governor.

YES! Its very possible that republican voters here in Georgia could be so disatisfied with their republican contenders for governor that some moderate & even some conservative republicans may well crossover to vote in the democratic parimary, or the general election, depending who is the nominee.

Like I said before, John Oxendine, Nathan Deal are both deeply flawed candidates who would be, well easy pickens for democrats due to their ethics violations & outrageous comments (Deal's "Ghetto Grandmothers" remark) & (Oxendine advocating for the secession of Georgia from the Union). Eric Johnson, Karen Handel & Jeff Chapman all looks to be in good position at the moment.

But some republican voters maynot find each candidate appealing, so they could crossover & vote for someone like DuBose Porter, David Poythress, hell maybe even Thurbert Baker & Roy Barnes.

Poythress yesterday in a article by the Macon Telegraph said he expects to be in the runoff with Barnes & then go on for the win.

Here's the piece in the article that caught my attention: For that to happen, Poythress will likely need to pull some crossover votes from Republicans like Hatcher Graham, who’s not pleased with his party’s offerings.

“I don’t see anything on that side that interests me,” said Graham, a Warner Robins attorney. “And as for Barnes, when you have to start your campaign by apologizing....

That's what I'm talking about. I believe that there are more republicans like Mr. Graham that are not too happy with what his party has to offer in terms of candidates for governor that he or she will crossover on primary day & vote for Poythress, or Porter, or Baker, or Barnes.

So which democratic candidate will benefit from crossover republican votes?

It hard to say right now, but I say it could be one of the two P's: Porter or Poythress, or both.

GreenLaw files protest on coal plant being built in Washington County

The News & Farmer & Wadley Herald

Lawyers with GreenLaw, along with eight other groups, filed petitions earlier this month in response to permits the Georgia Environmental Protection Division issued Plant Washington in April.

The plant will be a coal-fired energy plant in Washington County.

Power4Georgians said significant modifications to air and water standards were made to achieve the permits.

The permits issued by EPD for Plant Washington are a Prevention of Significant Deterioration permit for air quality, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit for water discharge, a groundwater withdrawal permit, a surface water withdrawal permit and a notice of site suitability for the solid waste handling facility, Power4Georgians stated.

Dean Alford, a spokesman for Power4Georgians stated we made significant and positive changes in our application to make our permits among the very best, if not the best, in the country & we responded to suggestions raised with regard to air and water and now have exceptional standards that far exceed the strictest federal regulations for protection of human health and the environment,” he said.

In a press release, Chandra Brown, executive director of the Ogeechee Riverkeeper, an opponent of the plant, said the claims focus on the water and air pollution permits.

“The Plant Washington air permit fails to set safe limits on harmful air pollutants that would be emitted by Plant Washington, including sulfuric acid mist and particulate matter. Particulate matter is linked to respiratory illnesses, heart disease and even premature death,” the release stated.

Another issue is the state water withdrawal permit, which Brown stated fails to set necessary limits on the amount of water the plant can take from the Oconee River for use at the proposed plant located in the Ogeechee River watershed.

“Without adequate limits, communities such as Dublin, area farms and other downstream users along the Oconee River would be left without sufficient water resources,” she stated in the release.

Long County Commission Chairman Resigns Post due to conflict of interest & other things as well

The Glennville Setinel is reporting that Long County Commissioner Bobby Walker turned in a letter on Monday, June 7, resigning as the Chairman of the Long County Board of Commissioners.

According to the letter, Walker stated that the reason he was stepping down from his leadership position was due to questions of his integrity in relation to him having members of his family employed by the county. The letter also said that, as a result of the talk of nepotism, he felt that “it takes away from the integrity of this board and the proper administration of this office.”

On Wednesday, June 9, Walker said that he never thought questions like this would arise, especially since his wife had been an employee with the county for six years, and his son had been employed for a year.
“I don’t have a problem with anyone, and I’m not doing this because I’m disgruntled or anything like that. I’m going to continue to work hard for the county and fulfill my responsibilities to the 5th District,” said Walker.

Walker also stated in his letter that a second reason he felt that he should step down as the chairman was that he did not agree with some of the county offices not being willing to change for the betterment of Long County

I stand behind saying that there are offices that don’t want to work together, and that needs to stop,” said Walker.

Walker also said, “People don’t realize it, but this job (Chairman) takes a lot of your time. Another reason I’m stepping down is I want to spend more time with my family and my grandson...for that matter, I think I’m going to start playing golf again.”

Walker said that his resignation from the chair position will take effect on July 6, which is when the next County Commissioners’ meeting is scheduled. At that time, the Commission will elect another chairman.

There’s not a problem with anything or anybody, nothing like that. I just think it’s time for a change,” said Walker.

Ethics Violations by Gary Black, candidate for Agriculture Commissioner? Sure looks like it!

Take Notice potential & likely voters. When there's smoke, there's fire!

Bacon County Republican Darwin Carter (R-Alma) filed a ethics complaint back on June 15 against Gary Black (R-Commerce) for violations, such as failure to disclose the use of his office as CEO/Lobbyist for the Georgia Agribusiness Council (Not-for-Profit) to run for Commissioner of Agriculture & in addition carter charges that Black's lobbying firm, Ga Agribusiness Council (GAC) is a non-profit 501c6 corporation & according to the IRS should pay taxes on their extensive partisan political work.

Here's one of two letters sent to Sonny Perdue:

Honorable Sonny Perdue
Governor of Georgia

Dear Governor Perdue,

Where does one turn to involving conflicts of interest here in Georgia?
I ask that question of you out of frustration. Let me explain. I am
a current candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture in the Republican
Primary race. In the course of my campaign I learned a great deal about my opponent, Gary Black.

I found out that he is a full time candidate for state office, at the same time he is working full time as President of the Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC), a U. S. Tax exempt, 501c6 corporation.

My reading of regulations concerning these tax exempt groups suggests
that they are strictly forbidden from involvement in partisan politics.
Violation of IRS rules can cause loss of the tax exempt status.

As President of GAC besides his six figure salary, his meals are paid for while on the road. His gasoline and car expenses are paid. His lodging is covered. In short, everything he encounters is paid or reimbursed by GAC, all of this while he maintains his 24 hour schedule of non-stop partisan campaigning.

I think that this is wrong. I believe that he is conflicted. Acting on my belief I wrote to the Georgia Inspector General, asking that they review my findings. At the same time, I also wrote the office of Secretary of State, knowing that their office handles matters of corporations here in Georgia (see attached). In both cases, I have now heard back that they have no jurisdiction in such matters.

That is the reason for this message to you. Where does one go to properly raise these questions? By the way, in writing to you, I was given 60 choices of subject matter by your efficient email server, no where did I see Conflict of Interest as a possible selection to define the purpose in my correspondence. Knowing that I had to select a category I chose agriculture. However, that was an arbitrary choice since this is really a request for review that centers around blatant conflict of interest.

In summary, who in our state has jurisdiction if in fact Gary Black
is conflicted, as I suspect? Do you see any problem here with his
wearing of two hats, being paid by his lobbying group to seek the
office that handles the matters most impacting on his corporation?
Do you see any problem that he does all of this using a tax exempt
corporation while he campaigns?

Governor, I sincerely seek your advice and thoughts on this matter.


Darwin Carter
Darwin Carter for Georgia Agriculture Commissioner
1720 West 4th St Extention
Alma Ga 31510

PS. Since writing you the above message, I made a joint public
appearance with Gary Black at the 6th District GOP Campaign Forum,
Dunwoody. As I ended my remarks to the crowd, I turned to Gary Black
and asked him in front of everyone how he could possibly justify his
high profile conflict of interest. He didn't like the question. He
suggested that I was delivering to him a "sucker-punch". However, he
went on to say that he had "resigned two days ago", from his GAC

I've looked at his ongoing Twiiter board and see no mention of his
resignation. I've heard nothing about the resignation in the press.
His Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) web site still lists him as
President. If he has resigned it has been in a rather incognito

More inportant, if he has resigned from GAC it elevates the question
of propiety. Why did he think he could get away with his conflict
in the first place? Why did the Board of Directos of GAC permit
and, indeed, encourage the conflict? I urge that someone of
authority demand a full audit of the financial records of the
organization. After all, Black's group is a tax exempt 501c6.
If he has resigned it is because he is feeling some heat. I've
come to believe that where there is heat there is often fire.

Here's a letter Carter sent to the Inspector General's Office:

Elizabeth P. Archer
State Inspector General

Office of the State Inspector General
2 Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive, S.W.
1102 West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


Dear General Archer,

Recently we wrote to your office concerned over a serious conflict of
interest involving my opposition in the Republican primary race for
Commissioner of Agriculture, Gary Black, and his non-profit
corporation, Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC). We told you in our
correspondence that notwithstanding IRS regulations, his lobbying firm
did not pay taxes...never has...on their wide spread many years ongoing
partisan political expenditures.

Your office quickly got back to us, for which we are grateful, and let
us know that your agency really didn't have jurisdiction in such
matters. In addition you explained that your focus is on fraud, abuse
and corruption, within the Executive Branch of government.

After better understanding the charge of your agency and upon more due
diligence on our part, we once more come to you over the misdeeds of
GAC, and would like for you to consider this letter a formal complaint.
This is a situation involving the Executive Branch. The person we
single out to you is the newly installed Chairman of the Board, of the
Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC), David Skinner. His concurrent state
role is with the Georgia Development Authority, he serves as Executive
Director. Obviously, he is a very high level government

We wish to elaborate. We've previously told you that the GAC is an
IRS regulated 501c6 non profit corporation. It can only engage in
partisan politics legally by paying taxes on it's partisan expenditures.
I have personally reviewed most of their recent tax filings, Form 990.
I've carefully studied them, so have others who I trust on such matters.
We see no evidence that any taxes have been paid on GAC's extensive
political work. None.

Further, we have rather current video of Gary Black, President, of
GAC campaigning throughout the state of Georgia. Live and in his own
words he says he is President of GAC and is campaigning for the post
of Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture. He can only do these
shenanigans with the advice and consent of his Board of Directors.
Before David Skinner was elected Chairman, he also served on the Board.

Months ago I urged that Black resign as President of GAC. He and his
GAC friends scoffed at my suggestion. However, as word got around that
I was not going away, he finally resigned in late April. While I am
pleased he finally stepped aside it does not mitigate the fact that for
months earlier he did something that was wrong and perhaps fraudulent.
An audit of all of GAC's books and records will speak to his and
Skinner's questionable administration of their non-profit
lobbying firm.

By promoting Black's candidacy, which violates the spirit of their
501c6 charter, Skinner also promotes a lobbying firm's agenda. There
is no more important post in state government for GAC than Georgia's
Department of Agriculture. Skinner and Black have known one another and
worked together at GAC for years. Now as Chairman, Skinner is
calling the shots. Ask anyone what GAC does and they will say that they
are "lobbyists". Look at their Facebook web site presence or
the Twitter sites of their officers and you will see that lobbying is
all that they are about. In view of this, how can a senior state
employee justify occupying the post of Chairman? How can a senior state
official justify simultaneously running a high powered IRS
non-compliant lobbying firm? Can you imagine any attorney or law
professor offering an opinion letter that this is not a conflict?

In view of the research I have conducted these past months over the activities of GAC, I've concluded what they are doing is wrong. As you
informed me a few weeks ago, my immediate recourse, because of
jurisdiction may be with the IRS, and the courts. I am pursuing those
avenues now, as well as the press. However, if I am correct in my
assumptions, and the charges I am making with you today, then truly
there is a reason for your office to thoroughly review this matter as
well. Indeed, without wanting to sound presumptuous, I feel that you
have a duty to do so.

David Skinner's involvement is not a casual thing. As Executive
Director of the Georgia Development Authority he is entrusted with
millions of dollars of our tax money. Indeed, he represents our state
every day he sits at his desk. However, he is also duplicitous. As
he wears two hats it is impossible to say who he represents on so many
important matters. By wearing two hats at the same time this betrays
his fiduciary responsibilities to our state. He is conflicted. He is
compromised. Something needs to be done.

At first as I uncovered their incredible relationships that I've come
across in
getting to know Gary Black and GAC, I did so as a candidate for office.
I now know that I have gone beyond that point. However this race comes
out, win or lose, I am not going to let up until I have helped bring
some sunlight to this dark place. Georgian's deserve to know that
their government is being run honestly. They need to know that someone
is looking out for them. As I read about your office, I believe that
you are that "someone". Skinner is in the Executive Branch. You
have jurisdiction. You now have my complaint.

Please feel free to call on me anytime for any questions you may have.
I wish you well with this investigation. I wish you well as you conduct
your good and important work.


Darwin Carter
Darwin Carter for Georgia Agriculture Commissioner
1720 West 4th St Extension
Alma Ga 31510

Carter has spent the last six months filing letters of complaint to the Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Inspector General to no avail. Carter spoke with the Governor’s Attorney just to learn that ethics is not one of their top issues. Out of frustration Carter filed an official complaint with the State Ethics Commission.

Gary Black has violated the State Ethics Laws and no one is listening. I have tried to work within the family to resolve this matter, but now I feel I must take it public to expose what could happen to the Citizens of Georgia

A similar complaint was filed against Black by then Republican
candidate Deanne Strickland in 2006 which was never resolved by the
State Ethics Commission.

David Skinner is the chairman of Black's lobbying firm. Skinner is conflicted because he is a paid executive director of the Georgia Develpoment Authority.

Says Carter: Gary Black is just a "Yes" man to the big agribusiness industries that want to run this regulatory office & in the words of Tommy Irvin back in 2006: electing Black would be like putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

Now Black is seen as the guy to become the next agriculture commissioner, but these complaints filed by GOP challenger Darwin Carter has some teeth to it. Ga Farmers, family farmers, independent farmers had better take notice of who Gary Black really is, because in the general election against Conservative Democratic State Senator & Farmer J.B. Powell (D-Blythe), he will be raked over the coals with charges if ethics violations & it'll feed into the narrative the democrats will run in this years election which will involve Ethics.

If you ask me, Carter is more qualified to become the next Agriculture Commissioner than republican favorite Gary Black & democratic nominee J.B. Powell.

Look at the qualifications of Carter:

Carter served in various positions in the administration of President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1989.

His positions included:
-Georgia State Executive Director of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
-Confidential Assistant to the Administrator of ASCS
-Assistant to the Undersecretary for International Affairs and Commodity
-Programs Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Darwin managed some of the largest and most successful export projects in the world.

The GOP better think long & hard before they cast a vote for Black. If he (Black) ends up as the nominee, he'll lose in the general election against J.B. Powell. This will hang over his head all the way to November. When there's smoke, there's fire!

Carter as the nominee, republicans will win that seat hands down, but it seems the entire State GOP has put all their eggs in the basket for this guy & if they send him on to the general election, HE WILL NOT WIN! MARK MY WORDS!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

More Atlanta Endorsements for Roy Barnes

Presser from the Barnes Campaign

Several more prominent metro Atlanta political leaders have joined the effort to elect Roy Barnes in the July 20 primary election.

More than two dozen metro Atlanta elected officials endorsed Barnes this week. They join Ambassador Andrew Young, former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, business leader Brooke Maynard-Jackson, former U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin, philanthropist Anne Cox Chambers, CNN founder Ted Turner, and a long list of DeKalb County elected officials, including District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming, in supporting Barnes’ campaign for Governor.

“Roy understands the tough issues that Georgians are facing right now,” said state Senator Ron Ramsey. “People in Atlanta – and all over the state of Georgia – are unemployed and losing their homes to foreclosure. Roy has the experience and the knowledge to tackle these critical problems on day one of his administration.”

“For the past eight years, we have watched Georgia’s teachers and students struggle under the weight of furloughs and funding cuts,” said East Point Mayor Earnestine Pittman. “Enough is enough. Roy is the only one I trust to clean up the mess that has been made of public education in our state.”

When asked why she had decided to support Barnes in the July 20 primary election, Fulton County Commissioner Nancy Boxill remarked, “I like Roy’s common sense plan to make Georgia work. The problems we face are too great to be handled by an untested leader.”

Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond agrees. “We simply do not have time to train another Governor,” said Bond.

Ambassador Andrew Young
Former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin
Brooke Maynard-Jackson
Atlanta City Councilman Michael Bond
Atlanta City Councilwoman Keisha Bottoms
Atlanta City Councilman C.T. Martin
Atlanta City Councilwoman Joyce Shepard
Atlanta City Councilman Aaron Watson
Atlanta City Councilman H. Lamar Willis
Atlanta City Councilwoman Cleta Winslow
Atlanta City Councilman Ivory Young
City of Decatur School Board Chair Valarie Wilson
City of Decatur School Board Vice Chair Marc Wisniewski
City of Decatur School Board Member John Ahmann
City of Decatur School Board Member Bernadette Seals
Clarkston City Councilman Emanuel Ransom
Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell
Clayton County Commissioner Wole Ralph
College Park Mayor Jack Longino
College Park City Councilman Joe Carn
College Park City Councilman Charles Phillips, Sr., Esq.
College Park City Councilwoman Tracey Wyatt
DeKalb County Commissioner Lee May
DeKalb County Commissioner Jeff Rader
DeKalb County Commissioner Connie Stokes
DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton
DeKalb County District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming
DeKalb County Solicitor General Robert James
DeKalb County School Board Member Jay Cunningham, Jr.
DeKalb County School Board Member Eugene P. Walker
DeKalb County School Board Member Zepora Roberts
DeKalb County School Board Member Sarah Copelin-Wood
East Point Mayor Earnestine Pittman
East Point City Councilman Steven Bennett
East Point City Councilwoman Sharonda Hubbard
East Point City Councilwoman Pat Langford
East Point City Councilman Clyde Mitchell
East Point City Councilman Lance Rhodes
East Point City Councilman Marcel L. Reed
East Point City Councilwoman Jacqueline Slaughter
Former DeKalb County CEO Liane Levetan
Former City of Decatur Mayor Elizabeth Wilson
Fulton County Commissioner Nancy Boxill
Fulton County Commissioner John Eaves
Fulton County Commissioner William “Bill” Edwards
Hall County Commissioner Ashley Bell
Georgia State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield
Georgia State Representative Roger Bruce
Georgia State Representative Karla Drenner
Georgia State Representative Rahn Mayo
Georgia State Representative Simone Bell
Georgia State Representative Michele Henson
Georgia State Representative Ernest “Coach” Williams
Georgia State Senator Gloria Butler
Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort
Georgia State Senator Steve Henson
Georgia State Senator Donzella James
Georgia State Senator Ron Ramsey
Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock
Georgia State Senator Horacena Tate
Lithonia City Councilwoman Doreen Carter
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