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It's Charlie Bailey Time!

On Tuesday, voter will return to the polls to vote in a pair of runoff elections to determine who will go on to the General Election. One such race is for Lt. Governor where Charlie Bailey who was a 2018 candidate for Attorney General will face off against Kwanza Hall, who is a former Atlanta City Councilman and Congressman. Voters should vote for Charlie Bailey next Tuesday. He will be a strong fighter for Rural Georgia whether you live in Charlton County, Montgomery County, Polk County or Union County. Charlie will first address the symptoms of a over regulated, over taxed economic base and it effect on the taxpayer. Second, he understands and respect that Rural Georgia is Georgia too! (He is a native of Harris County in Western Georgia). Third he will ensure no more rural hospitals will close and to finally spearheard much needed medicaid expansion to rural areas of our state that are in desperate need of healthcare services. And finally, he will address and try to come up with solu
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Two Dems, one a centrist, the other a progressive face off for Democratic Nomination in the Newly Drawn 6th CD

Up in the newly drawn 6th Congressional District Bob Christian (D-Dawsonville) and Wayne White (D-Cumming) will face off Tuesday to determine who will get the nomination to advance to the General Election in the 6th, once ocuppied by Lucy McBath who cut and ran from the district to the neighboring 7th Congressional district held by incumbent Carolyn Bordeaux. Christian and White are both political newcomers and both present Democrats up in the area a chance of electing someone who can not only be competitive, but win in the district in November. Bob Christian is a Iraq War Veteran who's Pro-2nd Amendment, Pro-Law Enforcement and Pro- Business, White is a Civil Engineer, served in the U.S. Peace Corps,  who' want to eliminate voter suppression, protect access to reproductive healthcare and expand medicaid.

Nadia Surrency for Georgia Labor Commissioner. Get Ready.

Dodge County native Jen Jordan for Georgia Attorney General

Fixed Income Voters Matter Too!

Fixed Income voters, primarily retirees who are living solely on a fixed income are voters who are probably hurting the most from rising Gas prices, as well as grocery prices as well.  The rising cost of housing, food and other necessities are huge drivers of inflation and they fall especially hard on lower-income voters, like those who are living on fixed incomes as I mentioned before. So far no one has offered any proposals, Democrat nor Republican to address the hardships fixed income voter are facing right now. Food and gasoline as well as housing are a huge share of total spending for fixed income and low income voters than for higher-income households. Instead of congress focusing on passing abortion rights legislation that would codify ROE v WADE, they should be focusing on bread and butter issues that majority of voters give a damn about!

Same 'ol, Same 'ol.....Rural Voters and their disdain for the Democrat Party

R ural voters here in Georgia and across the country are voting their economic interests and have abandoned Democrats because they feel the party overlooks, ignores, and disrespects them.  R ural voters don’t think that Democrats understand the economic realities of rural and small town life and have not focused attention on them. Instead, rural voters see leading Democrats like Stacey Abrams and Jon Ossoff as coming from and supporting urban concerns.  Rural folk also believe that Democrats ignore rural needs and that rural areas do not get their fair share of resources. For example, many rural areas like Eastman, Montezuma, Talbot ton, Statenville, Homerville, Folkston,  have faced recession-like conditions for decades due to a decline in manufacturing and small farms struggling to compete with corporate farms. Yet, national Democrats focus on the problems of minorities and rarely talk about the problems of rural voters.  This fact is why identity politics backfires on Democrats. Und

Fundraiser for Winfred Dukes slated for tomorrow in Atlanta

Tomorrow in Atlanta, Agriculture Commission candidate Winfred Dukes (D-Albany) will be the recipient of a high dollar fundraiser that will feature Roy Barnes, Mark Taylor, Charles Walker, Keith Mason, Shirley Franklin, and Bobby Kahn among others, Dukes is running to replace Gary Black who is running for the U.S. Senate. Tyler Harper is the only republican who's running for Ag Commissioner. Other Democrats in the race include Nakita Hemingway and Fred Swann.  Dukes, a south Georgia Democrat is one of three democrats running statewide who hails fron outside of Atlanta, (Floyd Griffin of Milledgeville and Lester Jackson of Savannah)