Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rob Teilhet Earns the endorsement of former House Speaker & Judge George T Smith

Presser from the Teilhet Campaign

Former Prosecutor, Legislator, Speaker of the House, Lt. Governor, Appellate Judge, and Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable George T. Smith endorses Rob Teilhet for Attorney General

The Honorable George T. Smith endorsed Rob Teilhet for Attorney General today. Justice Smith’s impressive career through every branch of government began in Cairo, Georgia and has led him to Marietta, GA where he now resides.

“Rob has a great legal mind coupled with a heart for justice and that will make him one of Georgia’s finest Attorney Generals to date,” said Justice Smith. “I’ve seen every branch of our great government at work, and I have no doubt that Rob Teilhet is the best candidate for this important job. It is my honor to endorse him.”

Justice Smith, a native of Mitchell County began to practice law in Grady County, Georgia after retiring from the Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. In addition to his private law practice, he served as County Attorney, Solicitor of the State Court of Grady County, Cairo City Attorney, and attorney for the Grady County Board of Education.

In 1958 Justice Smith was elected to represent Grady County in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he served for eight years. He became Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1963 and in 1966 he was elected Lieutenant Governor of the State of Georgia. Upon leaving the Lieutenant Governor's office in 1971, Justice Smith returned to the private practice of law in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. Just five years later, he was elected to a six-year term as Judge on the Georgia Court of Appeals. At this point in his career, he became the only Georgian in history to have won contested elections in all three branches of Government. A portrait of Justice Smith hangs in the State Capitol building in recognition of this feat.

But Justice Smith was not finished serving the citizens of Georgia. In 1980 he was elected to the Supreme Court of Georgia where he served until 1991. Currently, Justice Smith serves on the Executive Committee of the Appellate Judges Conference.

“It’s been an honor to receive the support from such an impressive man. There is not another person more dedicated to serving the people of Georgia than Justice Smith. And no one can top his resume,” said Teilhet. “Justice Smith knows that fighting for the people of this state is not just a campaign promise to me, it’s the work of my life.”

Justice Smith’s endorsement adds to the campaign’s growing list which includes endorsements from the IBEW Local 613, Marshal Greg Countryman of Muscogee County, former legislator and U.S. Senate candidate Jim Martin, DeKalb Solicitor General Robert James, Civil Rights Leaders Representative Tyrone Brooks and Elder Bill Harris, the Chairmen of the Legislative Black Caucus, Senator Emanuel Jones, eight Democratic State Senators, and over forty current and former Democratic members of the House of Representatives.

Impressive endorsement for Teilhet & I didn't even know Smith was still living to be honest with you.

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