Monday, June 21, 2010

Its likely that some Republican voters will crossover to vote in the Democratic Primary due to disatisfaction with GOP candidates for Governor.

YES! Its very possible that republican voters here in Georgia could be so disatisfied with their republican contenders for governor that some moderate & even some conservative republicans may well crossover to vote in the democratic parimary, or the general election, depending who is the nominee.

Like I said before, John Oxendine, Nathan Deal are both deeply flawed candidates who would be, well easy pickens for democrats due to their ethics violations & outrageous comments (Deal's "Ghetto Grandmothers" remark) & (Oxendine advocating for the secession of Georgia from the Union). Eric Johnson, Karen Handel & Jeff Chapman all looks to be in good position at the moment.

But some republican voters maynot find each candidate appealing, so they could crossover & vote for someone like DuBose Porter, David Poythress, hell maybe even Thurbert Baker & Roy Barnes.

Poythress yesterday in a article by the Macon Telegraph said he expects to be in the runoff with Barnes & then go on for the win.

Here's the piece in the article that caught my attention: For that to happen, Poythress will likely need to pull some crossover votes from Republicans like Hatcher Graham, who’s not pleased with his party’s offerings.

“I don’t see anything on that side that interests me,” said Graham, a Warner Robins attorney. “And as for Barnes, when you have to start your campaign by apologizing....

That's what I'm talking about. I believe that there are more republicans like Mr. Graham that are not too happy with what his party has to offer in terms of candidates for governor that he or she will crossover on primary day & vote for Poythress, or Porter, or Baker, or Barnes.

So which democratic candidate will benefit from crossover republican votes?

It hard to say right now, but I say it could be one of the two P's: Porter or Poythress, or both.

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