Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Endorsement for Secretary of State: Michael Mills (D-Atlanta)

The race for Georgia Secretary of State is a important one for democrats. The office, controlled by republicans have been riddled by partisan bickering & rulings by former Secretary of State Karen Handel such as the removal of more than 50,000 registered Georgia voters who had been "flagged" because of a computer mismatch in their personal identification information. And at least 4,500 of those people back in 2008 had their citizenship questioned. In Muscogee, Georgia that year, a county official purged 700 people from the voter lists, supposedly because they were ineligible to vote due to criminal convictions. The list included people who had never even received a parking ticket.

And now just as Handel did, Brian Kemp, appointed Secretary of State wants to implement a Citizenship check for voters to verify their citizenship status. The DOJ has ruled against the measure twice, but Kemp is again suing the DOJ over the right to have the new measure implemented.

The Secretary of State's office is more than just overseeing elections, it oversees businesses, Rules & Regulations, Profit Corporations, Professional Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Licensing, etc.

In the democratic race, you have 5 Qualified candidates to be Secretary of State. All have very broad platforms to offer, but this about electing the best, the most ready candidate for the job.

That's why Peanut Politics is endorsing Michael Mills for Secretary of State

Mills have what it takes to win the Secretary of State Office for the democrats in November.

Mills Six point plan for Election Reform:

-Comprehensive Elections Task Force

-Halting Lawsuit and Implementation of SB 86 (Voter ID Law)

-Voter Rights Education and Elections Ombudsman

-K-12 Curriculum

-Increase communication and interaction with local elections officials

-Reconfigure the Georgia Elections Board

Mills’ plan will to ensure Georgia voters trust that elections are secure and accurate, and that participating doesn’t require overcoming unnecessary obstacles.

Not only that, but his plan to Growing jobs and revenue by creating a business resource center for small companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs at the Corporations Division & Protecting citizens against financial ruin and fraud through the professional Licensing and Securities Divisions are ideas that will help transform Georgia's Secretary of State Office.

He will bring a blend of political, business & elections credentials to the Secretary of State's office & he has a very proven track record.

He is currently a small business owner & launched Vote for America-Georgia, a non-profit dedicated to improving educated voter turnout across the metro Atlanta region, which registered thousands of voters, mobilized volunteers and helped raise 2002 voter turnout by more than seven percent, which bucked traditional double digit declines in off-year elections. He was selected to Georgia Trend Magazine’s list of “40 Under 40 & was a press secretary for Mark Taylor's 1998 campaign for Lt. Governor.

I'm sure that the other candidates would do fine as well, but Mills will bring a fresh voice, a new vision with ideas to the Secretary of Office & most of all bring NEW" Blood to the Georgia Democratic Party, a party that's badly in need of some new leaders to rise to the forefront. In addition his platform & ideas will appeal to rural Georgia which is in need of a jolt to jump start job growth in a region that is high in poverty & poor.

Its time for a new way forward & Michael Mills will no doubt move the Secretary of State office in that direction from the last 4 yrs of partisan bickering & partisan games by the GOP.

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