Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Porter wins Peach Pundit Straw Poll, receives praise from AJC'c Jay Bookman

DuBose Porter was the clear choice for Governor in a recent straw poll for Democratic Candidates on Peach Pundit, a prominent statewide political blog. To view the results, click on the link:

Jay Bookman, a prominent political columnist, also recently noted, "Without Barnes in the race, the other three major Democratic candidates - Thurbert Baker, DuBose Porter and David Poythress - would be waging a spirited fight for the nomination. Whoever survived that battle might have proved a stronger candidate than Barnes will be. That's particularly true of Porter, an honest, level-headed legislative leader who has earned respect from those on both sides of the aisle."

To read the entire article click here:

DuBose Porter is the only clear choice who can lead the Democrats to victory in November. With a solid Middle Georgia base, Porter's supporters will show their strength on Election Day. Hailing from rural Georgia, DuBose Porter is the only candidate who can attract the votes outside of Atlanta needed in the Democratic Primary to unite the state and win. DuBose can go to cities such as Americus, Darien, Hawkinsville and Blairsville with credibility on why it is in rural Georgia's best interest to help Metro Atlanta. As House Democratic Leader, he has worked closely with urban and suburban lawmakers and has been a strong advocate for MARTA, the Beltline, and passenger rail.

Furthermore, DuBose Porter has widespread support among teachers because he is the only candidate who has helped turn around a failing school. Georgia's teachers are expected to produce miracles. Instead of blaming them, DuBose will give the state's valuable educators the tools to succeed in the classroom.

DuBose Porter is widely respected inside and outside Metro Atlanta. He has shown his commitment to Georgia's valuable educators. This combination of respect and commitment is the reason why DuBose Porter is the best choice to lead Democrats to victory in November.

Porter is making his big push as July 20 primaries nears. Despite Barnes lead in the polls, there's a ground swell of support growing around Porter, as well as Poythress.

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