Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get Rid of 'Em: Elitist, Special Interest Bums are Ruining This Country

Our Founding Fathers gave us a representative republic form of government. Early legislators were patriotic citizens who felt it an honor and duty to serve their country for a term or two and return to the private sector.

That's not the case anymore!

Today we elect self-serving career politicians that cater to wealthy lobbyists, while they promise the world, misinform, or lie to their constituents to get elected and then ignore them once he or she gets in. These “I-know-more-than-you” elitists are systematically destroying our country and must be defeated now.

To save our withering republic, we must elect RESPONSIBLE candidates who champion good, effective, smaller government, a equal tax rate for everyone (stop taxing people differently based on incomes), a balanced budget (yes a balance budget, sooner rather than later) and respect our Constitution.

So who is to blame for this?

We are to blame! Because of our lack of concern, “career politicians” have found themselves residing in seats of unlimited power and guaranteed jobs. Our founding fathers would never have imagined anyone making a career out of politics. Our entire system is set up to be ran by citizens concerned with our liberties and feeling obligated to serve in political office ... for just a brief time. George Washington was our reluctant first president, having to be pressured into even running for office. And, gleeful when his “service” was complete.

Look at this Debt Limit debate that's going on right now. I have never seen such B.S. in my 29 years on this earth. You have both side pointing blame at one another as the reason why we are closing on the U.S.A. going to default for the first time in its history. Republicans are afraid to come to any kind of 'compromise" out of fear that they might be challenged in the primary by the Tea Party in 2012, so they are stuck in their hardline position of not moving to the center in hopes of reaching a deal. A one-sided deal is not going to cut it. But the republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They "USED" the Tea Party to ride back into power in the U.S. House of Representatives last year & now as a result they are being devoured by the powerful anti-government, anti-tax group that like it or not will be a thorn in the GOP's side for many years to come.

Democrats are no better in this debate either. At some point entitlement reform will have to occur or its lights out for future generations as well as some type of balanced budget amendment which will help put the country on the right fiscal path. House Democrats are irrelevant because they don't have the numbers, plus they have a ineffective minority leader Nancy Pelosi who has no clout among the GOP Leadership.

This debt ceiling debate should open people's eyes & realize that the U.S. is being run by folks who have no business being in elected office or have been in office too long. Special Interest Groups such as Labor Unions & Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform are holding both parties back from doing something good for the country. Where are the public servants when you need them? Where are the statesmen & women when you need them? There are a handful but they are being completely ignored in this debate

Let me say this before I close: Multi term politicos are ruining this country. They will say anything to get re-elected time and time again. I am so sick and tired of hearing their hogwash come election time. Every time they move their lips you know their lying. Why then do voters of these states keep putting these politicians back in office time after time? These people DO NOT care one iota about the regular Joe's out there. These politicians cater to the Special Interest groups, etc. etc & as the saying goes: follow the money. These politicians have no idea what it's like living from week to week. Or living on a fixed income. Most of these hypocrites have never worked a true day's work in their lives.

But like always when elections year rolls around, all these politicos have to do is read from their 4 step talking points, say what you the voter want to hear, get elected & its the same thing all over again.

But until that changes, the U.S. will continue to get screwed!

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Anonymous said...

You realize your description here fits perfectly with Sanford Bishop? A multi term politician who receives millions of dollars from special interest groups and PACs. Follow the money on his campaign reports. Follow the money on his earmark requests.

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