Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Peanut Politics Endorsement: Jack Ellis for Macon Mayor

In two weeks, Macon will hold its 2011 Municipal Elections to elect a new mayor, as well as the city council. Incumbent Robert Reichert, former Mayor Jack Ellis, newcomer Paul Bronson & former State Senator Robert Brown all are vying to become the leading official for the city of Macon.

The City of Macon (Bibb County) are faced with some very serious issues ranging from Consolidation to the continued loss of population from the city & county, as well as a inadequate educational system.

It was a tough decision between Ellis, Reichert & Bronson & Brown, but in the end, Peanut Politics have decided that C. Jack Ellis is the right choice to become the next mayor of Macon.

Ellis, a Vietnam Veteran (Paratrooper) in the 101st Airborne Division was mayor once before, serving two terms before being term limited was seen at one time as a rising star in Democratic Circles when he first became mayor of Macon in 1999 before a rocky second term derailed those ambitions

Despite some head scratchers from Ellis ranging from converting from Christianity to Islam (changing his name as well) to sending a letter pledging solidarity with Venezuela's dictator Hugo Chavez, etc, etc, we believe that Ellis is the right choice to give Macon-Bibb County a swift kick in the you know what!

Despite all those ill advised decisions, some of his accomplishments during his first term include:

-Received $20 million Hope VI Grant for redevelopment of Oglethorpe Homes
-Demolished or renovated over 2000 sub-standard houses
-Reduced overall crime from an all-time high
-Purchased and developed plans and secured funding for renovation of Terminal Station as a multi-modal facility
-Built new $37 million Marriott Convention Center Hotel

One of his new proposals is to create a anti-poverty plan to address the lack of jobs, high crime & of course poverty (Bibb County has the second-highest urban poverty rate in Georgia after Dougherty County) so although being a very ambitious plan, Ellis has mad it one of his top priorities if he's elected ,mayor of Macon once again, as well as investing in the community.

Robert Reichert has done some good things since being elected mayor back in 2007 (shoring up its fiscal position, improving planning across city departments, but that hasn't been enough to shake Macon-Bibb County to its core. Included in that, he tried annexation but failed.

Paul Bronson is a breath of fresh air who would bring a new vision & usher in a new era of Macon Politics, but he maybe a little too green at this point to run the city of Macon.

Robert Brown, though a shrewed politico, talks before he thinks, which has gotten him into some hot water in the past. He was a weak minority leader for the democrats in the State Senate, so why in the world should voters send him to the mayoral's office?

So that's why Peanut Politics endorse C. Jack Ellis for Mayor!

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Anonymous said...

Jack Ellis is a disease upon macon.

How can any conservative vote for a muslim?

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