Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Centrist Politicos Represents Common Sense Politics

In this circus of extreme partisanship and political propaganda, the voice of the Moderate, the Centrist, the Rational often goes unheard and unsupported. Do you support extremism or do you support sanity? From a common sense Moderate/lean conservative point of view, running society is pretty simple...


Left: Tax-cuts for the poor!
Right: Tax-cuts for the rich!
Common Sense: Flat Tax for all (I'm still up in the air when it comes to the FairTax)


Left: Yes to choice
Right: Yes to Life
Common Sense: We want to limit abortion as much as possible but there must be some exceptions.


Left: Let em all in
Right: Let none of em in
Common Sense: Let some of 'em in (Look what has happened to Georgia's Agriculture Sector in which farmers are struggling because of passage of HB 87)


Left: Be nice to the freedom fighters!
Right: Kill 'em all those scum!
Common Sense: Try diplomacy first. If that doesnt work, kick ass.


Left: Socialized Healthcare
Right: No socialized Healthcare
Common Sense: Anything can be a cure or poison, depending on dose. We can afford a little bit of this


Left: Get rid of them!
Right: Keep them!
Common Sense: Keep them but add I.D./Fingerprints with purchase


Left: The poor Fragile Earth above all else!
Right: Drill baby, Drill!
Common Sense: Humans first but lets also try to protect our precious earth whenever possible


Left: Big Government
Right: Small Government
Common-Sense: Medium Sized Government. Management of the stuff we all agree can be managed centrally. Personally, Id prefer more local Government though


Left: Help the poor!
Right: Help Corporations - they produce our wealth!
Common Sense: Help the middle class


Left: Get Alternatives to Oil and Nuclear Power!
Right: Get Oil and Nuclear Power!
Common Sense: Get Oil, Nuclear Power AND alternatives to them to become less dependent on one or two

Civil Rights

Left: More rights for minorities!
Right: Minorities mustn't impose on the majority!
Common Sense: Civil Rights for All

There's a whole lot more but you get the picture. Do these left/right positions sound simplistic or stereotype to you? Well, I didn't invent them. Extremism is not good for this country. Radicalism is what is bringing the country down. The tone between the parties needs to be more civil. The moderates of both parties need to regain power and momentum. Look, if you vote for moderate politicians, you will have a moderate government. The media (and this includes blogs, websites), can not "sell" moderate. Moderate does not make them ad dollars, the absurd, and off-kilter generate ad dollars. Being down to earth is not exciting to people. Being aggressive, radical and sensationalistic...that's what sells!

Sadly as long as Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Hewitt and others like them continue to fan the flames of right wing extremism, Common sense moderate politics is dead in the water. They have millions of fans that hang on every word as gospel.

More power to the Centrists!

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