Friday, July 15, 2011

Rural Consulting Firm Opens in Taylor County

Up in the rural Georgia town of Butler, Jay Stalnaker of Taylor County & Keith MacCants of Macon County have joined forces to open StalnakerMacCants Consulting.

According to their facebook page, StalnakerMacCants Consulting consists of two subsidiaries, a small business consulting firm and a political consulting firm. With almost two decades of experience in the political field and internet technology, Stalnaker and MacCants provide a number of services for potential clients. Their political services encompass everything from general consulting and voter outreach to fundraising and advertising & small business services are focused around social media and advertising.

According to MacCants, who is the editor & founder of Peanut Politics & former vice-chaor of the Macon County Democratic Party, "being a consultant wasn't even on my radar. Then one day Jay (Stalnaker) called me to pitch this idea of going into business together & I didn't hesitate & agreed to go in business with him. He told me that there wasn't a consulting firm that didn't serve rural Georgia, especially when it came to politics".

Stalnaker who ran for the Butler City Council two years ago & was a member of the Young Democrats of Georgia, as well as founding the Taylor County Young Democrats, which is not active anymore, as well according to MacCants has a very sharp business & political mind. "I say he have more dept that I do when it comes to politics. He's a pragmatist & doesn't get pulled in either corner of the political spectrum. I maybe a little more conservative than him on certain issues, but we make a great team." We compliment each other. Its kinda like a Charles Barkley & Kenny Smith chemistry (TNT NBA Analyst). I would say or do some things, I know Jay wouldn't say or do out in the open.

StalnakerMacCants Consulting is not just a democratic consulting firm, says MacCants, but its also will help elect republicans who hold the same views as they do. No we won't just be working with democrats, although the majority of our clients will be moderate/conservative democrats, but with republicans who are also moderate/conservative.

Stalnaker & MacCants just may hold the key in helping elect more rural democrats to the legislature. Having been born & raised here, both Jay Stalnaker & Keith MacCants know what it will take to win in the more culturally & socially conservative parts of the state. Myself & Jay, we know rural Georgia. We know its fears, its insecurities, its likes, its dislikes, what will appeal & what will not appeal to the rural masses. A progressive/liberal candidate cannot & will not win in rural Georgia, unless he or she is running in democratic strongholds like Macon, Savannah or Albany" says MacCants, who ran for the 2nd Congressional District back in January, losing to liberal Dr Jeanne Dugas of Muscogee County back at the DPG elections in January of this year.

The Small business section of the consulting firm will be focus on advertising & social media, among other things. In rural Georgia, its difficult to to gain visibility for your business says MacCants. "There are plenty of Ma & Pa businesses that give great service, but have very low foot traffic. This idea of small business consulting was Jay's idea" says MacCants. If a business wants to gain more exposure but doesn't know how, they call us & we'll take it from there.

Expect StalnakerMacCants Consulting to play a role not only in 2011, but 2012 elections for local, legislative & congressional races. But I want to say good luck & congrats to Jay Stalnaker & Keith MacCants for their new business venture. I see them being very successful in this venture.


Anonymous said...

I like this. Now rural candidates have a organization that knows what it takes to win in a rural setting

gaurav said...

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