Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bitterness towards Sanford Bishop........WHY?

2nd Congressional District Congressman Sanford D Bishop, Jr of Albany has always demostrated a knack of attracting support from voters who are either independent, conservative, & in some cases; Republicans in the 2nd Congressional District.

But every since 2009 there have been such a harsh backlash towards Bishop that it has left me scatchng my head.

Ok, he voted for the controversial, divisive Helathcare Reform Legislation, then he voted for the Cap & Trade Bill that went no where. Then there was the CBC Scholarship episode that accused Bishop of handling scholarships out to relatives, but it was his wife Mrs. Creighton-Vishop, a municipal court clerk at Muscogee County who was in charge of the selection process, which Bishop didn't know that scholarships was going to relatives instead of needy students.

And then there was the so-called fraud involving the "Pigford” settlement between the government and black farmers who claimed that a Department of Agriculture farm loan program discriminated against them. South Georgia farmers Eddie Slaughter and Willie Head complain that Bishop did nothing when they asked him to investigate the Pigford settlement & that more settlement money went to lawyers and people who aren’t farmers than to them and other active farmers. Nothing ever came to these accusations.

And now everywhere you look, you see people saying "Bishop has to go" or "Boot Bishop", I mean my god, do some people in the 2nd really can't stand Rep. Bishop that much?

Now did he dip his toe in the tempting liberal waters with those votes I mentioned? Yes!

But make no mistake about it, Bishop's no liberal except last year when his voting record was as liberal as Nancy Pelosi.

But Congressman Bishop, a graduate of Morehouse & former State legistator has always been a moderateto conservative democrat for the 2nd District.

Bishop has co-sponsored amendments to the U.S. Constitution protecting the U.S. flag against acts of desecration, preserving the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman, ensuring a balanced federal budget, and allowing voluntary, non-denominational prayer in schools and other public localities. He also is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, receiving the grade of “A+” from the National Rifle Association.

He has also supported Tax Relief for working men & women of the 2nd & he has & will always look after the agriculture interest of the 2nd, no matter what, which I didn't understand why so many farmers & those with Ag interest in the 2nd Congressional District would just turn their backs on Bishop who has fought tooth & nail to support & strengthened their interest in D.C. Many speculated that is was his vote for the Cap & Trade legislation. Maybe, it was more than that! Was it a protest vote against Pelosi & Obama?Was it just a anti-democratic vote? Or did they really leave bishop because of his job performance, which if you ask me has been pretty damn good for a region, SW Georgia with high levels of poverty.

Bishop, like him or not has gotten a raw deal from those who voted against him last year. Did many of these anti-Bishop voters forgot about all the good things he's done for the 2nd District? For some, they only look at 2008 & beyond rather than the whole 19, going on 20 year (Jan 2012) record of Bishop. I also hear some mention that Bishop only represents one segment of the 2nd Congressional District.................ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So Bishop only supports Black voters in the 2nd & not whites? Please! Stop trying to make Bishop the politician for "Blacks" Only. That's not going to work! Bishop first won the 2nd when it was a majority white district back in 1992 & since then it has changed, which is now comprised of 47% African-Americans.

Currently he is ranking member of the Subcommittee for Defense, the Subcommittee on Military Construction-Veterans Affairs & the 3rd ranking member on the House Agriculture Committee. Bishop is the go-to guy for Georgia Agriculture now that Saxby Chambliss no longer sits on the Senate Agriculture Committee.

I normally do not come to the defense of politicians here in Georgia, but I made a exception here. Bishop is well liked by many here in the 2nd, whether you are black, white, liberal, moderate, conservative, republican, democrat, independent, libertarian. All of the criticism Bishop has gotten (especially from hardcore republicans) & still continues to get is uncalled for. Nobody's perfect, people! If Bishop was a republican, you can bet your last dollar he wouldn't gotten the kind of scrutiny he's been getting over the past year.

Im curious to see will many of the longtime voters Bishop lost last year come back to Bishop or have they got caught up in the left vs right divide that's destroying our country.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Bishop goes far beyond what you mentioned. Of course Bishop would like for everyone to think that he is conservative and hasn't had any ethical lapses but over the last 3 or 4 years Bishop has been exactly the opposite. The scholarship scandal was small potatoes to the Columbus Junior Marshall scandal. People should be in jail for that fraud.




Of course Bishop's answer to this controversy was exactly the same as his answer to the scholarship controversy. He didn't know anything about it. He did, however, spend almost $250,000 in campaign money in legal fees as a result of this fraud. He also still owes a personal debt of at least $250,000 to the law firm who handled the case for him. This can be seen in his 2011 personal financial disclosure with the House of Rep. Clerk. He spent over $500,000 on this but he didn't know anything about it?

There are also problems with other earmarks of his. They seem to benefit his friends and especially a close knit circle in Columbus.



The people close to him in Columbus are starting to get in trouble as well.


The Adams guy in this story was a board member of an organization that has been receiving Bishop earmarks. Hughley is one of Bishop's close friends. Also all these people tie back to the Marshall's program and the city government in which his wife works in.

Then there is the problem with his staff threatening people in SW GA. Yes it has happened and it has happened more than once. The cursing on the farmer's phone was not the only time that happened during the last election cycle. Some were even threatened with their jobs.

There are also still alot of people who question the votes from muscogee county. Take of it what you will but there were some tactics used to get people to vote absentee and early that were less than "legal". These same tactics have been used previously in Columbus elections. Paying people to get on a bus and people handling hundreds of absentee ballots isn't exactly honest. There is something there if anyone ever wants to investigate. In fact some state republicans had promised to investigate but didn't.



Bishop isn't and hasn't been a conservative since 2006. Look at where his campaign money comes from. He is sold out to special interests and lobbyists from Washington. People aren't just mad about a few votes or one controversy. This has been an ongoing problem for the past 5 years. I don't know what he has done to strike a deal with the repubs but they aren't going to touch him. They are scared to death to mess with him. They won't investigate him or anything. They are just going to pack as many democrats in his district as possible and let him stay in for as long as he wants. You think that is right?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that he has 7 bills that he sponsored written into law since 1993. After all these years, he's only categorized as a "rank-and-file" member of the House. He's a do-nothing Representative, only in it for what he can gain or siphon off for his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Dude if he was capable of all that what might the next go round be like.

Fool me shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Anonymous said...

Because of their utilitarian origins, the first three, four and five digits of a zip code are still the most honest delineators of community boundaries. Any reapportioners who refuse to notice this should be prosecuted up to the Supreme Court and imprisoned.

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