Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dems becoming more "Blacker & Liberal", GOP bcoming more "Whiter & Conservative"

Two more Rural Democrats switching parties


Gerald Greene (R-Cuthbert) & Bob Hanner (R-Parrot) both joined Alan Powell (R-Hartwell) as the latest democrats to switched parties making it 111 republicans & 69 Democrats.

Greene & Hanner are my favorite dems & I wish them well. Politically it makes sense for them to do so. Only Mike Cheokas, Rick Crawford, Ellis Black, Amy Carter, Barbara Massey Reese & Sistie Hudson, Debbie Buckner are the only remaining White Rural Democrats remaining. (Hudson turned down overtures to switch parties, so my hats off to her)

Like I said before, the democratic party is becoming more blacker, & more liberal, while the republican party is becoming more conservative & whiter.

Democrats can't afford to lose its remaining 7 White Rural Democrats. Boy this is bad!

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