Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012: Hottest Democratic Women of Georgia

Here are some of the Hottest Democratic Women of Georgia. I had to sort thru photo after photo that were sent to me by Peanut Politics viewers to determine who should be on this list, so here they are....

State Representative Yasmin Neal (D-Jonesboro) HD 75

Ava Fredericks National Committeewoman for Young Democrats of Georgia

Tawana Garrett, Chatham County Democrats

Angela Brown, Judge DeKalb Co Recorders Court

Nicole Denise Marchand, Chief Assistant D.A. Dekalb Co D.A. Office

Fenika Miller, Houston County Democrats, Georgie Federation for Democratic Women

Amber N English, Planned Parenthood Southeast/Young Democrats of Georgia

State Representative Elena Parent Brisedine

Cherise Jefferson, Political Consultant

Mikaya Milan Thurmond, daughter of ex-Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond

Alexi W. Russell UGA & GCSU
(I don't know if she's a Dem, but she belongs on this list)

State Reresentative Dar'Shun Kendrick (D-Lithonia) HD 94

Carry Smith, Young Democrats of Georgia, Chatham Dems


Anonymous said...

Yup! Yup! Two thumbs up.....Democratic women rock on!!!!!

Katherine Helms Cummings said...

This list smacks of sexism. These women aren't In a beauty contest.

Anonymous said...

Oh no it doesn't smack of shows that these women are the total package, beautiful along with brains to match.

Katherine Helms Cummings said...

So where is the list of the hottest men?

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