Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The race for the DPG Chairmanship

Soon there will be a election to determine who will be the next chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party.

There has been some indications that Jane Kidd, current chairwoman of the party might run again.

Then there was State Senator Robert Brown who openly suggested that he'll support former Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond for the job.

Then there GADCC president Mike Berlon who has been endorsed by Carol Porter, who Berlon worked as campaign manager.

There likely will be more names to come to the surface as Januray approaches.

Over the last couple of days I have brought up the names of Former Macon Mayor, Congressman & Vietnam Veteran Jim Marshall & former Ray City Mayor, USAF & Gulf War Veteran Carl Camon as possible contenders for the job.

Its time for the party to go outside the box & select someone who's not tied to the establishment, nor the current regime up on Spring Street.

The person has to be able t0 (1) Raise Cash (2) Build & Organize a Democratic Grassroots Organization Statewide (3) Usher in new people with fresh ideas & a vision for the future of the party & so on...........

One person who would fit that bill is Ted Terry of Savannah, who is the Finance Director for Congressman John Barrow & a former DNC Member who helped Organize Democrats on the ground in Georgia. He has worked on four consecutive winning campaigns for Barrow over in the conservative-leaning 12th District

Gen. David Poythress is also someone who would be a great fit at the job. He has a track record of turning around troubled organizations such as the Georgia National Guard, the Labor Commissioner's Office, etc. He ran a strong grassroots campaign, receiving donations from all of Georgia's 159 counties. He is a strong leader & would immediatelt command the respect of those inside the party & most definitely rock the boat at Spring Street.

But we won't know until its time to elect new party officers for the party, so stay tuned!

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