Friday, May 27, 2011

Alabama Republican Switches to Democratic Party

WTVM Columbus reported yesterday that a Republican lawmaker has switched to the Democratic Party expressing concern that the GOP is pushing an agenda that hurts teachers.

Rep. Daniel Boman (R- Sulligent) announced he was changing parties at a hastily called news conference in a committee room as the House continued to meet in the House Chamber.

House Minority Leader Craig Ford of Gadsden and Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy stood beside the 36-year-old Boman. He is a lawyer serving his first term in the House.
Boman said he felt Republicans had taken actions this session that he felt hurt school teachers.

Boman represents Lamar, Fayette and parts of Tuscaloosa counties.

Boman was 1 of 10 House Republicans who voted Wednesday against a GOP-backed bill to streamline the process for firing experienced teachers.

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