Thursday, May 26, 2011

(GA-11): What's next for Rob Teilhet? A showdown with Gingrey in '12?

Former State Rep Rob Teilhet, now a Executive Director at Georgia Conservation Voters is like DuBose Porter, a bright, intelligent mind that's needed in the Georgia Democratic Party & congress as well.

Like Porter, Teilhet ran statewide last year; against Ken Hodges for Attorney General in the democratic primary. And like Porter, Teilhet is waiting on the sidelines for another possible run for office in 2014, possibly for a statewide office.

But what about congress?

A resident of Smyrna, he is located in the 13th District currently held by David Scott. But there is the possibilty that he could end up in the 11th District, currently held by Rep Phil Gingrey of Marietta. Remember you don't have to live in a particular district here in Georgia to mount a run for congress.

So why shouldn't Teilhet consider a run fir congress in 2012?

Phil Gingrey has won re-election with litttle of no opposition in the NW Georgia district since he won thay seat back in 2002. He has well over $1 million dollars in his bank account just in case a serious challenge were to emerge for his congressional seat.

Like Keown did with Bishop here in the second last year, it is time for democrats to get serious & mount a serious challenge on Georgia Republican Congressmen like Phil Gingrey.

Teilhet was named one of Georgia’s Most Influential People by James Magazine and a “Star to Watch” by the National Journal’s Hotline. In 2007 he joined the leadership of the House Democrats by being elected Chief Deputy Whip. Teilhet fought for and passed legislation giving important legal protections to crime victims, seniors and children, and preventing identity theft. He has also sought to keep vital dollars invested in improving public transportation and reducing traffic congestion. Representative Teilhet sponsored and passed an increase in the homestead exemption for disabled residents of the City of Smyrna. He is a committed champion for Georgia families, and has received awards for his legislative work from, among others, the Cobb County Associations of Educators, Georgia Family Council, Georgia Psychological Association, and the Georgia Water Coalition.

Now folks will say that Teilhet, a graduate of UGA, despite his qualifications can't win in a conservative district like the 11th. That's th kind of mentality that has kept democrats here in the state from advancing in terms of strength in the state of Georgia.

Gingrey, a doctor who played a major role in the Healthcare battle of 2009 really hasn't shown any bi-partisan leanings since being elected to congress 8 years ago.

Teilhet is someone who would give Gingrey a run for his money. Can Teilhet win over Gingrey is a tossup, but it sure would be interesting to see if he could.

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