Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pelosi as Minority Leader may still pose a problem for Democrats in '12

Pelosi’s controversial public image and low approval ratings are a liability to Democrats looking ahead to 2012.

Democrats chances are 50/50 in retaking back control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Democrats need to regain between 25-30 seats in 2012 to win back control of the house of representatives.

It can be done, but there still is one problem for democrats..........Nancy Pelosi!

Since losing the house in 2010 she has been a invisible presence around capitol hill these days, but you better believe that she will return as a major factor in 2012.

Republicans tied Pelosi around the neck of every single moderate/conservative democrat in last year's elections that helped contribute to the wave that washed away many rural democrats from the south & midwest, as well as some blue states like Illinois.

The problem for moderate Democrats, and America in general, is that owing to the massive decrease in numbers among those moderate Dems, only the most liberal wing nuts in the Democratic Party are still in office. They think the reason they lost the 2010 election was that the Party didn’t act liberal enough, not that they were too liberal.

Pelosi & many neo-liberals like her are part of the Democratic Party’s problems. If the Democratic Party wants to be seen as a viable alternative in this center-right country, it must pivot away from the liberal policies pursued by Nancy Pelosi & her co-horts that caused such a massive anti-democratic backlash last election cycle.

Her re-election (which was a dumb political move) as minority leader by defiant democrats after mass defeats of democrats may come back to haunt democrats on the campaign trail in 2012 after Republicans made her an object of scorn during the fall campaigns. She represents a continuation of policies that helped the party lose at least 61 House seats.

North Carolina Conservative Democrat Heath Shuler, in a symbolic move challenged her for speaker & got 43 democratic votes in that feat & if I were democrats running for congress in 2012, the motto would be, "a vote for me is a vote for Heath Shuler for speaker of the house in 2012".

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