Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saxby Chambliss: The Statesman?

U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-Moultrie) is finally becoming the statesman not seen from a Georgia Senator since Sam Nunn retired in 1996.

Chambliss, along with Virginia Senator Mark Warner are leading the way the "Gang of Six" in an effort in the Senate to develop a blueprint for reducing the federal deficit and putting a dent in the $14 trillion national debt.

Chambliss, along with Warner acknowledges that bold steps are needed to tackle the out of control debt & deficit in order to put the US on the right fiscal path for future generations. Items such as raising revenue to cuts to Tax Reform to tackling programs that are part of the American Fabric: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare. And Defense spending cuts are included as well.

Recently in the House passed Paul Ryan's budget proposal along party lines that not only gives more tax cuts to the wealthy, but will also put medicaid & medicare on the road to extinction, which will drive seniors who depend on those programs up the wall.

Seriously, in order to deal with the fiscal mess this country now faces, lawmakers will have to consider tax increases along with spending cuts & mild reforms to entitlements. No one likes to see their taxes raised, but to use the phrase John McCain used during the '08 campaign: "COUNTRY FIRST" & that's what Chambliss, along with Warner & others have done in trying to deal with this critical issue.

There are already rumblings that Chambliss might receive a challenge in the republican primary in 2014, because his willingness to consider some form of increase in taxes, among other things. I'm not the biggest fan of Saxby Chambliss politics, but on this issue, I'm with him 100%

If Chambliss & Co are able to pull off a deal that directly addresses this issue, they will go down in history as the ones who saved the US from fiscal ruin.

I know a tiger can't change his stripes, but i'm happy to see Chambliss finally becoming a statesman for once in the US Senate instead of some partisan hack. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new Saxby Chambliss


Jerry Jackson said...

This so called Statesman spent $225,000.00 on golf for hisself and his fat cat friends with all of the big money contributions he received. Grady Memorial Hospital in his district sure could have used some of that money. Check the definition of Statesman - One who places Country before Self ! Saxby evidently places Golf first !

Anonymous said...

I do not know about this golf thing but I do know we expect No New Taxes. We can cut Fannie and Freddie and a bunch of other programs and we here in Georgia need to go Rogue like so many other states. On our health care, on our education for our childen because of the socilism in his new endeavers being taught to small children at a time to win them over for Sevitude under Marxism. But the Gang of Six better not raise our taxes when there are too many ridiculous programs to be cut. And someone better get on the band wagon of taking our money back from Brazil (2B) for them to drill. Let the people that were given the right by the Federal Judge to go back to work on the oil rigs and Obama and Salazar won't give them permits. And then after Shell spent over 4B and did some other things, they won't let them precede with drilling because Obama wants to force us on the little "Coffin" electric cars to drive just like he forced Obamacare down our throats.

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