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I got my eye on these future political candidates for the state legislature. in 2012

Virgil Watkins, Jr (D-Macon).

Watkins, 26 was elected to the Macon City Council in 2007 representing Ward 4/Post 3. He is chairman of the Public Safety Committee & member of the Appropriations Commitee as well. Watkins is a 2006 graduate of Georgia Southern University, majoring in Development Economics and International Development & Political Science and Government. I would love to see Watkins run for possibly the State Senate if Robert Brown chooses to run for mayor of Macon after all.

Aaron Johnson (Albany)

I didn't list his political affiliation, because it is unknown, but Johnson was great knack of the issues concerning the economy.

Johnson, 40 is currently assistant Professor of Economics at Darton College as well as its economic spokesman. Johnson has many hats: he currently serves on the Albany Dougherty Economic Development Commission, Albany Dougherty Planning Commission, and a member of the board of directors for Liberty House of Albany & was recognized as one of the Top 40 under 40 in Southwest Georgia by the Albany Herald. I know Freddie Powell Sims is the State Senator, but she has been ineffective in that role since replacing Michael Meyer von Bremen. Johnson as a State Senator would be do SW Georgia a world of good. Somebody get this man to run......SOON!

Donald W.Gillis (D-Dublin)

Gillis is the son of longtime Conservative Democrat State Senator Hugh Gillis who served from 1941-2004. Gillis serves as the judge of the 8th Judicial Administrative District: Dublin Judicial Circuit, & Treutlen County Superior Court. He is a graduate of both Mercer University & the university of Georgia. He is a partner with Nelson, Gilllis & Thomas, LLC. Could possibly follow in the footsteps of his legendary father who was a state senator & grandfather who was highway commissioner under Eugene Talmadge. If Ross Tolleson ever leaves his seat as State Senator to run for congress, this would fit Gillis perfectly

Rooney Bowen III (D-Vienna)

Bowen is currently serving as the Probate Judge for Dooly County. He was president of Rooney Bowen Chevrolet in Cordele. He served as Dooly County coroner for (22 years) & secretary of the Georgia Board of Public Safety (14 years) &licensed funeral director . Bowen is the son of former democratic State Senator Rooney Bowen (D-Cordele), in which he served as a aide for 24 years. Could be a future candidate for higher office if he so chooses. Bowen maybe happy with being probate judge, but with redistricting on the horizon & the possiblilty of Dooly County being placed in HD 135 & with State Rep Lynmore James (D-Montezuma) close to riding off in the sunset.............its possible!

Chuck Pardue (D-Blythe)

Pardue is Owner & attorney at Pardue & Associates which practice military, personal injury, medical malpractice . Pardue is a Vietnam veteran, serving in the Fourth Infantry Division and the First Air Cav Division. He is a life member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and VFW & currently the president of Green Valley Biofuels, LLC. II. Pardue's son served in Afghanistan before being severely wounded in action. Perdue qualified as a independent for SD 23, but left the race due to his son being critically wounded in Afghanistan. But don't rule out a chance of Pardue running in 2012.

Eric Hogan (D-Milner) Hogan is s city councilman for the city of Milner. He took office January, 2010. He and his wife, Sandra have lived in Milner since 2003. He is employed by Hayes Pipe Supply, Inc. as a Field Rep. His wife is a teacher with the Spalding County School System. Possible candidate for State Rep in 2012

Gonice Davis (D-Wadley).

Davis currently serves as commissioner for Jefferson County & Barrow supporter. Mentioned as a candidate for State Senator, but haven't been able to confirm

Michael Horne (D-Andersonville). Horne is CEO & president of Horne Farms Inc, a contributor & supporter of Rep. Sanford Bishop. If Democrats are looking for a challenger to Mike Cheokas who switched parties this year, here's your guy right here

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