Thursday, April 28, 2011

(GA-10) Thurmond v Broun in 2012?

DCCC: If you want Paul Broun gone, recruit Michael Thurmond

Paul Broun (R-Athens) have been not only an embarrassment to the great state of Georgia, but I'm sure the folks of the 10th Congressional District. Broun is by far the biggest conspiracy theorist in the entire congress. From using words like Marxist, Communist to describe the president to the United States to proposing legislation that seeks to withhold federal funds from any school which allows for the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in any language other than English.

This is a man who said at a town event in Elbert Co that the federal government, through the Centers for Disease Control, would be calling Americans every single day to make sure they eat their fruits and vegetables. He also said at one point that Pres. Obama would try to create a national civilian security force that would trump local law enforcement and local laws. Broun also thinks Social Security is unconstitutional. Folks, I can't make this stuff up!!!!!!

Paul Broun is a poor man's Glenn Beck, the Fox News Personality. He's a self promoter & he's all about Paul Broun & nothing else. Remember he tried to run for congress once, here in the second district, but didn't manage to get out of the primary.

How long are the people of the 10th Congressional District going to put up with the non-sense of Paul Broun? When a constituent asked Broun who was going to kill, or assassinate Obama, Broun showed a lack of leadership on that matter, not coming out forcefully on that matter.

Yes the 10th is a conservative district, but has it gone to arch-conservative territory that it will put up with the joke that is Paul Broun? Its a largely rural district with Athens being the population center of the district, followed by Columbia/Northern Richmond County & a pretty sizable elderly voting population who could be in play with Broun's vote for the house Budget Plan by Paul Ryan, a Ohio Republican that will affect two things seniors care about deeply: Medicare & Medicaid.

There are some good democrats up in the 10th, but their lightweights. There was one middleweight, Bobby Saxon, a conservative democrat got 40% against Broun on a shoestring budget back in 2008 & a cruiser weight, Russell Edwards, a unabashed progressive ran a spirited campaign against Broun, but he was going against the red current that was sweeping the nation last year.

But democrats need a heavyweight & there's only one person that fits that bill: Michael Thurmond, a Athens Native who also represented a portion of Clarke County in the General Assembly back in 1986. Thurmond served over 12 years as State Labor Commissioner before running for the Senate in 2010.

I know many democrats were disappointed in Michael Thurmond's effort in the 2010 Senate race against Johnny Isakson, but I don't believe Michael Thurmond wants to go out like that. One thinks that Thurmond wants to avenge that loss & a run & a win against the most conservative member of the House of Representatives would be the antidote he needs. But for that to happen, the DCCC needs to pull the tail from between their legs & come to Georgia to make that happen.

Thurmond, a moderate would do very well in the conservative district against Paul Broun. Thurmond can wrap that Ryan Budget proposal around Broun's neck with his exceptional oratory skills, plus bring other crazy remarks Broun has made in the past. Now would Thurmond entertain such a run, no one knows. He may still have his eyes on the governorship in 2014, but if democrats are looking for that ONE candidate, then its "I Like Mike" Thurmond.

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