Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What if..................?

Okay, here's a scenario: The GOP-controlled State Legislature decides to draw all of Chatham County into Jack Kingston's 1st Congressional District, thereby, forcing Incumbent Conservative Democrat John Barrow to decide: either run against Kingston or relocate to another city in the district & try to win re-election once again to the 12th.

Remember this was done back in 2005 when the GOP redrew the 12th, forcing Barrow to relocate to Savannah, instead of running against then congressman, the late Charlie Norwood (R-Evans).

Now remember, here in Georgia, you do not have to live in a district to run for a seat in congress, remember Saxby Chambliss, who then represented the old 3rd District from 94-01, but his home base was in the 2nd (Sanford Bishop's District)

So what if Barrow decides to run in the 1st instead of relocating & remaining in the 12th? This is something democrats here in Georgia, as well in D.C. need to think about. I know many of you are saying: "FAT CHANCE" Barrow runs in another district, but think about it for a minute: What in the world will dems do if that were to happen? Who will they turn to?

Two democrats come to mind: State Rep Mack Jackson (D-Sandersville) & former State Senator JB Powell (D-Blythe). But if Bibb County were to be included in the 12th, then I could see someone from Macon possibly running.

Im just throwing out different scenarios here, but its something to think about

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