Wednesday, October 27, 2010

National Horse Racing Announcer Dave Johnson Supports JB Powell Campaign for Ag Commissioner

Presser from the JB Powell for Agriculture Commisisoner Campaign:

JB Powell, candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, is pleased to announce that Dave Johnson, a nationally famous horse racing announcer whose tagline “and down the stretch they come” is recognized by millions of racing fans, has lent his support to Powell’s campaign.

“Although I cannot vote in the state of Georgia, this is a vote of confidence in the … proposal recently put forward by JB Powell…” said Johnson, who worked for ABC and ESPN for 25 years covering horse racing. “Brining thoroughbred racing… brings jobs and a positive economic wave from a racetrack facility, to the farms, boarding and training facilities, suppliers of animal feed, racing equipment, printing services, catering, and on and on. The benefit of having a thoroughbred and/or standardbred racing operation to a state can be an economic windfall as the side effect to the positive image a state gains when major sporting attractions are presented at those venues in that state.”

Johnson went on to praise JB Powell’s leadership, saying “…Mr. Powell [is] ahead of the curve, and looking to bring the Breeders' Cup to Georgia, I applaud his creativity and leadership, and pledge my support for his major horse racing initiatives. Good luck in bringing the great sport of horse racing to your fine state, and you can count on my help in bringing major racing events to the facilities your leadership will make happen.”

Powell, who has said that horse racing could bring a $1B economic boost to Georgia’s economy annually and provide 10,000 - 20,000 jobs, thanked Johnson for his backing. “I am proud to have the backing of Mr. Johnson. His support is just underscores the viability of bringing horse racing to Georgia. Many in the industry are chomping at the bit to get started, and I think that the people of Georgia should have the chance to decide whether to bring this source of economic growth to Georgia that will have virtually no cost to taxpayers.”

JB Powell is a lifelong resident of Richmond County residing in the small agricultural community of Blythe, Georgia. He was elected to the State Senate, District 23 in 2004 and has been the primary sponsor of over 45 bills and co-sponsor of many others. These have included bills promoting Georgia’s agri-tourism business, soil erosion projects and river basin protection. He is an active member of the Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee. He serves as an ex-officio member of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee and is a member of the Interstate Cooperation and State Institutions and Property Committees. He is also secretary of the State’s Science and Technology Committee.

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Anonymous said...

Voted for him today, only GOP vote was for Kemp.

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