Monday, November 1, 2010

Politico House Tracker

The Democrats' House majority hangs in the balance in November. Here's POLITICO's guide to the massive battlefield of congressional races - including every district the top analysts call competitive - with the latest polls, fundraising numbers and up-to-date handicapping.


COH Rep. Sanford Bishop$353,261

State Rep. Mike Keown$177,141

Cook: Toss-up, Rothenberg: Lean Democrat, Sabato: Leans Democratic

Lester & Associates (D): Bishop 50 - Keown 40



COH Rep. Jim Marshall$601,742

State Rep. Austin Scott$227,165

Cook: Toss-up, Rothenberg: Toss-up/Tilt Democrat, Sabato: Toss-up

Grove Insight (D): Marshall 48-Scott 36


COH Rep. John Barrow$337,671

Ray McKinney, businessman$65,999

Cook: Likely Democratic, Rothenberg; n/a, Sabato: n/a n/a


Anonymous said...

Actually Larry Sabato has GA2 rated as a Lean Republican right now. Real Clear Politics also updated GA2 to Lean Republican over the weekend. Rothenberg is the only site that still has the seat at Lean Democrat. All others are either Toss-up or Lean Republican. New York Times FiveThirtyEight is not giving Keown a 60% chance to win and Bishop a 40% chance. They are predicting Keown 51% to Bishop 49%. Should be extremely close but I think the district is turning red.

Anonymous said...

Sorry supposed to say "New York Times FiveThirtyEight is now giving Keown a 60% chance to win".

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