Monday, November 1, 2010

During Televised Debate, Nathan Deal Blatantly Misrepresents Position Of Attorney General Candidate Ken Hodges On Health Care Bill

During this evening’s gubernatorial debate, candidate Nathan Deal blatantly misrepresented Attorney General candidate Ken Hodges’ position on the federal health care bill and the legal challenge to that bill. During the debate, Deal claimed that Hodges supported the health care bill and would not challenge it if elected Attorney General.

Like Republican Attorney General nominee Sam Olens, Deal is attempting to create an issue for political purposes where none exists. Georgia is now part of the multistate lawsuit challenging the health care legislation, and it will continue. Both Congressman Deal and Governor Barnes have said they will also do the same. No matter who is elected Governor and Attorney this year, Georgia will continue to be a part of the lawsuit.

“As I have always said, I have serious concerns about the federal health care bill enacted earlier this year,” Hodges said. “I am particularly concerned about the unfunded mandate on the state of Georgia. The State of Georgia is currently challenging the health care bill along with 19 other states. Both Congressman Deal and Governor Barnes support continuing that challenge. If elected Attorney General, I will allow that challenge on behalf of the state to continue. I will not, however, waste tax payer dollars filing another challenge through the Attorney General’s office just to make a political statement, like Olens would.”

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