Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Economic Development means in Rural Georgia.

It means building small businesses to serve a growing, diverse community.

It means strengthening our education system from the bottom up.

It means investing in new technologies and community infrastructure.

And it means working together to support our rural economic base – family farms, main street businesses and rural institutions.

Bottom line, public policy should be aimed at creating good jobs, at good wages, in our local communities.

In 8 Years under Gov. Sonny Perdue, I haven't seen any of that in rural Georgia. Yes you can tout the development of the Kia Plant over in Troup County, but what else has he done to spur our rural economy? What has these rural republican legislators done to improve the districts they represent? I can't tell. The bottom line is we need a moderate or conservative democrat back in the governor's mansion in 2010 as well as moderate or conservative legislators up in the General Assembly as well. No offense to my more liberal friends up in the Metro Area, but your way has gotten us no where & it's time for a change, espcially here in rural ga. With our high poverty rate, high unemployment (its like that everywhere I know), but it is ten times as bad here than say in a bigger city. That's the truth. I see it everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely we need a change from Perdue's inept leadership since getting elected in 2002. No doubt about that

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