Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rural Georgia is Wide-Open for Democrats. But how bad do they want to play Here?

Rural Georgians tend to be more Conservative than those that live in Urban, Surburban, or the Exurbs. The wooing of rural voters is essential for democrats hopes of winning Statewide in 2010. But developments over the years under a republican-control house & senate, along with a republican governor such as Property Tax Increases, Increases in Classroom sizes, Graduation Rates falling, Dropout rates rising, Public Schools deteriorating more & more, transportation choking not only the growth of Atlanta, but rural georgia as well, job leaving the state, cuts to agriculture, education, law enforcement, & a rising prison population that is at or near the top nationally & a rise in our crime rate has created a pessimism among rural georgians. Democrats complain that rural voters ignore their own economic interests in voting for Republicans. While rural voters give an slight edge to Democrats as far as the economy , the party has not persuaded voters that it will do a better job of dealing with the economic issues closest to home — rural issues.

If Democrats would go to bat on rural economic issues, they could persuade rural voters that they understand the challenges they face. And if the Democrats would go to bat for ordinary rural people on those issues, they might finally give rural georgians a reason to vote economic issues.

Republicans may take heart in learning that most rural voters believe democrats does not share their values.
The rural vote is critical in not only presidential and congressional elections, but also for the all important statewide elections because large Republican majorities among rural voters have helped overcome Democratic advantages in urban areas. With the rural advantage beginning to erode for the GOP, the democrats need to make a play for the rural vote if they want to have any chance of getting back in the game in on a statewide level in 2010.

"The rural vote determines statewide elections, in my opinion. Democrats don’t won't unless they make rural georgia competitive. So you’d think that would mean the candidates whether it's Ken Hodges, Carl Camon, Brian Westlake, Dubose Porter, whoever it is would have a spirited debate on the things that matter to rural Georgians. I have seened Gen. Poythress, State Rep. DuBose Porter, Mayor Carl Camon play hard here in the "Other" Georgia. Tha's what its going to tske for democrats to win if they want to have a say on amtters such as education, redistricing, etc.

"Democrats have a great opportunity here if they show the committment to courting rural georgians & fielding candidates for State Rep. of State Senator. Rural Georgia is as politically competitive as any region in the State right now. It is a battleground in my opinion, but it's part of Georgia that Democrats must win at if they are to compete a statewide level.


Anonymous said...

You're right Keith! I mean I remember not too long ago that democrats were all over rural georgia, but once Roy Barnes lost in 2002, either all of them retired or switched parties. Dems don't have to carry every rural county, but they need to win some of them & not get blown out by more than 15% of the vote. The republicans don't give a damn about rural georgia. These rural republicans are what I consider the caboose of the republican party led by the surburban republicans & north ga republicans as well.

Keith said...

I've been saying this all along. Democratic candidates will come to Rural Georgia to campaign. But I wonder will they recruit candidates to run for some local seat for the general assembly? That's the issue.

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