Monday, November 16, 2009

Former State Senator Regina Thomas to challenge Conservative Democrat John Barrow for the 12th Cogressional District.

Once again, Regina Thomas will challenge John Barrow for the 12th Congressional District in the 2010 Democratic Primary. This will Thomas's second try at unseating Barrow, a Conservative Democrats in a district that leans Democratic. Last Yr, Thomas received 24% of the vote to Barrow's 76%.
Why would next year be any different that 2008 for Thomas?
Healthcare Reform.
And that's the sole reason why she is running again against a incumbent who is well received by his constituents & is pretty popular. Thomas decribes herself as a pro-choice, pro-single payer healthcare candidate on her Facebook page she has set up. So in other words, she is to the far-left to Barrow who is a center-right democrat in a center-right district.
Political Blog DownwithTryanny:
Tuesday Regina Thomas made it official and is now campaigning for the Democratic nomination against reactionary Blue Dog John Barrow. For many in GA-12, his dual votes against Choice and against health care reform were the last straw. Jim Morekis at Connect Savannah summed up on the ground: he's in trouble; Republicans won't reward him for voting the Republican line and Democrats are looking to punish him. The district is hurting and Barrow is certainly not unaware of the research his own committee, Energy and Commerce, did on his district. The bill he voted against Saturday night would have been particularly beneficial to residents of hard-pressed GA-12. "In Congressman Barrow’s district," the report reads, "the Affordable Health Care for America Act" will.
Despite all of the talk, no way Barrow loses.

Let me say this, no way Thomas defeats Barrow in the primary. If she does, it will be a shock to me. Her views cannot & will not appeal to a general election audience. If she were to defeat Barrow, she would get clobbered against any republican challenger. But I wish her good luck on another losing effort.
Send John Barrow back to Congress!!!


steal magnolia said...

What is the new Democratic, grass-roots mantra against the Republican crusade, “Yes WE Can!” for the under-dog candidates like my dear friend and inspiration, Regina Thomas? I say go ahead girl, I’ll back you and like, Obama against Clinton, go against Barrow, because, “Yes You Can!” Coming with her inadmissible ideas to expand public transportation to connect single mothers to jobs, an environmentalist herself who wants to protect our Southeast Georgia coasts and against companies who want to build-up our natural habitats and harm existing fisheries, and also expand and protect public education at all levels, she is also a strong advocate for Savannah State University. I, a Savannah State University graduate have seen her continued commitment to the school and attend every function, while also supporting the community and is seen present at functions throughout Savannah. Much like Waldo, I ask, where is Barrow?
However, the reason Thomas has a chance in beating the “Blue Socks,” off a republican conservative like John Barrow, who for some reason is particularly afraid of the African-American community, is the same reason many environmentalists also disagree with Barrow-economics and favor Thomas’s progressive enlightenment. Rather than betting on mere propaganda, let’s look at H.R. 2190, otherwise known as the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act according to the Savannah Rikerkeeper (November, 2009). The act is a step towards cleaning up mercury out of the Savannah River, which pollutes drinking water for not only citizens of Augusta, but also Savannahians who utilize pubic water services. The mercury is released from the plants from Augusta, and seeps all kinds of nutrients, which help pollute the internal systems of human-beings, whom are contaminated. But one may ask, what happens to people when they drink mercury, and unknowingly for the most part?

steal magnolia said...

Well, needless to say, let’s go ahead and call in producer Steven Soderbergh, and cast Julia Roberts in a sequel to Erin Brochovich, because the mercury they drink creates a high susceptibility to illnesses, like cancer. Barrow-economics says, weaken the Mercury Reduction Act and strengthen the economy by allowing the plants to operate effectively until 2016, for another 6 years, instead of limiting the Olin in Augusta by 3 years in 2012. What would you have with your dinner, Olin or Mercury? Have your choice, my dear!
To say that “no way Thomas defeats Barrow in the primary, if she does, it will be a shock to me. Her views cannot and will not appeal to a general election audience,” I feel is not only preposterous, but an illogical premise, considering the recognition she is getting from younger-democratic audiences on Facebook, while the African-American or former Savannah-Obama-Superpower is ready to not only back her, but also endorse her. She already has the backing from Savannah State University Democrats, and has started early to build her recruits against the Blue Dog-King Barrow. I suggest Barrow, pick up your supreme boot straps and get ready for a good-ole Southeast Georgia country fight. It’s time to test out those antiquated philosophies that we will vote for him because we are dedicated Democrats.
Tyranny, I am like you, where are the ‘Choices’ for our bodies and health care for women, with a man like Barrow voting against our quality of life. I say, just another up for, “Yes We Can, Regina!” someone who happens to be a woman and advocates effectively for our rights to choose. So again, I ask with potential women groups also supporting Thomas, where has the Barrow alum went?
Oh yeah, to Thomas’s side already contributing funds, to again stand up and say, “Yes I CAN!” Now, I have exploited enough ammunition, to propose why many liberal-young-female democratic progressives, and men for that matter, would invest in a candidate like Thomas instead of Barrow. Additionally, according to recent polls from Research 2000 of Rockville, Maryland interviewed voters in GA-12, “by telephone September 15 through September 17, 2009,” reporting that 40% of Women found John Barrow unfavorable as a candidate, to 44% that did, while 37% of African-Americans also found him unfavorable to 47% that did. Again, the results mean that a possible 40% of women, and 37% of African-Americans in GA -12 who found John Barrow as an unfavorable candidates, are possible votes for Regina, and a close race for the King to pull-up his boot straps.

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