Monday, November 16, 2009

Democratic Candidate Gen. David Poythress Rips into John Oxendine's so called "Contract with Georgia"

Gubernatorial Candidate David Poythress late last week ripped into the Contract with Georgia that is being proposed by Republican Candidate John Oxendine. Poythress, who is trying to become the next governor of Georgia highlighted some concerns of his when it comes to this proposal being offered by Oxendine. Here's what Poythress had to say about that:

1. Oxendine calls for unspecified new taxes. While abolishing the state income tax seems appealing at first, what Oxendine doesn’t want you to know is that he will raise other taxes. Will he hike the state portion of property taxes? Will he raise excise taxes on cigarettes, beer and/or gasoline?

What seems more likely is that he wants to impose additional sales taxes, and he could want to tax food and medicine again. Will he hike the rate to 15% (double what we pay now) or go as high as 21-23%? That would be possibly triple the current taxes you pay on everything you buy. Items like: ammunition, guns, wedding rings, SEC football tickets, NASCAR tickets, children’s shoes, wheelchairs, cell phones, cable service, soap, light bulbs, DVDs and the list goes on forever. I don’t know about you but I think taxes on these items are high enough already. For Oxendine to raise taxes on these and countless other items is reckless, short-sighted and wrong.

2. Oxendine calls for Georgia to “assert” our 10th amendment rights. This is a back door attempt to make Georgia’s succession from America easier. Oxendine has already supported a call for Georgia to succeed from America and ban the American flag. Will his next move to the right be to join fellow Republican candidate Ray McBerry in suggesting that Georgia should arrest federal agents seeking to enforce laws we don’t like

3. Oxendine calls for school vouchers. I am 100% against universal school vouchers because I believe they are an attempt to gut public school education, which is required by the Constitution of the State of Georgia, and ultimately undercut our ability to provide our children with a 21st century education. Click here to my previous statement in opposition to vouchers.
These are all legitimate concerns of not only Gen. Poythress. Who wants to pay extra Taxes on simple items like Light Bulbs, Soap, DVD'S? No one I know won't be happy with extra Taxes on these items, especially on Guns, & Ammo & in this part of the state, that willl not go over well with Sportsmen who love to hunt, fish, etc, School Vouchers will only hurt our Public School System that is already ailing with High Dropout rates, low test scores & not enough qualified teachers, & for Georgia to assert our 10th admendment rights, just check out Gen. Poythress Video on the Succession talk that the GOP has been throwing around like a hot potato.

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