Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The GOP has gone too far this time

The passage of legislation to require citizens to show proof of citizenship when they go to the polls is downright outrageous. They (GOP) say they want to protect the integrity of the voting process, but lets call it like it is. It's aimed at supressing rural voters. some who don't even have a birth certificate, minorities ( African-Americans) to discourage them from going to the polls, the elderly & the poor. This came because President Obama came within 5% of winning the state from John McCain. It was a little too colse for comfort for the GOP. This legislation is not aimed at Illegal immigrants, it aimed at folks like me & others so they can hold on to power as long as they can. Why isn't hte GOP addressing the absentee ballots? That's where the fraud is most likely to occur, but I forgot republican voters tend to vote absentee more than democrats. I call on state democrats to cahhlege this in court & take it to the Justice Department.

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