Monday, July 9, 2012

Renita Hamilton is the Right Choice for HD 105

Up in Gwinnett County, there's a race for the open HD 105 seat located in southern Gwinnett County.  Two democrats, Renita Hamilton & Rashid MaliK are vying for the chance to represent the newly drawn district which was created during the redistricting process

Im not going to waste my time here, the choice is simple...Renita Hamilton, hands down. Hamilton, a Conservative Democrat is a native of Turner County who moved to the east matro Atlanta County when she was a teenager.

Community involvement is a passion of Hamilton who wants to bring about positive and effective change improve , increase value, enhance the quality of life for residents of HD 105.

Hamilton, a businessowner who operated Polished Affairs, LLC knows what hardships small businesses have faced in this unprecedented economic downturn since the depression & having someone of Hamilton's experience in the business world would be a huge asset for Georgia & HD 105.

Send a businesswoman, a christian, a gun owner, a fiscal discipline to face the winner of the GOP primary & then the General Election. The Democratic Party needs Renita Hamilton in its ranks. Elect Renita Hamilton as your next State Representative

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