Sunday, July 8, 2012

Macon County: Change on the Horizon?

Rarely I dive into local elections in my home county, but I am now....July 31 could shape up to be a  memorable for Macon County. Incumbent Charles Cannon, (Sheriff) Incumbent Mack McCarty (Probate Judge) are facing strong challenges in Matthew Woodard & Coroner Mickey Barfield (Sheriff) & Scotty Layfield & Dennis Johnson (Probate Judge). Also there's a open  seat  for county coroner Gary Hobbs & Brenda Oglesby as well as County Commisison 2 seat Mark Poole & Ben Haugabook & Commission 3 seat Mickey George (Incumbent) & Jerry Harris. In addition there's the open HD 139 seat (which I will get to later this week). All are democrats. No republicans are on the ballot.

Im not going to make any predictions on any of these races, but I will say this..there is a 60% chance one of these incumbents will not be re-elected & one or two will go to a runoff...... that's the farthest I'll go with it. I know each of the canddiates who are running for these countywide seats, except for Coroner. All are good people who will serve the county well.

I hear all the time that change needs to come to Macon County, well let's see if that's the case. Stay tuned!

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