Sunday, April 1, 2012

State Rep. Sistie Hudson (D-Sparta)....The End of a Era & The Beginning of Another One

Last Thursday we saw the retirement of long time Rural Democrat Sistie Hudson (D-Sparta)

Hudson who was elected in 1996 will be returning home to run for Hancock County Commissioner, which is the poorest county in the State of Georgia, with Randolph & Macon Counties after that. She has been in public service going on 30 years from City Councilwoman to State Representative. Her experience on the county level & state level will be a huge asset in her quest to get Hancock County moving in the right direction. If there's one person who can grab the bull by the horns & give Hancock the shot in the arm it desperately needs, its Helen Hudson, b.k.a "Sistie" to many of us.

Hudson was the last remaining Conservative' Blue dog Democrats remaining in the House of Representatives after the massacre 2010 elections for the Georgia Democratic Party. Her charm, wit, blossoming personality & work ethic will be sorely missed in the democratic caucus & the legislature as a whole.

Hudson now will run for the County Commissioner's seat (which she served from 1995-96) which is elected by a countywide vote. Hancock County residents need to ask themselves... Are WE better off today than we were last year or the year before, or the year before that? The answer is so easy.....NO!

Voters up there will have the chance to do something about come July 31 & that's to elect Sistie Hudson as the next Chairman of the Hancock County Commission.

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