Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 Was Just a Preview of the on coming Georgia GOP Freight Train...

If you want to know why people call politics the “second oldest profession” and view politicians with similar regard to used car salesmen, they need only look at the new mantra of bills that was passed since last year legislative session by the ruling Georgia GOP. Charter School amendment that seek to override local school boards in whether of not a charter school should or should not be created regardless what board members or citizens living in a area may think, an Illegal Immigration Bill that hurts, not helps Georgia Agriculture which resulted in millions of dollars lost in crops, stricter restrictions on the Hope Scholarship which a student must make a 3.7 GPA just to qualify. (That hurts rural students) etc, etc, etc. Now legislation such as the Tax Reform Bill & drug Testing for anyone receiving assistance are what I call good legislation. House Bill 677 that would require drug tests for parents who apply for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits on the surface seems wrong, but there are many who get assistance who don't have families who use that for other means such as drugs, illegal purchases & even on a woman for the night. (I'm just telling it like it is) Too often greed has been a more important factor than need in determining who benefits from food stamps. The original intent for this was to provide for people who were destitute who had no other means for feeding themselves. But beside those. this session was just a preview of the Georgia GOP Freight Train that's already going at Maximum speed & lord knows if they get a super majority in both chambers, that train will be in overdrive with no one to stop it in its tracks, including the governor. Any & everything will be passed & constitutional amendments will be plenty. Everything from public schools to agriculture will be greatly affected & voters better wake up before its too late!

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