Saturday, April 21, 2012

2nd Congressional District Delegates to DNC Convention (Dawson)

This morning down in Terrell County (Dawson) democrats from all over the 2nd Congressional District made their way to Dawson to elect Delegates to the DNC Convention this summer.

It was a standing room only crowd as the candidates made 2 Minute speeches in a effort to appeal to those in the audience to garner his/her vote to become a delegate to DNC Convention

The winners were:

Kattie Kendrick-2nd Congressional District Chairwoman (Peach Co)

Vivian Creighton Bishop-Municipal Court Clerk (Muscogee Co)

Dr. Constatce Burkes-Dougherty County Democratic Party Chairwoman (Dougherty Co)

Retiring State Rep. Lynmore James (Macon Co)

State Rep. Winfred Dukes (Dougherty Co)

Congratulations to them all!


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