Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Austin Scott Go Unopposed in 2012?

That's the question I've heard from readers of this blog lately & my answer is.....He should be!

Scott, the 8th Congressional District Congressman who rode the Tea Party, anti-government, anti-Obama, anti-Pelosi wave to defeat Vietnam Veteran & BlueDog Democrat Jim Marshall will be up for re-election for the 8th , which has been altered to reassure his re-election as 95% of democratic stronghold Bibb County has been moved in the 2nd Congressional District of Sanford Bishop, while absorbing some of Jack Kingston's 1st CD pending approval of the courts & DOJ

As it looks right now, he won't be challenged in the primary like some of his fellow Georgia GOP Congressmen will be in 2012. So.......How about the General Election?

Its hard for me to see a freshman congressman go unopposed in a newly redrawn district, so I say yes, he will be challenged in the General Election.

So the next question would be from who?

Well, you can write off Jim Marshall making a return. With Saxby Chambliss U.S. Senate seat up for re-election in 2014, as well as Gov. Nathan Deal, its a safe bet that he will seriously look at one of those seats, probably governor.

DuBose Porter, forget about it. With Laurens possibly being in the 12th, that's unlikely, besides he already gone on record twice, that he's not interested in running for congress.....governor, I suspect is still in his sights.

Could someone move into the 8th & challenge him like Maria Sheffield could be planning to do against John Barrow? Yes!

If he does get a challenge, it could come from four places: Monroe County, Houston County, Ben Hill County, Wilcox County.

There's one guy down living down in the wiregrass of South Georgia who's laying in the weeds right now. He's a Christian Conservative, his wife is a senior pastor at a south Georgia Church, he's been a mayor, good friends with Jack Kingston, served on numerous state boards, Army Veteran, he has been listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers four times, and was selected as "Teacher of the Month", and was nominated as "Teacher of the Year & a few years ago was selected as one of Georgia Trends 40 under 40, & he's a country boy......I'm talking about...................

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