Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12th CD: Don't Look Now, But Here Comes The Carpetbagger From Cobb

Former Insurance Commissioner candidate Maria Sheffield is the latest GOPer to consider running in the newly proposed 12th District against John Barrow (D-?????)...Barrow plans to relocate in the 12th, where, no one knows. I suggest Metter (Candler County) or Statesboro.

But back to Sheffield, she says she “has been approached by business, community, government, tea party and Republican leaders” to enter the contest. Are these the 12th CD business, community, government, tea party, republican leaders? Or are these folks from the Metro Area she currently resides?

Now get a load of this explanation she sent to her spokeswoman, Kathryn Ballou:

”My family – the Sheffield family – has long and deep roots in this special part of Georgia. For many years my father lived in Laurens County. Many of my family members still live in Laurens.

“The interesting fact is that my potential opponent is from Athens and lives in Savannah – neither of which is in the 12th District. The bottom-line is the people of the 12th District — if I run — will have a choice between my opponent, who is from Athens, lives in Savannah, and supports President Obama or myself with deep family roots in Laurens County and opposes the liberal agenda of President Obama.”

Well........John Barrow’s family has lived, worked, farmed, taught, practiced law, and preached in east Georgia for over 7 generations, so he like Sheffield has deep, deep family roots in the 12th District

So let me get this right, its wrong for Barrow to relocate within his district to continue representing his constituents, but its ok for you to move from Suburban Cobb County into Rural Laurens County to run for a congressional seat?

Many of you may remember the old 12th that was created included Athens, which was Barrow's home at the time. After he defeated Max Burns for the seat in 2004, the GOP orchestrated a mid-decade redistricting plan that took out Barrow's home of Athens & placing it in the 10th CD, which led Barrow to relocate within HIS district to continue serving the people of the 12th. With that came the "Carpetbagger" charge against him.

Its understandable to see why many GOPers see Barrow's seat as a easy one to steal away, but like I said before, do not underestimate John Barrow abilty as a campaigner because he's one of the hardest campaigners I've ever seen, plus new counties like Laurens, Telfair, Wheeler, Coffee are not like Columbia & Appling Counties, which are ruby red high performing republican areas.

So for many who think Barrow's goose is cooked, in the words of ESPN College GameDay Commentator Lee Corso....NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!!!!

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