Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Georgia Democratic Leadership Council: Would it be the answer to the party's woes?

Could a organization like this be beneficial to the party & state like it was for the National Democrats at one point in time? I think so!

Like the National Democratic Party of the 1980s, the Georgia Democratic Party are out of power and along with it the lack of new ideas coming from the party.

Like the National Democratic Party, the Georgia Democratic Party have gotten too cozy with the left wing of the party, mimicking everything the National Party Stands for nowadays. Regardless how far to the right the Republicans have gone in two years, that doesn't mean that the party should march to their left corner as well. There's a big gap that's not being filled in the political arena right now & that's the middle.

There still should be some soul searching going on in the party of Sam Nunn, Zell Miller, Herman Talmadge.

In the wake of the Georgia Democratic Party's landslide defeat in 2010, losing every single constitutional statewide office, legislative seats along with party switching, there should be members of the legislature, even on down to the local level who are middle of the road conservatives who should come together & form a organization that would focused on re-orienting the Democratic Party toward swing voters, independents & even deserters of the party to craft a policy agenda that spoke to their concerns.

So how about creating Georgia's version of the now defunct Democratic Leadership Council, the Georgia Democratic Leadership Coalition.

The creation of such a potential transformative organization for the political landscape of the state would be healthy not only for the party, but for the people of Georgia. It could still adhere to the first principles of the Democratic Party, but furthered them with fresh ideas and modern means coined in centrist/conservative terms, the citizens of Georgia would once again turn to them for statewide leadership.

But for this to happen, the party needs New Blood in its ranks to make it a reality. There are a few current democratic legislators would be perfect for such a organization like this, but it'll take some newbies to make it happen.

The Party need a new generation of leaders whose political philosophies are in line with the state as a whole, which is center/right who can transcend party, race & gender lines. Those types would be ideal for such a organization. But you have to find these kind of leaders & once you find them, you them have to persuade him or her to run & that's where it gets tricky.

So to my new left democrats don't scoff at the idea. All you have to do is look at the numbers, 63, 20 & 0.....that is 63 State Reps, 20 State Senators, 0 Statewide officials & tell me why wouldn't this work?

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