Monday, October 17, 2011

Conservative Democrat Jammie Williams (D-Sharpsburg) to run in Special Election for SD 28

Conservative Democrat Jammie Williams (D-Sharpsburg) is one of 7,8,9, (who's counting) candidates to throw his hat in the ring to succeed Outgoing State Senator Mitchell Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) for Senate District 28.

Williams came to Georgia three years ago from Michigan. He works at Tie Down Engineering in Atlanta, which is involved in the metal fabrication of parts supplying the Marine aftermark.

The Christian Conservative says Tax breaks for small businesses hiring locally and restoring the original funding goals for HOPE Scholarship are two of the main issues. Williams will be running on in the special election.

Says Williams in the Newnan Times-Herald: "I want to see us having the right policies going forward so we don't harm ourselves. Those policies include better tax breaks for small businesses, getting control of the state's water, and refunding cuts to HOPE". "We need to give tax breaks to small businesses that hire locally," he said. And I'm a strong supporter of HOPE," Williams added. "If we are going to support businesses in the area, we have to give them quality employees. We need to restore HOPE to its original funding."

Its good to see a democrat from Coweta County run for this seat, a conservative one at that! Williams mix of Conservatism, Christian Values & Military Service is a great for for the conservative district

The Special Election set for early November is non-partisan

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Tom said...

The Senate District 28 race was truly an interesting race. Of the votes cast 91% were for a Republican Candidate. The Republican winner of the special election, Duke Blackburn, was well ahead in the runoff......until he received the endorsement of Zell Miller.

Oh my, what a wonderful endorsement. He lost 64/36.

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