Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Poor Whites Vote Republican???

The same question can be asked about why poor blacks vote democratic? I think we all know why.

I was reading through some of Peanut Politics email and I saw a question raised someone raised who asked, "Why do poor white people vote for republicans?' I have seen this question asked many times, and it shows the thoughts from the left that poor people must only vote for democrats. While I can't speak for "poor, white Americans", because I'm a African-American, I will do my best to list a couple of reasons why I think these people would vote for republicans over democrats:

1.Not having an entitlement attitude.

I would guess another reason is that people, even poor Americans, don't have an entitlement attitude that is common among democrats. Not everyone feels or wants the government to take care of their every need, and people still think that it's the individuals responsibiltiy to take care of their life, not the federal government.

2. What have democrats done to make someone not "poor"?

One of the biggest propaganda lines from democrats is that they are somehow the party of the "common man", and that they will magically make someone who is poor, have a better life as long as they are in control. Democrats have had a hold on poor Americans because they keep feeding them this line of crap, and they keep buying it. Fortunately, there are still Americans who see through this nonsense.

Now these are just my guesses, I'd like to hear what you think!

This is one of the great mysteries of political life for progressives is why poor white people will year after year vote for republicans. I really can't explain why they vote republican. I don't see anything wrong with a poor person, white or black voting republican

You know for some, Life is about work, something my parents instilled in me & my brother. my father would always tell tells us: Life is tough....Suck it in. Don’t take chances. Be conservative and stick with what you know or he would say: damned government giveaways....Luxuries we really don’t need because we used to get along fine without them. If them people really want it, they will get up off their lazy asses and work for it like I do. He would say lazy is the worst thing a person can be—worse than dumb, drunk, or mean, worse than being a liar. My father is old school, never accepted a handout in his entire life! Started work on the railroad (CSX) when he was 17 (1971) & to this day he still have that way of thinking.



Anonymous said...

I like you opening up your conservative views however, it mask the realistic and racist views of poor ignorant white Americans. They are taking all advantages of handouts like other races but only vote that way because the minorities vote the other way and the republicans are perceived as more sympathetic to the racist, Homophobic and sexist part of society and in most cases they are apart of.

Anonymous said...

So, how old are you being that your dad was 17 in 1971?

Keith said...

I don't what that has to do with this post, but Im 29

Anonymous said...

Republicans using code words pander to racists, like Newt Gingrich and "food stamp president" comments. It stems from the Civil Rights law in 1964 and Affirmative Action. Whites are afraid that Affirmative Action will run amok and they will be on the receiving end of discrimination.

I suspect the hangup with abortion is demographics. White fertility is less than replacement, so as a percentage of the population whites are declining as minorities total population percentages rise. Whites merely fear being outnumbered by people with color!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your second statement that the Democrats haven't changed life for the poor. In fact, it probably makes them stay poor and unemployed longer. My white republican friends who get unemployment have no problem saying that they're not going to find work until their benefits run out; they know they're not going to find a job that pays as much for so little work.

The lower middle class and poor whites that I know vote Republican because they've been convinced that Democrats are anti-God and pro-abortion. That's it. They don't think about how fake wars kill young innocent U.S. soldiers and leave families without mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, etc.

And Democrats go to church and believe in God, but with the way Republican candidates speak, we all go to college to become snobs and God haters.

ricpr1966 said...

As a fellow conservative democrat, I've asked myself this question on many occasions. The anonymous quote above is pretty good. I suspect that it's multifaceted. White poor are not urban, thus are more likely to be raised conservative. I live in a small Texas town and I definitely see the remains of segregation. Every town around mine is the same....cross the tracks & you step back in time. The real question to ask is why does the GOP machinery not acknowledge this base of voters? It's clear they benefit from it politically. The GOP dances around economic issues as if they exclude class warfare, but constantly talking about income tax only and politically benefiting from the LARGEST segment of poor poeple in the country is extremely hypocritical. Refusal to look at the amount of "other taxes" paid by people who do not pay income tax disregards their contributions

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