Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lucas to Run for State Senate. Will Someone Challenge Him?

State Representative David Lucas (D-Macon) announced Monday that he will seek the State Senate seat held by Robert Brown, who will seek the Macon mayoral seat in this fall elections.

Lucas a 37 year veteran of the State Legislature is a formidable candidate for the Central Georgia Senate seat.

So the question is: will Lucas cakewalk his way into that Senate Seat? Or will someone else from Macon, or Twiggs or Wilkinson County make a run at the open seat.

To give my two cents on this, I think that one other person may qualify to run in the open seat. Fear may keep others from qualifying for this race due to Lucas's connections in Macon, plus he'll probably have the endorsement of Robert Brown to boot. But this is a prime opportunity for some other aspiring, ambitious candidate from that area to test the waters. You never know.

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