Friday, May 6, 2011

Georgia Democrats Needs a Makeover

Republicans: they dominate the statewide offices and the state legislature, But the Democrats have let the right have the right of way. Instead of presenting an image that appeals to the Average Joe, the party is pandering to itself. A certain intellectual arrogance sets the Democratic base on fire, but the heat puts off average voters. The Democrats have never been this in touch with their loyal base or as out of touch with their traditional blue-collar supporters and swing voters.

There are those who say the average working class voter clearly benefits more economically from Democratic economic policies than from Republican tax cuts for the rich and irresponsible deficit spending. (The way I look at it there are some democratic & republican economic policies that benefit the working class voter.) The majority of these voters has decided that social and personal issues are more important. And when it comes to these issues, the Democrats do not present the image that mainstream Georgians wants to see.

First, the Democrats need to get religious. We need a candidate who won't just claim to be religious when asked about it. The party needs a leader who voluntarily and naturally discusses his or her faith, someone who will remind Georgia that Jesus is not a Republican.

Along with religion, "values" is a key issue for Georgia voters, most of whom voted Republican. And that's the Democrats' problem: They took the "whatever" stance. They don't appear weak on values because of what their values are; they appear weak on values because no one knows what those values are. If Democrats want to be pro-choice and pro-gay rights, that's fine, as long as they are assertive. (It wouldn't hurt to take a more representative stance either.) The hardcore religious right won't vote Democratic anyway, but by strongly arguing the other side of the coin, a debate is generated. After all, when Democrats are vague about their values they are essentially conceding moral superiority to the right.

Republicans have also managed to convince voters that Democrats hate America, and the left has provided plenty of fodder. As a result that has trickled down here on the local level when republicans nationalize local elections, all the way to a lonely seat on a city council. Liberals have a tendency to complain about conservatives and government in general, regardless of the political climate. Although it goes directly against our notion of democracy, there is...or WAS a view in this country that it is unpatriotic to criticize the government. Democrats even got tagged with the position, although it is certainly a minority view, that the phrase "under God" should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, an unpatriotic sacrilege. Democrats need to pick their battles and stop being bogged down in semantic wrangling.

But elitism isn't just a personal repellent; it also stops the message from getting out. Democrats have an unquenchable urge to show that they know more than the person next to them. But as intellects grow, comprehension withers and dies. If liberals can learn anything from Republicans, it should be that simplicity is the name of the game. There is a place for weighing all the pros and cons, and that place is in the quiet of your hotel room, your office or your own head, not a presidential debate. All the public wants to hear is one or two good-sounding reasons for an opinion, not a dissertation. Redundant argumentation quickly appears uncertain, while brevity and clarity appear resolute.

I can go on & on, but let me make this short:

There are 5 democratic congressmen on Georgia's Delegation. There are only 63........let me repeat 63 democrats in the House of Representatives. There are 20 democrats in the State Senate.

Which lends an air of necessity to create a Farm Team, with the idea of finding, recruiting and grooming moderate & conservative democratic men & women for political leadership. These candidates must be ready when opportunity knocks like a chance to run for an open seat.

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