Thursday, April 21, 2011

President Obama: Drop Biden as running mate in 2012!

If Obama hopes to win key states again like he did in 2008, he ought to drop Biden as his running mate & go elsewhere.

President Obama will face a tough re-election in 2012 from whoever is the GOP nominee. States that he won in 2008 all of a sudden look as they might flip back to republican: North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, etc.

So the question needs to be asked, will the president be better off with a new running mate for 2012 instead of Joseph Biden, who brought nothing to the ticket in 2008?


Obama problem will be with Bluecollar, as well as Independent Swing voters that hail from the states mentioned above. I think is safe to say that he'll have the hispanic vote in his corner come 2012, but will he have independents? Bluecollar, White Working Class Voters?

That's the $64,000 question.

Replacing Biden with a more moderate/conservative democrat may go a long way in persuading those voters in those states to give the president another term in addition helping the president pickup a state that he won in 2008, or picking off one that his people have their sights on such as a Arizona, Georgia, or Missouri.

The president haven't always been in the good graces of the liberals despite passing the healthcare Law among other things, but who cares? Poke 'em in the eye one more time! Its all about winning now, forget about how the base feels. He's positioned himself in the middle now & if he stays there, he will walk back into the White House for another term.

Here are some names who would fit the VP role perfectly in 2012:

Barron Hill (D-Indiana) Hill, A Methodist comes from a state where Obama performed strongly in 2008. He lost re-election in the GOP wave election. A Methodist & conservative democrat, he "COULD" help Obama do well again in Indiana, as well as Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa & West Virginia.

John Barrow (D-Georgia). Don't Laugh! If the Obama campaign is dead serious about competing here in Georgia in 2012, then Barrow is the man you want to be your running mate. Barrow, a Baptist & graduate of UGA & Harvard University represents the 12th District in Eastern Georgia is very popular among his constituents with his annual "Barrow on the Corner" events which let citizens come out & talk & voice their opinions to the congressman. He is a moderately conservative democrat, being from a heavily rural district, he could help Obama here in Georgia as well as in Florida, North Carolina & in other states crucial to Obama

Health Shuler (D-North Carolina). Now Shuler is interesting. Only 40 Years old & a Southern Baptist he has made a name of himself already, by challenging Ultra-Liberal Nancy Pelosi for Minority Leader among other things. Shuler would no doubt boost Obama in the Tar Heel state, as well boost Obama in Virginia & other swing states.

Brian Schweitzer, Gov (D-Montana). A Catholic, moderate democrat, Schweitzer is the same as Georgia's John Barrow. Obama almost won Montana in 2008 & putting Schweitzer on the ticket with him will help Obama tremendously in the western states like Colorado, Nevada & upper midwest states like Wisconsin, Ohio & possibly in the southern states. He's pro-gun & enjoys favorability ratings in the 60% range.

Jim Marshall (D-Georgia). Boy, I can hear the liberals howl at the prospect of Jim Marshall as the running mate to Obama. Marshall lost last year in the wave election for his supposed 90% support of Nancy Pelosi which was a outright lie, but that's water under the bridge. Marshall is from the school of Sam Nunn & Zell Miller, which are rare in the democratic nowadays. Marshall, a conservative democrat hails from Macon, Ga & was congressman of the 8th district, as well as mayor of Macon. Marshall, a Catholic, is a Army Veteran, serving in Vietnam. Marshall brings both military & political expertise to the ticket & would probably be stronger than John Barrow in Georgia. He would boost Obama in the south, as well in the midwestern states like Ohio, Indiana as well as West Virginia. Marshall is a potential candidate for governor of Georgia in 2014.

These are some of the names that stood out, but there are others who would boost Obama's electability next year. Biden is a solid person, but doesn't bring enough to the table as far as appeal to help offset some of Obama's liberal stances & views


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton would re-ignite the base and bring in more female voters. Sen. Mark Warner would bring Virginia. President Obama rode Warner's coattails in VA in 08. The list you have compiled...meh.

David said...

President Obama wins with or without Joe Biden. A new VP nominee from a certain state might help him in one state, but might hurt him a little in the other 49 for looking somewhat disloyal.

If you look at Sabato's map: if IN, VA, and NC are toss-up states, the GOP is in major trouble.

Keith said...

I don't why people such as yourself keep bringing the name Hillary Clinton up. No way she is going to run as VP. I think she is done with politics once Obama's first term ends.

David: Things are different now. Those states he won in '08: NC, VA, IND, COL, for example are all up for grabs & he could lose them depending who is the GOP nominee.

A change at VP, someone that's more to the right of Obama would be a benefit to him. This just me talking!

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