Monday, April 25, 2011

Can Austin Scott be beat in 2012?

Austin Scott (R-Ashburn) who rode the anti-government, anti-democratic, anti-.........well, anything wave to victory over Conservative Democrat Jim Marshall (D-Macon) last year will face re-election in 2012, this time as the incumbent.

Scott hasn't sponsored any legislation, but has co-sponsored on other pieces of legislation ranging from among other things: H.R.2 : Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act.

The current 8th District as we know it will change drastically to strengthened his hold on the conservative leaning district which at last check is R+12. His decision not to open a office in Macon was a signal that the GOP-controlled legislature will relocate Macon-Bibb County into either Sanford Bishop's 2nd District, or into John Barrow's 12th District to possibly keep Jim Marshall from running for his former seat, but as I said before, I think Marshall days as Congressman are over & he maybe looking at governor or Senate in 2014. Or they could do what they have doneto other democratic strongholds like Chatham, Richmond & Muscogee: Split Bibb County into two different congressional districts.

One vote that could get Scott in trouble & that is his yes vote for Rep Paul Ryan's controversial budget plan that according to some will cut programs that provide a safety net or work to improve life for all Americans, especially senior citizens & that it would end medicare & medicaid as we know it. The vote was along party lines with Georgia's John Barrow & Oklahoma's Dan Boren being two of 5 democrats to vote in favor of the legislation.

I'm not at liberty to say who could be a possible challenger to Austin Scott in 2012 because no one knows how his district will look after the state legislature meet in August to re-draw both congressional & local districts. I've heard names such as DuBose Porter who have said in the past that he's not interested in going to Washington, but could he be persuaded? Then there's Carol Porter, who no doubt in my mind will be running for something in the future. Could it be congress? I don't see it, but who knows. I think she maybe eyeing a run for governor in 3 years or Lt. Governor. Either Porter would be strong candidates to run against Scott due to their Central Georgia Base, their strong family values, faith & their ability to speak the word of the working man.

One other person who could be just as strong as both Dubose & Carol Porter:

Carlton "Carl"Camon, former mayor of Ray City & 2010 Gubernatorial Candidate.

Camon, a 41 year old Christian Conservative Democrat would be my first choice if I were making the decision.

As many of you know, I speak in high praise of Camon because he's a man of deep faith & principle. He's the kind of candidate the party needs in its ranks.

Camon served over ten years in the US Air Force and Air Force Reserve. He received a “below the zone” promotion and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-5). His service in the military convinced him of the need to maintain a strong national defense. Having served in the USAF would give him a distinct advantage over Scott when it comes to courting the military vote, as well as retired veteran who were key in helping Jim Marshall, a Veteran of the Armed Forces himself in his various runs for re-election.

He received Associate degrees from Georgia Military College and the Community College of the Air Force. He also earned Bachelor, Masters, and Specialist degrees in education from Valdosta State University.

His political career began in 1993 as a member of Ray City’s city council where he served two terms. Later, he became the first African-American mayor of Ray City, which is 88% white, eventually serving five terms from 1996 through 1997 and 2000 through 2009. As Ray City mayor, he helped to start Georgia’s first municipal pre-k

In a district where the democratic bench is rather thin, you can put up any of these three against Scott & have one hell of a race. Now is Scott Vulnerable? Looking at the district, you would say no, but hey no body expect Marshall to last as long as he did, so it depends on what type of candidate is running against Scott...........Plain & Simple!

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David said...

The GOP has a choice to make, keep Scott safe or go after Bishop and/or Barrow. They can't do both.

In a presidential year with higher turnout I know what I would I would choose.

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