Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to solve problems in Black America: Get back to core Values

The answer for Black America is getting back to our values. Not the values of the amoral, nihilistic liberals. We need to go back to a place where we reject moral relativity. We need to encourage Black men to marry Black women before they bring children into the world. We need to stop "dogging" Black people who are educating themselves and speaking proper english. We need to stop calling them "sell-outs" and "uncle toms". We need to stop saying "You talk like a White person" when one of "us" speaks proper english. Intelligence is not strictly "white domain"-no matter what liberals tell you.

Liberals continually want to absolve Blacks of personally responsibility. Liberals say we kill each other, we rob from each other because we "don't know any better" or because " we can't help ourselves".

That's bull!

We do know better! We can do better! We will do better when we get back to our "roots". What are those "roots"?--God, Family and Education. More Government is definitely not part of the prescription for a better tomorrow.

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