Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carl Camon should be considered a "Top-Tier Recruit for Georgia Dems

As y'all know I have been a big advocate of former Ray City Mayor Carl Camon, a Christian Conservative African-American Democrat out of of Berrien County

But with 2012 on the horizon, there are so many different avenues for Camon to pursue.

1) He should be a top recruit for either ex-democrat Tim Golden's State Senate seat which may take in Berrien Co after redistricting, or he could run for a house seat whether its Jason Carter (R-Lakeland) or Penny Houston (R-Nashville)

2) Then there's congress. Currently he is located in Jack Kingston's district but its possible that the current 8th district may extend all the way down around his neck of the woods like it was when Saxby Chambliss was representative before he became senator. Or he could be a prime replacement when the time comes for Sanford Bishop decides to retire from congress. Yes I said retire from congress, not defeated from congress because the GOP had its best chance last year to defeat Bishop & blew it!

And there's 2014 when all statewide races will be up for grabs once again.

So there are plenty of options for Camon to look into & he should be atop of the list when candidate reruitment begins after the lines are redrawn. I know the base wants to see progressives run in every race whether its local, state or federal, but the reality is & I have repeated this over & over again & that is progressives don't stand a chance in certain areas of the state. You must run centrist or conservative democrats in some of these races. Someone who has the ability to communicate effectively to the general public. That what it's going to take!

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