Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Battle Brewing for Chair of the Republican Party of Georgia

Just as the DPG held its elections to elect new leadership, the RPG (Republican Party of Georgia) will do the same.

Incumbent Sue Everhardt announced that she will run for another term as chair of the RPG.


She will have serious competition in Tricia Pridemore, who was governor Nathan Deal pick to lead the party after the november sweep in which republicans now hold every statewide office in the state.

Another guy Shawn Hanley also announced he will seek the position as well.

Everhardt, a ex-banker, is a long-time Republican activist who served as Chairman of the Sixth District Republican Party and First Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. First elected in 2007, she is a big reason that the party increase its majority in both the state house & state senate, as well as increasing its control on state government by the victories of statewide candidates during last november's elections.

Pridemore who is challenging Everhardt has the backing of Gov Deal & former State Senator Eric Johnson. A veteran grassroots campaigner, Pridemore is president of the Cobb/Cherokee 9.12 Project and serves as the state director for the Georgia 9.12 Project. She served as the Nathan Deal for Governor Cobb County Co-Chair and the unpaid State Grassroots Chair for Deal’s campaign in addition to helping other GOP politicos in their bids for office.

Other endorsements include:

Dave Barbee, 10th Congressional District Chairman,

Mike Crane, 2010 Republican nominee for the 13th Congressional District

Michael Huneke, Bartow County Republican Party Chairman

Carolyn Meadows, former GAGOP National Committee Woman from Georgia, board member of the National Rifle Association and the American Conservative Union

Linda Parker, past chairman of the Cherokee County Republican Party

Gerry Purcell, 2010 Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner

Shawn Hanley of Fulton Co is the other candidate to run for Chair of the Georgia GOP. I don't how much of a threat he is in running for the position, but its good to see a young cat in Hanley throwing his hat in the ring. Hanley is 2010 Tea Party Coalition Director for Veterans & Chair of the Fulton Co GOP.

Now I'm not that in tune with the politics of the Georgia GOP, but from where I sit, I don't see a reason why the GOP State Committee members should get rid of Everhardt & favor of Pridemore. (Hanley maybe a nice guy in all, but let's face facts here, he's not going to win. Let's just be honest here)

Everhardt & Pridemore are two stalwarts in the Republican Party & each bring plenty to the table.

One of Everhardt's big things she wants to do if elected is to increase efforts to switch local elected officials to the Republican Party. And as you know the local level is the last line of defense for the Democratic Party. We've already seen a number of local officials on the local level in Georgia switch from democratic to republican since the November elections. And with so many counties that doesn't have a democratic party chapter active, local officials are ripe for the taking, especially the sheriffs.

Pridemore has plenty support from the grassroots level & will be a force to be reckoned with. When announcing her candidacy, Pridemore stressed that the next Party Chair must be able to articulate a vision that builds upon the successes of the party, moving quickly to strengthen the Party for the battles ahead.

If you ask me, there is no need for the Party to change ships right now. WINNING! That what matters most more than anything. Everhardt maybe the "establishment" candidate, but she has won since becoming chair in 2007 & that should be the only thing that matters. But then again it may not matter what Everhardt has done. We'll see though!

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