Monday, January 31, 2011

New DPG Leadership

I know from emails that flooded my inbox over the weekend that the top spots, as well as district chairs are held by Metro Democrats & I know some of y'all are disappointed that Darryl Hicks (Candidfate for Chair) didn't win, nor Chris Sloan (Candidate for County Parties), R. Lee Webster (12th District Chair), as well as myself (2nd District Chair), but these new candidates will do alot of good for the party. Everyone who stepped to the podium said all the right things that was music to my ears, but it will be action more than words that will determine how effective each will be, so just give them a chance

Results from Warner Robins:

Mike Berlon-Chairman-Gwinnett County

Nikema Williams-Vice-Chairman-Fulton County

RJ Hadley-Vice-Chair of County Parties & Congressional Districts-Rockdale County

Miguel Camacho-Vice-Chair of Candidate Recruitment-Chatham County

Russell Edwards-Tresurer-Clarke County

Lavern Gaskins-Secretary-Lowndes County

Pedro Marin-Vice-Chair of Constituency Groups-Gwinnett County

District Chairs:

District 1: Jeana Brown -Wayne County

District 2: Jeanne Dugas-Muscogee County

District 3: Ken Spitze-Carroll County

District 4: Linda Edmonds-Fulton County

District 5: Will Curry-Fulton County

District 6: Ben Myers-North Fulton County

District 7: Steve Reilly-Gwinnett County

District 8: Stephanie Woods Miller-Jones County

District 9: David Robinson-Pickens County

District 10: Patsy Harris-Morgan County

District 11: Mary Caldwell-Floyd County

District 12: Liz Johnson-Bullock County

District 13: Mellissa Prescott-Cobb County

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