Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't look now, but here comes Chris Sloan & he wants to rebuild Democratic Party on the County Level

If you don't know the name of Christopher (Chris) Sloan, well you will soon. Sloan is a candidate for the Georgia Democratic Party's post of Chairman of County Parties.

Currently he is chairman of the Troup County Democratic Party located in LaGrange, where he has built the fledgling party into one that has helped elect democrats to city council & other races inside Troup County.

Since he announced intentitons to run for Chair of County Parties, sloan has criss-crossed the state, traveling to SE Georgia, even traveling to Savannah to meet with Chatham County Dems during the winter storm that crippled Georgia's Roads. Now if that's not showing committment & drive, I don't know what is............

Sloan is a 28 Year Old Rural Democrat, who depending on who you talk to is a moderate, some say progressive. I say he is more of a centrist, always seeking to build a consensus on the issues that divide the democratic party between Liberal & Conservative Democrats.

He is going up against two other well known democrats in RJ Hadley, ex-candidate for the U.S. Senate last year & Will Fowlkes, who was past chair of the Cobb County Democrats.

Do not call Sloan the "Underdog" anymore because he is well-positioned to win this important position next saturday in Warner Robins at Middle Ga Technical College.

Chris has formulated a plan called the “four r’s” to lead the party back to prominence.
1. Rebuild
2. Reinvest
3. Reinvigorate
4. Recapture

White Hadley & Fowlkes are well known politicos, Sloan has come on strong as of late & rapidly picking up support from people all over the state.

While the other two gentlemen in the race have well thought out platforms for this position, having Chris Sloan as Chair of County Parties would be a boon for the party as it attempt to get back on its feet after the loss of last year's elections.

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